September 1, 2018

Publicity – Grounds Committee Sept. 2018

More Club Changes! The Grounds Committee has been hard at work planning and completing several projects for the club. Club Flowerbeds Have you noticed the flowers planted around the club? Special thanks to Kate & Andy McMillan and Cody McCoun for planting and watering the plants. If you want to join the Landscape brigade, please contact Kate. We’d like to get volunteers who for the various flower beds around the club (Main entrance, upper shelter, lower shelter, “B-dock”). Volunteers will get club funds to purchase flowers/plants and will get work credits for planning and watering their “garden.” We need about 5 or 6 volunteers. Lower Shelter upgrades Colin Leatherbury has blocked off a couple of the large Ash logs to make a flower bed boarder at the lower shelter. Kenny Chapman donated some time to help pull out the old railroad ties, so we can fill in the beds and plant flowers. Tony Rice has volunteered to help secure the new logs and block out the flower bed. This will eliminate a safety hazard at the lower shelter and add to the aesthetics of the lower shelter. We want to make the lower shelter a place where families can bring their children out to relax, eat and play. Last year, we added a gas grill to the shelter for members to use. We are in the process of installing ceiling fans in the shelter to create a nice breeze. These should be installed in the next week. With the playground nearby, we think this is a perfect place for families to gather and enjoy the club. Upper Shelter upgrades We have installed new large ceiling fans in the upper shelter. We tested them out yesterday. They move a lot of air and make no noise at all. Hopefully, this will reduce the fan noise in the upper shelter on hot days. All of the fans are on a single switch along with the overhead lights. Note that there is a 7-10 second delay before the fans start moving. We are also making plans to fix the water drainage on the north side of the shelter to prevent further damage to the support posts. We will most likely wait until the end of the season as this may be a little more involved. You may have noticed that the view from the upper shelter is more open giving a nice view of the harbor. Thanks to Colin Leatherbury for his fine work cutting out the dead trees and trimming the remaining ones. We are adding a “family sized” gas grill to the upper shelter. This is so that people won’t have to deal with the large commercial grill when they are cooking for their family/friends. Feel free to use, but please clean up after yourself for the next person. Parking Lot Lighting Last year, we replaced some of the parking lot lights with lower-cost LED lights. This year, we are replacing the remaining lights with LED lights. This will reduce our electric bill and give the lights longer life before they have to be replaced. The lights will be directional, so we will have good lighting on the parking lots, without lighting up the campground. We also replaced the timer with dusk-to-dawn photo sensors. This eliminates the problem of the timer getting out of sync when the power goes out causing the lights to come on at odd hours. Thanks to Mark Walker, Bill Grant and Kenny Chapman for their help. Geoff Endris Grounds Committee
August 8, 2018

Publicity – Grounds Committee August 2018

Let’s talk trash!! You may have noticed that we have replaced nearly all of the trash cans on the property.  The exiting cans were open to the elements and filled up with rain water making them hard to empty.  There were other problems with the trash cans that made them difficult to empty without tearing the trash bags.  The new trash cans are a little smaller and have lids.   Special thanks to Bob Hickok and John George for getting and painting the cans. We have a trash can set aside at the Race Shed for aluminum cans.  We mounted a can crusher next to the trash can.  Please empty and crush your cans before putting them in the trash. Our landscape company has been emptying the trash on Mondays and Thursdays.  This has not been adequate.  We have a lot of members who come out and enjoy the club every night and certain high traffic area trash cans are getting filled every night.  Therefore, we have made arrangements to have the trash cans checked and emptied every day as needed.  We will get additional cans as needed to stay on top of the trash situation. I see a lot of people using the club.  This is good.  We all want to come out and enjoy the club.  However, increased use means more trash.  So, please keep the following in mind when disposing of your trash. Please close and lock the lids after you put your trash in. We have problems with racoons at the club.  This will keep them from getting into the trash and spreading trash all over the club grounds. Please tear down and/or crush empty boxes. Empty boxes (e.g., beer, soda, etc), take up 25% of the trash can’s volume! Crushing the box will allow the trash cans to hold more trash. Crush your cans! We have some members who want to recycle aluminum cans.  If you want to participate in our recycling program, please use the can crusher at the Race Shed and put your cans in the special recycling trash can at the Race Shed. Empty your cans before you throw them away! People are putting half-empty beer cans, soda cans and water bottles in the trash.  This makes the trash heavier to lift and when we empty the trash, all that stale beer flows out onto the person emptying the trash.  No one wants to get covered in stale beer.  So empty your container and crush it before putting it in the trash. Other Club Improvements We are making other improvements at the club.  You may have noticed the following: The main driveway was seal coated in July to give is a few more years before we need to resurface it. We trimmed the bushes along the main driveway and at the main entrance for better visibility. We are trimming the weeds between the trailers to keep them “at bay.” Colin Leatherbury has been hard at work trimming the bushes from the edge of the property.  This has opened up the property for a better overall look. We have other improvements scheduled for August that we will cover in the next newsletter. Contact Geoff Endris at if you have questions. Geoff Endris ECSC Grounds
August 2, 2018

Publicity – Grounds Committee July 2018

  The 2018 ECSC Beach Party is a little over a week away.  We need your help getting the club cleaned up and looking good for the event. We have some specific cleanup tasks that we need done to get ready for the Beach Party and we need your help.  Volunteer to help clean up the club and you get one free admission ticket to the Beach Party. Click HERE for the SignUp Genius page to sign up for the tasks.  Just click on the task you want to help with and click on “submit and sign up.”  We will have a work party on Sunday July 1 to get everything done.  Meet in the upper shelter at 3:00.  Should only take an hour or two. Volunteer tasks include: Help apply water sealer to the new picnic tables (need 8 people). Weed and rake the sand near the Kayak shed (need 4 people) General pickup of trash and tree limbs (1-2 people) Trim the weeds under the main shelter. Trim the bushes out near the club entrance. Replace the pit cover next to the upper shelter kitchen. Contact Geoff Endris at if you have questions. Geoff Endris ECSC Grounds
July 4, 2018

Racing July 2018

How to Start Faster Part #2 It’s make or break time out on the racecourse, MARK RUSHALL explains how to get a flying start and what to do when things don’t go quite toplan. Using a Transit Especially in smaller fleets, a transit is a great indicator of where you are relative to the line. Without a transit it is easy to judge a “long line” when close to the pin or the committee boat, but much more difficult in the middle of line. Using a transit in individual practice also helps develop other ways to judge just where the line is. (See fig.1) How to Start – Fig 1 Before the start, sail down an extension of the line. Find a stationery object (in this case the clock tower), which is on the direct line of committee boat and pin end. Wherever you are positioned on the start line, if the clock is directly behind the pin, you are right on the line. If the clock is on the course side of the pin, you are over, and if the clock is on the pre-start side, you are behind. (Note that if you don’t have a bowman standing at the front, you need to allow for the distance to the bow). Some like to try to find a ‘safe transit’ by lining up about two boats lengths behind the committee boat. In the example (fig.1) the Eiffel Tower has been handily relocated to our shoreline. Two boats lengths at the committee boat equates to one boat length at the midpoint, less as you start closer to the pin. The transit frequently becomes obscured close to start time.  Lining up alongside nearby boats (the sheep principle) will give an average start, but if there is a line bulge, an OCS. If there is a sag, we are giving away ground to those at the ends of the line. Line judging skills come with practice. I recently learned a simple trick from Paul Goodison, ‘Point the boat directly at the pin, holding the tiller dead central. Now sight aft straight along the tiller. If you are sighting behind the committee boat, you are behind the line. If you are sighting in front, you are over. On the waterfront, attendance and fun competition on the lake for racing has been great!  Come early on Wednesday if you want a good parking spot! Spring Series is complete for the Wednesday Spring Series.  Super Sundays continue on the 4th Sunday of the month. Summer Wednesday Series begins on July 4th with patriotic party favors and a raft up after racing for those who want to see different fireworks displays from the water (food and snacks provided). The ECSC Regatta in on Saturday July 7th and it FREE for all registered club members!  We will have a light breakfast and sandwiches for on the water.  Dinner at the Beach Party must be reserved by emailing or contacting Nick Mates by July 4th.  We will hand out awards for the ECSC regatta and Wednesday Spring Series at the Beach Party. See you then.  Bob Hickok and John George – Race Committee
May 7, 2018

Publicity – Grounds Committee May 2018

Club is open!! There has been a lot of activity at the club as members are cleaning and polishing their boats for spring launch.  We all got a late start this year due to winter refusing to let go.  But it’s finally warm, the trailer lot has been mowed and the power washer has been turned on.  It’s time to get those boats in the water! Kate McMillan and Cody McCoun have been planting flowers around the club.  Be sure to thank them for their effort when you see them. We are in the process of getting bids to replace the gravel floor of the Race shelter with a paver stone floor.  This will be much safer in rainy weather.  We are also going to add some drainage to keep the parking lot runoff from flooding the race shed area. We have a number of jobs posted on the jobs board.  Please sign up for a project to make sure you get your work credits for the year.  The link is here: CLICK HERE FOR PROJECT SIGN UP
April 6, 2018

Publicity/Grounds Committee April 2018

  Annual Property Walk The Grounds Committee did its annual “property walk” in early March to make a list of repairs.  This has become an annual tradition and it helps keep the club in good working order.  We have a number of infrastructure-type items that need to be addressed and we will be taking those to the board for funding.  These include: Filling in cracks in the main drive Upgrading the electrical system Repairing some of the older buildings Improving the drainage at the club Repairing worn dock boards Replacing broken picnic tables Spring Work Party We had our spring work party on Saturday March 31.  We had about a dozen workers show up.  Many stayed well past noon.  John George brought some Bean Soup for lunch and Geoff Endris grilled hamburgers for those who stayed into the late afternoon. We got a lot of work done: Got the upper shelter spruced up.  Replaced some broken picnic tables.  Put the RIB lift back in the water (CLICK HERE to check out the Facebook video on that).  We even did some drainage work to give drain water a better path to the lake. Colin Leatherbury continues to make great progress clearing out dead trees and cutting back the bushes and thorns around the outside of the club.  When you come out this spring, you will see a much better maintained and much more open club grounds. For those of you who missed out on the work day due to spring break or Easter holiday, fear not.  We still have plenty of work to do.  We will most likely have another work day to clear up the leaves that have accumulated in between the boats once the boats are out of the parking lots. Other Work Projects We also have a number of projects that people can perform at their leisure.  These will be posted on the club web site.  You can go to the web site and sign up for the project, report its conclusion and get your work credits.  Some projects include: Painting some of the buildings/sheds Replacing and painting the siding on the Commodore’s shed Replacing some roof decking and shingles on the Commodore’s shed Applying sealer to the new dock boards so they last longer Applying sealer to the new picnic tables And much more The new jobs have been posted to the project sign-up board.  You can get to the project board from the Harbormaster’s page or by using the THIS LINK. Landscaping Committee I am still looking for volunteers who want to work on the Landscaping Committee.  We need gardeners who would like to plant flowers and shrubs around the grounds to make the place look a little nicer.  Please contract the Grounds Committee if you want to help. Trailer Parking We will be mowing the upper trailer lot in April as soon as the swamp drains.  We have lots of standing water up there now.  The sign at the top of the hill says no trailers until May 1st.  This is to give us time to get the field ready. If we get some dry weather and can get the field mowed, we might open up the lot prior to May 1st. Please monitor the Facebook page and your email box. Note that we have a few trailers that appear to have been abandoned and do not have stickers.  If these are not claimed by the end of the month, they will be removed from the club premises.  Contact Dennis Robertson if one of the trailers belongs to you.   Geoff Endris – Grounds Committee
March 5, 2018

Publicity/Grounds Committee – March 2018

  Improving Club Appearance Things are coming together to get the club ready for the 2018 sailing season.  We’ve done a lot of work to clean up the club and make it more appealing and enjoyable to members and guests. We have two new gas grills at the club.  One at the Race Shed and one at the lower shelter.  Feel free to make use of them as you enjoy a cookout with your family and guests.  We also have a charcoal grill at each location for you “traditionalists.”  Be sure to bring your own grilling utensils and as a courtesy to the next user, please clean the grill when you are done.  If you use the gas grill, please turn off the gas when you are done. Last year, we replaced the picnic tables in the lower shelter.  We will continue to replace a few picnic tables each year, so we have good, sturdy tables at each location. We removed all of the dead Ash trees from the property, trimmed back the brush along the outside edge of the property, and attacked the Poison Ivy / Poison Oak on the property.  We also removed the scrap metal and wood behind the Harbormaster’s Shed and lower Shelter. Thanks to Colin Leatherbury and his crew. As you can see, we are making a concerted effort to “beautify” the club by throwing away old and broken equipment (i.e., chairs, tables, grills, etc.) and replacing them with new items.  Many of the replaced items were dropped off at the club by members who “donated” them in the hopes that someone at the club would find them useful.  That is a great sentiment, but we ask that you check with the Grounds Committee first to see if we need it and where to put it. Upper Trailer Lot The upper trailer lot has been cleared of brush and expanded a little to add a few more spaces for trailers.  We will mow the entire field the first week of April before we let people start storing their trailers.  If you have a trailer in the lot (and you should not!), please move it by March 31st so we can mow the field. Spring Work Party Our spring work party is coming up on Saturday March 31st.  We will meet at the Lower shelter at 8:30, where I’ll have coffee and donuts for workers.  We’ll also be serving lunch for the volunteers.  Rain date is April 7th.  I have several projects lined up, so keep the first couple of weekends open.  Projects on the list include: ·       Unstack the picnic tables in the upper shelter ·       Build 5 new picnic tables to replace the 5 worst ones on the property ·       Rake leaves ·       Paint the Kayak shed ·       Install new LED rope lighting on the upper shelter stairs ·       Re-install two posts in the parking lot near the Race Shed ·       Replacing worn dock boards ·       Install decorative rope between parking lot ropes ·       Replace worn steps on upper shelter stairs     You can see from the list that these projects will help make our club safer and more enjoyable.  You can see the list of jobs at this link: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR ECSC GROUNDS WORK.  Please sign up for a job so I know how many are coming.  We need people to bring leaf blowers, tarps, rakes, portable saws, portable drills, ladders, shovels and other hand tools. Don’t forget, you get valuable work credits for your efforts.  And if it is warm, you can get a start on preparing your boat for spring launch. Anyone have a power post hole digger? We have a special project to re-install two parking lot posts near the race shed.  If anyone has a power post hole auger that we can use, please let me know ASAP.   Once we get the posts re-installed, we will re-install the decorative rope around the corral. Landscape Committee needs Volunteers   We are still in need of volunteers to help plant and maintain the flower beds and planters.  So far, I have one volunteer.  I am looking for 5-6 more to spread the workload out.  If you have a green thumb and want to help with the landscaping, please send me an email.  Note, you will get work credits for your work.   Grounds Committee Annual Property Walk The grounds committee will be making its “property walk” on March 10th to make a list of all repair, maintenance and capital projects for the year.  This will undoubtedly increase the number of projects to be done, but it will make our club safer and more enjoyable for everyone.  Stay tuned. Geoff Endris Grounds Committee Chair    
February 3, 2018

Publicity – Grounds Committee – February 2018

The Following is a report from our Grounds Committee Chair Geoff Endris:   We are off to a great start for 2018.  We have two of our most important jobs filled.  Roger Knapp has volunteered to perform water testing on our well water again this year.  This is a very important task as it allows us to open up our restrooms for the year.  Jim & Sherry Weir have volunteered to take over bathroom cleaning duties – again a very important task. I sent out an email asking whether anyone wanted to join a volunteer committee to help plant and maintain the grounds flowers and other landscaping.  So far, I have one volunteer.  I am looking for 5-6 more to spread the workload out.  If you have a green thumb and want to help with the landscaping, please send me a note. The focus for January and February is getting our volunteers lined up and getting bids for the grounds landscape contractor.  The landscape contractor is responsible for the following items: Apply weed killer to keep weeds under control Mow lawn areas (upper shelter, hillside, shoreline, camp area, juniors area) Mow trailer field, partial weed trimming each month Trim bushes at main shelter and trailer lot Empty trash cans twice weekly Apply mulch to flower beds Water flower beds/pots Last year we used an outside contractor.  Prior to that, we used a landscape company owned by a club member.  If there are any club members who want to bid on the work, send me a note ( and I will send you an official bid request for your bid response.  Bids will be due mid-February and the vendor will be approved at the March board meeting. We are getting ready for the Spring work party to be held on March 31st from 8:30 to noon.  Rain date is April 7th.  I have a number of projects lined up, so keep the first couple of weekends open.  Projects on the list include: ·       Install new LED security lights (5) ·       Install light switches & timers on security lights ·       Install a better rock barricade for septic macerator at main shelter ·       Build new firepit in campground are near the lower shelter ·       Install a concrete race shed floor ·       Repair the pump house electrical box ·       Install ropes on parking lot posts ·       Repair wiring under the Main shelter ·       Add flooring to race shed attic ·       Re-stain the Kayak deck ·       Install new rope lights for upper shelter stairs ·       Repair picnic tables ·       Paint PSC shed – Purdue students ·       Install a flagpole at the Purdue Race Shed These are all in addition to the normal Spring work party tasks of unstacking picnic tables, repairing picnic tables, raking leaves, painting sheds, and sprucing up the grounds.  You can see from the list that all of these projects will help make our club safer and more enjoyable.  If one of those projects sounds interesting to you and have the requisite skills and/or tools, please consider volunteering.  You will earn valuable work credits and the club will look much nicer for your efforts. The grounds committee will be making its “property walk” on March 10th to make a list of all repair, maintenance and capital projects for the year.  This may add to the projects list above and will help further define the work to be done on the Spring Work Party day. Geoff Endris Grounds Committee Chair