September 1, 2016

ECSC Ladies’ Day Sail 2016 – by Kelli Morehead

The ECSC Ladies’ Day Sail was held Saturday, August 13, 2016 at the club’s upper pavilion shelter. The event was hosted by Kelli Morehead, along with co-hosts Denise Fox, Sheela Krout, and Nancy Goff. Three “Fantastic First Mate” helpers included Mark Walker, Terry Holland, and Chuck Goff. There were 17 ladies in attendance for the event, including Lesley Baker, Judie Breitzke, Marilyn Cloutier, Jackie Deppe, Jenipher Gee, Nancy Goff, Vickie Greenough, Sheela Krout, Sarah McQueen, Christy Merriman, Kelli Morehead, Kathy Newgent, Jane Schmidt, Nan Schulze, Edna Sprowl, Sherry Weir, and Burnie Wilkins. Ladies were treated to a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-themed event featuring décor done up in the classic Tiffany blue and white, along with black and silver accents. Silver beads and crystal and aqua gems scattered on the tables completed an elegant look. Tiffany-blue boxes filled with Lindt truffles doubled as place cards. Black velvet holders adorned with pearl strands graced the buffet tables. A brunch-style meal featured a tasty breakfast casserole, fruit compote, a build-your-own yogurt parfait station, and pastries including mini muffins, scones, and fruit danishes. The beverage station featured coffee/decaf, orange juice, and bottled water featuring a fun bottle wrap with the iconic Audrey Hepburn image and a “Drink Up Darling!” message. Brunch was enjoyed by everyone! As the weather was not cooperative for the ladies to enjoy a nice sail, all attendees were treated to three “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-themed games. Marilyn Cloutier won the movie trivia game, Lesley Baker aced the movie word search, and Edna Sprowl came in first in the “What’s in Your Little Black Purse?” game with 19 items! Way to go, ladies! Everyone had fun seeing old friends, welcoming new friends, and enjoying a lovely time of fellowship, food, and festivity. All attendees and “First Mate” helpers received nautical swag bags filled with surprises to enjoy upon departure. All in all, it was a delightful event and very well attended! In case you had to miss the event, check out the pictures below!
August 1, 2016

Sailing Spunk

It is hard to believe that August has arrived.  This is probably the slowest month of the sailing season due to hot temperatures and light winds.  For many, it may be a welcome break as July ushered in most North American Championships for one-design fleets.  I was fortunate enough to participate in the Flying Scot NACs in Newport Rhode Island this year.  It was a humbling experience with the large waves, strong current, and sea breeze between 15-30 mph all week long.  While I had the time of my life, I could not help but appreciate that our little lake offers some pretty nice racing as well.  My favorite conditions are on a cooler day with  7-10 mph winds.  Generally in Indiana, these kind of days fall in the late spring and early fall. It is amazing how the dynamic of the sailing experience changes so drastically in different locations.  These differences  also propagate different cultures.  For instance, I was recently on a lake that had roughly 200 sailboats.  While this may not seem so strange, the fact that 199 of the boats were of the same kind seemed strange.  Can you even picture everyone having the same kind boat on Eagle Creek?   Perhaps it was the secluded Appalachian Mountain environment which caused everyone to get the same boat.  Perhaps it was the fact that these boats were manufactured just a few miles from that particular lake.  Maybe no one wanted to “rock the boat” and get something different.   At any rate, it has created a sailing culture that is very unique to that lake. Speaking of unique; Our club,  located in a quiet and unassuming spot, has developed an inclusive and easy going cruiser boat culture.  I am not sure if it is more about sailing or socializing.  I suspect the latter.  Sure, we have some of the finest Beer Can racing around, but mostly it is about the camaraderie found at the “liars” table afterwards.  I have been to many clubs around the country and never found one quite like ours.  We don't have the greatest body of water to sail on, nor the finest facilities.  What we do have is some of the coolest people you will ever meet, and a pretty decent oasis of fun that does not ruin our appreciation of other venues.  Most importantly, we have spunk.  That is all you need. If you like spunk, you may enjoy helping to keep it going.  We are looking for people interested in joining the board of directors.  Please contact me at if you are interested in a position next year.   Perry Cameron
August 1, 2016

Lobster Fest is coming!

It is hard to believe that it is already August! Eric Jones and his crew have been planning the Lobster Fest for several weeks.  Lobster Fest will take place on August 20th. You should have already received a "Save the Date" email. To cover the cost of the Lobsters we are charging $12 per person. We need to have a good head count so we order the right amount of those clawed creatures so PLEASE RSVP.   We are still seeking 4 additional volunteers to assist with this event. Earn some work credits and join in on all the fun! Contact Eric Jones or Vickie Greenough if you are up for the challenge. Labor Day cookout will be September 5th and is hosted by Jack and Cindy Hale. Chili Cook off will be hosted by Jennifer and Ryan Curtis Final Bash will be hosted by Nick Mates
August 1, 2016

August Harbormaster Report

No report this month.
August 1, 2016

August Membership

Welcome to new members: Elliot & Guyanna Spurway of Indianapolis August will be a quiter month around ECSC.  No regattas on the calendar, but we do have the Lobster Fest on August 20th.  This is a great event that is well attended.  Be sure to RSVP to get your Lobster! If you have anyone that is interested in learning more about ECSC membership, have them call Christy.....317-306-1640.... She will be glad to talk to them and answer their questions. We have one more new member orientation September 25th. If you see an unfamiliar face, please introduce yourself and make the new members feel welcome!  
August 1, 2016

July was a busy month for our Juniors

Well it certainly has been a busy month with the ECSC Junior Sailing team!  Most of July was spent on the road at regattas, clinics, and then Junior Bay Week.  The conditions at Bay Week were near perfect, with a varying range of conditions from light air to heavy.  There were around 34 Laser Radials competing this year and they were able to get in 18 races over the four days of the regatta!  When everything was said and done, ECSC's Cameron Douglas ended up in the 3rd spot after some very tight racing, and Reagan Lessick finished 15th.     While Bay Week may be finished, the juniors aren't done with their season yet.  Cam and Reagan traveled to Cleveland this past weekend for an I-LYA regatta for their travelers series.  Cam finished in second, putting him in first place in the series, Reagan moved up to 6th place in the series.  There are still a couple of I-LYA regattas left this season that the team will be travelling to as well.    
August 1, 2016

Ships Store

"SAIL ON -- SALE ON" The intense heat has created a big splash with this item!!! The Ladies Lightweight Tee pictured below was out of stock by the end of June.  Inventories have been replenished and they are available once again.  It's yours for $12 each. LgtwtTeeRed LgtwtTeeTeal LgtwtTeeBlue DISCONTINUED INVENTORIES The Ships Store is eager to deplete all discontinued items with the following sale prices:
Item Old Price New Price
Gildan T Shirt $  6.00 $4.00
Ladies Ribbed Tank Top $13.00 $4.00
Ladies Tank Top (old model) $14.00 $4.00
Ladies Tunic $34.00 $4.00
Missy Fit T% $09.00 $3.00
Rapid Dry Polo $35.00 $5.00
Check the Online Catalog for further product information on these and all Ship's Store items as well as contact information. We are only two miles from the club and can meet you at the club to deliver items. The store will be open in the upper shelter during the Lobster Dinner for your shopping pleasure.
August 1, 2016

August Miscellaneous

A few reminders...

Raceway road is temporarily closed.

Note that Raceway Road south 46th street is closed for repairs. 

Please keep the docks looking neat.

Please remember to clean up your dock lines around your boat.  We don't want members and/or guests tripping over docklines.  It also presents a nice environment to future members.

Those of you who bring dogs to the club

Please remember that according to club guidelines, all dogs must be on a leash and under the control of their owner while on club grounds.  The ECSC Board of Directors made this rule for several reasons.
  1. Your dog may be very friendly, but there are club members who don't like dogs or are afraid of dogs.
  2. We have several members who are allergic to dog hair.  Letting your dog run free could subject them to an allergy attack.  Members can't avoid dogs that are running free around the club.
  3. We have a number of small children at the club who may not know how to react around dogs.
  4. Sometimes free-running dogs get territorial and will act aggressively towards other dogs comming into their territory.  We don't want to have any "dog fights."
  5. It is very unsanitary to have dogs around open food. We have received complaints from a number of club members on this.  Please keep your dog away from any food serving areas during club social functions.  That means your dog should not be in the upper shelter while food is being served during social events.
The decision to allow dogs at the club was made to allow club members to bring their dogs out for a sail.  It was not inteded to turn the club into a dog park.  Let's respect those who do not share your enthusiasm for dogs.  If you bring your dog out to the club, please keep it on a leash that is securely fastened to you.