July 1, 2016

ECSC in Full Summer Mode!

It’s summer and ECSC is full of activity.  Head out to the club on any weekend and you will see: Kids playing on the playground. Families grilling out on one of the club grills. People leaving or heading back to the dock. People washing their boats. People doing a few minor repairs to keep their boats shipshape. People gathered around the “Liar’s Table” at the Race Shed sharing drinks, food and memories. Kenny moving something around to make room for something else. All this means we have a very vibrant and active club.  So, please come on out and enjoy all that our club has to offer. Our ECSC Regatta is coming up on July 9-10 with our world famous ECSC Beach Party on Saturday July 9.  This is a great event.  We had almost 200 people RSVP for a night of dancing on the beach.  Hats off to Kenny for moving boats around to make room for the partiers.  Be sure to thank him for all of his hard work to make everyone’s weekend enjoyable. By now you have probably encountered our new web site.  It is truly an upgrade from our old site with lots of content and room for us to grow.  Check it out next time you are online. Welcome to our new members.  Thanks for joining.  Please introduce yourselves to just about everyone you meet. We would love to get to know you better and get you involved in our club.
July 1, 2016

ECSC Summer Social Events

We have a lot of social events in the summer.  We already had a successful Mother’s Day brunch and Father’s Day brunch.  Next up is the very popular July 4th Pig Roast.  That is followed by the newly revived ECSC Beach Party on July 9th.  I hope you sent in your RSVP for this popular event. Our big event for August is the annual Lobster Boil.  This is another RSVP event so we know how many lobsters to order.  Please, please, please, please be sure to RSVP so we have enough for everyone.  And when we say one lobster per person, please take only one lobster so that everyone who ordered one can get one.  If there are extras, you are more than welcome to go back for seconds. We have two events in September: the Labor Day cookout on September 5th and the Governor’s Cup Regatta party on September 10th. We still need volunteer hosts and crew for some events.  Check the “Host/Crew Assignments” link on the Social page for openings.  You will receive valuable work credits to offset next year’s membership dues.  
July 1, 2016

Still a lot of work to do

Hopefully, you have noticed a lot more room at the club.  Thanks to Dennis Robertson, we have removed some abandoned boat eyesores freeing up some much needed parking space.  You will also notice the gravel is a little brighter.  We brought in some new gravel and took the opportunity to expand the parking area a bit.  You will notice a little extra room heading back to the power washer and a little more room between boats in the back lots.  This allowed us to move some of the other dilapidated boats to the back of the club.  The result is a fresher look as you come down the main drive.  Thanks to all who cooperated with us in the gravel project. The old Race Shed has been moved to its new location across from the beach.  this will be the new home for the Purdue Sailing Club.  They will be showing up at the club in the next month or so to move their gear into the shed, clean it up and make it their new PSC HQ.  Please be sure to say “Hi” to them and welcome them to the club.  Remember, they might be the ones who buy your boat in 4 or 5 years. We mentioned this last year, but it bears repeating.  Please coil your dock lines neatly next to your dock cleats.  We have members walking to/from their boats with their arms full of “boat stuff”.  In the past, we have had members trip and injure themselves on dock lines.  Please be considerate to your fellow club members and tidy up around your boat.  And if you have time, tidy up your neighbor’s too. We still have lots of work projects for those who are handy with tools and want to earn some work credits.  Please see me or Dennis for details. Kenny Chapman  
July 1, 2016

July Membership update

Welcome to new members in June.  Hope to see you at the July 4th Pig Roast on 7/4 at 3:30. Claudine Samanic from Avon. Dave and Deanna Plank from Greenwood, sailing a S2 There will be a New Member Orientation in the upper shelter house on Sunday, 7/17  1:00 pm. NEW WEB SITE:  Geoff Endris has been hard at work to get our new website up and running.  Please go to ecsail.org, log in with the password that Geoff sent to you individually, click on MEMBERS and you will see a world of information.  You will find a ‘Member Listing’ of all current members of ECSC.  You will also have access to a PDF copy of our orange 2016 Membership Booklet.  You will be able to access our club By-Laws as well as General Club rules and much more.  Many thanks to Geoff for the many hours that he has spent making this happen.
July 1, 2016

July Safety & Education update

Well the second week of sail camp is about to come to a close, and the kids all seem to be having a great time!  Our Junior team is performing well instructing the campers, and we have exposed over 30 young people to the sport of sailing in the past two weeks.  Parents must be talking to their friends about the camp, because believe it or not, I am already getting inquires on when registration for next year’s camp opens!  I have been taking some video and pictures for the website, and once I get some time to compile and edit it I will get it up there.  Btu for now, here are a few pictures of the campers. The Junior Race team has also been busy and placing well.  In the I-LYA Junior Travelers Series, Cameron Douglas is currently 4th, Reagan Lessick is 7th, and Jonathan Schwartz is 24th out of a total of 44 boats!  Great work team! Each year the team races 5-10 Saturdays during the months of June, July and August, around Indiana, Ohio, New York lakes.   July 17 we will land on the Island of Put-In-Bay, for Junior Bay Week, where the team will do battle once more.  The regatta will consist of up to 15 races in 4 days on Lake Erie. Came has made this trip many times over the last 6 years, and this year will be his last, since he will age out. He has won 2 out 4 travelers series races.  So we are believing he will show well at bay week this year and go out on top.  Cam’s teammate at Junior Bay Week, Reagan, is a young 16 year old sailor.  She is 5’3″, she is big on winning, and had been working out all winter.  Reagan will be the force that will be pushing the boys this year. Wish your Junior Team Well and follow them here!
July 1, 2016

Ship’s Store July Sale

  SAIL ON/SALE ON Celebrate July 4th by visiting your Ship’s Store. All items listed in the Discontinued Items section of our Online Catalog will be reduced by 50% off the catalog price for this holiday!  Sizes and colors are limited. Refer to the online catalog for photos and product descriptions. Store hours – 1PM to 6PM  
July 1, 2016

July Miscellaneous Items

The club is in full swing.  Lots of activity around the club.  Lots of people staying late to enjoy the extended summer daylight.  It is normal to assume that if there are cars in the parking lot, someone else will lock the gate when they leave.  This could be a bad assumption for a number of reasons.  Make it a practice to lock the gate behind you when you leave after dusk.  The best way to remember this is that if you would have to turn your boat’s navigation lights on, then the gate should be locked when you leave. Have you checked out our new web site? Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to check out the new web site.  And hopefully, you have logged in and updated your member profile.  If you are having problems, please send me an email. Speaking of emails, you can reach any of the club officers or committee heads by using the “Contacts” link on the left side menu.  Just select the person you want to contact and an email will automatically be sent to that person. Wanted: Publicity Volunteers With the new web site, we have a lot more content to post and maintain.  If you would like to help generate content or curate the web site, please send a note to Publicity on our Contacts page. Geoff Endris
June 1, 2016

Is it May or July?

What a strange spring it has been!  The weather in the beginning of May felt like the end of October, and the weather at the end of May feels like July.  The only thing that did seem normal was the ridiculously wonderful wind.  This was the first Mayor’s Cup since 2008 to have a substantial amount of wind, and I for one had a great time. The new website is online and appears to be fully functional.  Geoff Endris has spent a great deal of time putting it in order.  It is unbelievable the amount of time and energy it takes to put something like this together.  If you see Geoff, please thank him for his efforts.  If you hate the new site then the complaint forms are located in the sharks mouth on the wall of the John Storer pavilion.    Most of the relevant content to the site has been added.  We do plan on adding additional members only content such as the old Telltales and Board minutes for historical purposes. I am personally working on digitizing old copies of the Minutes.   I have only had time to finish up until 1973, but have already found several interesting things that I didn’t know.  For instance, the ECSC symbol you see accompanying this article was the original symbol of our club.  During the board meeting of March 22, 1973,  four insignias were presented before the board so that we could adopt an emblem that “would be easier to reproduce”.  Our current emblem offered by Lee Boschen was the one adopted. Another interesting tidbit is that it was decided in April of 1972 that the new ECSC newsletter would be titled “Telltales”.  John Halstead took the lead on discussing the format and low cost advertising contained within.  In the spirit of the 100th Indy 500, I will share one last token of interest.  (ECSC Minutes, April 27, 1972) “May 28-29 is the first major regatta of the season, the “500 Regatta.” Two races will be held each day, and a $7.00 entry fee will be charged for non-members”.