January 9, 2017

Harbormaster January 2017

Hello Eagle Creekers, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. All is well at the club and looks like everyone got a spot to park their boat for the Winter that wanted to stay. All boats have been counted and my list has been forwarded to Membership. Your dues must be paid before the end of February. Do not delay this payment as you may lose your wet slip or prospects for a wet slip. All payments must be post marked by the last day in February or sooner. If you are on the slip waiting list, please send membership a separate check for your prospective wet slip. In the event we are unable to lease you a slip, your check will be returned to you un-cashed. Concerning current stickers; I have noticed several boats and trailers were not outfitted with 2016 stickers this year. It is imperative to place your membership stickers on all of your boats and trailers. All boats with out proper stickers will be considered as abandoned boats. There are several lasers, sunfish and small dingys on site without any way of distinguishing ownership. These boats will be removed from the club by mid June if they are not identified by a current ECSC sticker. Please email Jane Schmidt or Christy Merriman if you need additional stickers. Many of our members have more than one boat, which is just fine, on the other hand if you simply never use your other boat(s) you are regarding our club as a never ending storage lot. As our membership expands it becomes increasingly hard to supply parking for new members wishing to dry sail or even keep their boat at the club for Winter storage. It may be time to sell any boat that is no longer used for the good of the club. This upcoming year, the grounds work will be headed up by a newly formed Grounds Committee (two officers and the Harbormaster department). The Chairman for the committee will be Mark Walker (our new Vice Commodore), Tom Moore (our Treasurer) and the Harbormaster Department (myself -Kenny Chapman and Dennis Robertson).  All works will be planned out as much in advance as possible. These include work parties, lawn care, expanding trailer parking in the trailer lot, beach sand replenishment and expansion, construction of any kind (other than dock work). Weed eating the parking areas was finally addressed near the end of summer by several members willing to earn work credits. We actually have quite a few members that can be trusted to work on their own time and during scheduled work parties. One of my plans to present to the grounds committee is a way to expand the number of hours certain members will be able to work for the club without the need to waste our club’s money on contracted work. The basic plan is if you worked the full 15 work credits last year you will be allowed to work another 15 on projects for the grounds committee. Please remember to pay your dues on time and ask for membership stickers for all of your boats and trailers. Sailing season is just around the corner. Kenny Chapman and Dennis Robertson, Harbormasters
December 2, 2016

From our Harbormaster –

Hello Eagle Creekers, The first week of December is when we will be counting boats for Winter storage. Please contact myself or Dennis Robertson if you will be removing your boat for the Winter after the first week. Otherwise you will be charged storage fees. Concerning storage of your boat at our club, it is a very good idea to come out and check your boat especially after a rain or snow to see if your tarp cover is holding up. The Club is not responsible for your boat and it may save you money to check it. Of course, if we as the Harbormasters see any problems we will try to contact the affected member. With that said, if you are at the club and you see any problems with other members boat, please take down their “current” member number and contact one of the Harbormasters.   The upper trailer lot will likely be expanded this spring. My idea is to expand to the West end and South toward the main road. We will get an estimate for having the old meadow restored to an easily mowed parking area. The trailer parking will be available in April now that the Parks Department has added the trailer storage area to our lease. Thanks to all the members who assisted in Dock board replacement this year, future dock board replacement should be at a minimum for next year. I do know there are several boards on D dock and on A dock still in need of repair Dennis and I are going to submit a bid to replace all the boards and stringers on L dock this coming Spring. The original construction was very frugal and we have been paying for it as that dock ages. It will be up to the board to allocate club funds for this upgrade and up to our great group of member-volunteers to do the work in one weekend.  Regarding our Slips and the slip waiting list. We put over twenty boats into slips this year with about fifteen into permanent slips and about five into subleases. Remember to contact the Harbormaster Department before subleasing. Subleases must go through us or you may lose your slip entirely. The reason for this is that there is a “list” and all allocations of slips are based on your seniority (shown by your member number). At this point we have 7 or 8 new members waiting for a slip. If at some point you want a new slip then point that out in your membership document. Slips will be offered to members that are available and you can request what ever you want but we can only offer slips that become available. Timely responses to offers will be accepted, if you don’t respond to an offer you may be stuck in the same slip. The club slip list is going to be run like a real marina from now on so if you have any complaints please contact the Harbormaster Department or the Commodore.      
October 4, 2016

End of Season Stuff

Greetings ECSC sailors! Abandoned Boats Update The Harbormaster crew has been busy this summer purging abandoned boats from our property.  Harbormaster Robertson is forming a wave of interested parties ready to wash the rest of the scars off of our shores. It is imperative to apply current ECSC stickers to your boat so that we do not consider it abandoned. If you have extra boats that you have not used in several years and you are interested in selling, we may be able to help you. Club Closing Work Party Mark your calendar for November 5th.  That’s when we will meet at the club for our annual Club Closing Party.  This is when we close up the club, rake up the leaves and trim the weeds before winter sets in.  Be sure to bring your tools, rakes, leaf blowers and weed eaters.  The work party starts at 8:30 am.  We will have hot coffee and donuts.  This is your last chance to earn those work credits.  Rain out day is November 12th. End of Season Boat Parking Our last and extremely well attended sailing event is coming up in October. As usual parking is a problem for the Hornback Regatta and Saturday evening Chili Cookoff. In order to ease the parking problem the club has a rule that there is to be no parking of boats or trailers inside or around the outside of the parking corral until Sunday after the Regatta. Reserving your space by parking your extra car is not a solution to our parking dilemma. In the event an extra car (or truck) is found in or outside the corral it may be towed at the owner’s expense. Boat Parking Tips Winter storage for wet slip sailors may be accomplished by Angle parking along the beach. We have widened the road to allow for more boats to be angle parked close together.  I would like to see about 1 foot of space between gunnels or fenders.  We should be able to relocate some other unused boats to the tree line as the purge continues to make room for often sailed crafts.  Please do not lock your trailer in the event it must be relocated.  Call me if you are storing your boat on the property and need to find a spot. Finally, check your boat frequently throughout the Winter and for that matter, the whole year to prevent damage from water. Kenny Chapman Harbormaster
September 1, 2016

September Harbormaster Report

No report this month.
August 1, 2016

August Harbormaster Report

No report this month.
July 1, 2016

Still a lot of work to do

Hopefully, you have noticed a lot more room at the club.  Thanks to Dennis Robertson, we have removed some abandoned boat eyesores freeing up some much needed parking space.  You will also notice the gravel is a little brighter.  We brought in some new gravel and took the opportunity to expand the parking area a bit.  You will notice a little extra room heading back to the power washer and a little more room between boats in the back lots.  This allowed us to move some of the other dilapidated boats to the back of the club.  The result is a fresher look as you come down the main drive.  Thanks to all who cooperated with us in the gravel project. The old Race Shed has been moved to its new location across from the beach.  this will be the new home for the Purdue Sailing Club.  They will be showing up at the club in the next month or so to move their gear into the shed, clean it up and make it their new PSC HQ.  Please be sure to say “Hi” to them and welcome them to the club.  Remember, they might be the ones who buy your boat in 4 or 5 years. We mentioned this last year, but it bears repeating.  Please coil your dock lines neatly next to your dock cleats.  We have members walking to/from their boats with their arms full of “boat stuff”.  In the past, we have had members trip and injure themselves on dock lines.  Please be considerate to your fellow club members and tidy up around your boat.  And if you have time, tidy up your neighbor’s too. We still have lots of work projects for those who are handy with tools and want to earn some work credits.  Please see me or Dennis for details. Kenny Chapman  
June 1, 2016

June Projects Scheduled

Ahoy loyal Eagle Creekers, at this time we have rid ourselves of 4 abandoned boats with only ten to twelve to go. A big “Thank You” goes out to Dennis Robertson for all of his hard work getting these eyesores off of our property. It is a very lengthy legal process to track down the owners and get the boats removed. Dennis has a pretty good system defined and operational. New Parking Lot Gravel (yea!) For our big summer improvement project, we will be adding additional gravel to all parking areas. This will make the entire parking area look much nicer. We don’t do this very often as it is a huge undertaking and a huge expense, but it’s time. We will be laying new gravel throughout the month of June. Jack Hale will be on site moving stone and putting “make up” on the gravel so please be aware of his work. We obviously cannot do the entire parking area at once because of the boats, so we have to do it in stages. This means we have to move some boats around – some of which haven’t been moved in a number of years. If you find your boat has been moved, don’t worry. We’ll put it back after the gravel has been placed. That means you are going to see huge open areas where there used to be boats and/or trailers. Please do not rush in and put your boat/trailer there thinking you have snagged a “prime location.” If the area used to have boats and is now empty, that means it is an “improvement area” and we are going to do a “gravel drop” there soon, then put the boats back in their original locations. Keep in mind that we have assigned “dry” slips. If you cannot find an open place for your boat, please call me (Kenny Chapman) or Dennis Robertson and we will find you a place. Some boat trailers have hitch locks on them. Be advised that at some point, we will have to move your boat/trailer. If you have a lock on your trailer, we will call you so you can either move your boat or remove the lock so that we can move the boat. We don’t want to cut locks off of trailers, but we do need to get this done and we need to move boats to do it. We can’t afford to hold up an area because a locked trailer is in the way and we can’t contact the owner. So, if you have a lock on your trailer, please contact us to work with us. Other June Projects (work credits available) We have some other projects scheduled for June. We will be building a new shed for Safety & Education, building a boat rack for the Purdue sailing club boats, and we have more docks that need repair. So, if you have some building skills and want to earn some work credits, please contact Dennis or me. Volunteers make this club work, and we really appreciate everyone’s willingness to make the club look really nice. We should all be proud of our club. Please help keep it maintained by donating a Saturday to help with a work project. Kenny & Dennis  
May 1, 2016

Harbormaster Notes

Ahoy ECSC members, As I mentioned in earlier articles, Dennis Robertson and I are the Harbormasters this year.  Dennis takes care of everything on the water and I take care of everything on land.  If you have a problem, contact either of us.  We work well together and switch up duties as necessary to make sure you get prompt attention. Our job is to be there to help you have a pleasant club experience. Unfortunately, it also falls to the Harbormaster to enforce policies and general rules regarding the use of club facilities and specifically, boat storage and slip rentals.   We as a club have been lax in past years in enforcing the rules.  As a result, we have a large number of abandoned boats, which is causing a shortage of storage space for our members. So, I want to use this month’s article to remind everyone of the general club rules regarding boat storage and club usage.  The rules can be found on our web site, but I want to call your attention to a few important ones. The most important issue is timely placement of membership stickers on your boat and trailer. We use the stickers to identify who is up to date on club dues. Without these stickers, your boat is considered an abandoned boat.  If you boat does not have current stickers, you might lose your boat parking spot, or even lose your slip assignment.  Most marinas and clubs tow first and ask questions later.  We don’t…..yet.  So, please do not take putting your stickers on your boat as a trivial matter.  Our club is very popular and getting overcrowded.  We are going to have to get more serious about the policing of boats to make sure our paid members have room.  I’m sorry, but that’s just the way is has to be. The next issue is slip rental.  Please remember that you are leasing the slip from the club for the season.  You do not own the slip.  If you cannot use your slip and want to recoup some or all of your slip rental fees, then you must contact Dennis Robertson and he will sublease your slip for you.  Dennis has a long waiting list for slip changes and open slips.  The club has very specific rules for governing seniority and priority for open and subleased slips.  It is not fair to those who have been patiently waiting on the list for you to sublease the slip on your own.  So, no side deals.  No helping a friend jump to the top of the list.  We will immediately invalidate any deals and you might end up losing your slip rental privileges.  This is the way every marina/club operates and we are no different. The third issue relates to the 48-hour dock. The 48-hour dock has about ten or twelve spots available for dry sailors and guests. As the name implies, the spots are good for 48 hours. This allows dry sailors to enjoy Wednesday racing or weekends on the water with family and friends. If you need extra time on the 48-hour dock, please contact Dennis Robertson to coordinate your needs. If you need to use the 48-hour dock for an extended period while working on your trailer or other reasons, we understand and will accommodate you.  We just ask that you get approval first. Lastly, it is time to get your boats in the water. The car corral must be empty before Mothers Day to accommodate our first social event of the season. The Mother’s Day brunch is one of our most popular events.  So, let’s get out there and get those boats in the water.   Once your boat is launched, please feel free to store your trailer (with current stickers on them, of course), at the top of the hill.  Kenny