March 5, 2018

Membership – March 2018

Welcome to two new members in 2018.  David and Sandy Berry of Indianapolis, sailing a Catalina 22. Andy and Margie Cockshott along with Iain, Jenny and Peter from Indianapolis sailing a Precision 18. Most of you have sent in your annual dues and slip fees for 2018.  Decals, keys if requested, and new labels for the back of your membership cards have been mailed out to you.  If you don’t receive those within 7-10 days, please notify Jane at 317-575-0937. The Harbormaster will have all of your requests in his hands by 3/13 and will then begin the process of assigning slips for 2018.  Results will be posted online and at the club, hopefully by early April. Please note on the label for the your membership card that Eagle Creek Sailing Club is a member of three organizations:  Inter-Lake Yachting Association, Yachting Club of America and U.S. Sailing. Our club pays an annual fee for these memberships which then allows each of us reciprocal privileges at other member clubs throughout the US.  For example, I-LYA has 45 clubs, YCA has over 700 clubs across America and U.S. Sailing is the national governing body for the sport of sailing with its mission to provide leadership for the sport of sailing in the US and it can provide a great deal of support to our club and individual members. Also please note that those labels (about 70) that were mailed prior to 2/15 were incomplete in that YCA was not listed. We have corrected labels for you and will see that you receive them. Our AED unit has remained in it’s location on the east side of the racing shed.  We have monitored the status of the battery throughout the winter months and everything remains operational. Jane and Christy Membership Chairs
February 3, 2018

Membership – February 2018

2018 Dues Statements will be mailed on 1/30/18.  If you do not receive yours by 2/10/18 or if you any questions, please call Jane at 317-Five Seven Five-9837. Jane Schmidt      Christy Merriman Membership
January 1, 2018

Membership January 2018

We welcome eight new members since our last report on October 1st.  This brings our total new members in 2017 to 30 and our total membership to 257.  As of 1/1/18, the initiation fee will increase to $1,250.  Welcome to:  Steven Koehn of Indianapolis sailing a San Juan 21’ Curtis & Kathi Ballard of Greenwood sailing a Catlina 22’ Cody McCoun of Indianapolis Keith & Kay Phelps of Indianapolis who we’ll see on ‘The Floating Illini’, a Catalina 22’  Jon & Jen Poynter along with Kelsey, Madison and Caron, who are from Avon and will be sailing ‘Island Time’, a 25’ O’Day Brian McClure & Catherine Cicierko from Indy sailing a Benetau 235 David & Michele Imler, presently from St. Mary’s, Ohio, but soon moving to Indy and sailing an O’Day 23 and Precision 18.5 and last, but not least in 2017, we welcome: Mark Leach of Indianapolis. The club AED unit is located on the outside west wall of the racing shed and our plans are for it to remain there throughout the winter months.  We are closely monitoring it to be sure that the battery continues to function in these cold temperatures.  Most AED units are in a more protected inside areas and as this is our first winter, we will have to see how it goes.   We’ll let you know if we would decide to take it out of service for the months of January, February and March. The forms for renewal of annual dues, 2018 slip preference and winter storage will be mailed January 31st with the due date being February 28, 2018.   If for any reason, you would need to receive yours earlier than that, please call Jane at 317-575-9837.   If you do not receive yours in the mail by 2/9/18, call Jane. Please free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Jane and Christy
October 6, 2017

Membership – October 2017

Welcome to four new members in September   Jim and Carissa Bartek of Westfield.  Lee Crowther of Carmel who will be sailing a Hunter 26.  Peter and Mary Hansen of Indianapolis, sailing a Capri 22.  Greg Roshel of Avon.   It’s been a good and busy season.  Christy has conducted three New Member Orientation sessions throughout the year that have been well attended.  We have a total of 22 new members to date in 2018, bringing the grand total to 249 active members as of 9/28/17.   As we head into 2018, Christy and I have been asked to remain at the helm of the membership committee and we are pleased to do so for another year.   Feel free to contact either one of us with any questions or concerns regarding the club.   Jane Schmidt Christy Merriman
September 6, 2017

Membership September 2017

Welcome to new member, Michael Kalbfleisch of Zionsville sailing a Precision 165.    Mike is our 18th new member in 2017. Next new member orientation session will be Sunday, September 17th at 1:00 pm in the upper shelter house. It was great to see everyone at the Labor Day Cookout last Monday. Jane Schmidt
August 11, 2017

Membership – August 2017

A big welcome to three new members in July.   Troy and Jeanne Whitted and their son, Jake, of Brownsburg sailing a 22 Hunter.  Keith Burton, a former member, now living in Carmel and sailing an O’Day 23.  John Wells of West Lafayette sailing a J24.   We have had a total of 17 members  join ECSC since 1/1/17.  We do have a short waiting list for slips so if you are not going to be using your slip for the remainder of the season, contact Dennis Robertson to arrange a possible sublease for the rest the 2017 season. Our new AED is in place (in it’s own box on the outside of the racing shed, to the left of the bulletin board) and is available to all members 24/7.  We have both adult and pediatric pads available in the box.  There is a short instruction sheet inside the box with the AED.  Once activated, there is a small screen on the AED that shows where to place pads and there are voice commands that walk you through the procedure.  For more information, you can Google and find a great deal of information. Christy will conduct a third New Member Orientation session which will be held Sunday, September 17 at 1:00 pm in the upper shelter.  All new and prospective members are welcome to attend. Hope to see all of you at the Lobster Fest on Sat. August 19th.  The evite invitation was sent out on August 3rd.  Please RSVP and pay the $12.00 fee via that invitation.  Any questions, contact Eric and Kathleen Jones or our social chairman, Vicki Greenough. Jane Schmidt
June 30, 2017

Membership July 2017

Welcome to five new members in the month of June.  Several are on the wait list for slips so if any member finds they will not be using their slip during the 2017 and wishes to sublease the same, please contact Harbormaster, Dennis Robertson. Clarence (CR) and Lynn Reames from Brownsburg, They have a 25 sail boat named ‘Smoke on the Water’, a Hobie and a kayak. Robert and Mary Vaughn of West Lafayette Toby and Gale Leitzman of Indianapolis sailing a 25’ MacGregor named ‘Three Anns’. Eric Bretzman and Shelley Stine of Indianapolis with a Prindle 19. Kathy Lay and Peg O’Grady of Indianapolis who are presently searching for a boat. The next New Member Orientation will be held in the upper shelter house on Sunday July 16th at 1:00 pm. At their June meeting, your ECSC Board voted to purchase an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).  This AED will be mounted on the east side of the Racing Shed and will be available to all members for use if needed.  This is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and is able to treat them through defibrillation.  The device will talk a responder  through the necessary steps.  AED’s are safe and simple enough for anyone to operate.  Also the Good Samaritan laws cover well-intentioned use of public AED’s by lay people nationwide.   This will be a welcome addition to our club. Two great events are coming up soon and all members are welcome to attend.   The July 4th Pig Roast is the afternoon of the 4th at 4:30.  Please plan to attend and bring your favorite covered dish to share.  Then soon thereafter is the Beach Party, the evening of Saturday July 8th.  This will be catered so a head count is needed and the cost is $10@.  Notify Nick Mates if you plan to attend.
June 6, 2017

Membership June 2017

A big welcome to new members, John and Amy Segner of Indianapolis.  They join as legacies as Amy is the daughter of Kay and Larry Conrad.  Larry is our esteemed Commodore who, along with Mark Walker, his Vice Commodore, is doing such a great job of leading our club during this 2017 season.  We do thank them for all their hard work.  Our May  – New Member Orientation – session was attended by many prospective members.  We plan to hold another on Sunday, July 16th at 1:00 in the upper shelter and then again on Sunday, Sept. 17th.  Do encourage any interested persons to attend as this is a great way to learn the ins and outs of our club. Remember the Father’s Day Brunch will be coming up – 11:30 Sunday June 18th.  Do plan to be there!! Jane Schmidt