March 3, 2017

Publicity – March 2017

  Hello ECSC Members and Friends,   I have had many requests to add a “for sale” section to our web site.  I am currently working on this.  This section will be for members (active or inactive) to advertise boats, boat parts, and boat services for sale or wanted.  I consider this to be a useful service to our members. I will include rules for for use on this page. I expect it will be for private party (club members) sellers only. Also, postings will be free for members and will be posted for a two month period. If your item does not sell it will automatically be removed.  You can always request it to be re-posted if the item is still available. As a resource for our club members, I be adding a page to list local individuals and companies that do sailboat or engine work. Since “Sailboats” closed it’s doors last year many people have been asking who else in town does boatwork or engine work. I am including several contacts below and will be working to assemble a more complete list on the website in the future. If any businesses or individuals would like to be included please email me at and I will add you to this list. Clearwater Marine Services – Greg Branham, owner – 317-440-3762 – Fiberglass, gelcoat, outboard motor repairs and electronic installations. Borkowski Boatworks – Cameron Borkowski, Owner – – Fiberglass, paint, gelcoat, engine, electrical, commissioning, and commissioning work West Marine  – Parts and supplies – (317) 841-0826 – APS – Annapolis Performance Sailing – – not local, but a good internet provider of sailing parts and gear – Line Honors – yacht racing outfitters – – not local – but a good internet provider of sailing gear Jerry Cooper –  (recommended by Bob Hockok) works on outboards lives near ECSC – (317) 373-0968 A few reminders from our committee heads, Visit the Racing Page and sign up for Race committee duty. Come to the Race Meetings, they have been very informative.  Email Kenny and volunteer for our many work projects  and work parties planned for 2017. Contact our Social Chair and take on chairing a social event.  Check out this months Social article on specific needs for Social hosts. All of these activities are not only fun, but you earn valuable work credits to apply to next years dues. See you on the water, Rick Graef Publicity
February 1, 2017

Publicity February 2017

Publicity   Hello ECSC Members and Friends,   Planning for a great 2017 is underway.  Please check out all of the articles in this and next months Telltales to learn more.  Geoff Endris has some exciting changes in store for the racing program. The Social events promise to be even better than last year. Kenny and Dennis have plans to keep our club looking and running smoothly. It promises to be a great year. Your board of Directors has put a new Grounds Committee in place to oversee the maintenance and care of our grounds.  Their responsibility is to oversee the many duties that our caretaker was responsible for. They will contract the needed lawn care, trash service, porta potties, dumpsters, plantings and much much more. This committee includes the Vice Commodore as its chair (Mark Walker), the Harbor Master (Kenny) and the Treasurer (Tom Moore). As publicity chair I am excited to see our club continue to move into the digital age. Several years back we began publishing our newsletter, The Telltales, only in an electronic format.  It has recently moved to a published blog format. ECSC Trivia fact #1- Our newsletter was originally published in 1972 under the name Telltails. The following year it was changed to Telltales. Prior to 1972 it was a sporadic mailing entitled ECSC News. Our membership and all communications (excepting dues statements and payments) have become electronic.  We are looking at the possibility of moving or dues and payments to electronic format also.  We maintain both an ECSC Facebook page, and a website.   ECSC Trivia fact #2  our inlet off of the Reservoir was known as “Shoal Creek Inlet” on early maps. Click here to see Full blog article for Picture   What makes our club tick? The following is a reprinted answer from the May 1972, Volume 1, issue no.1 of The ECSC Telltails,  Tom Heirmonimus – Editor NEW PRIORITIES ESTABLISHED MEMBERS URGED TO GET INVOLVED Anytime there is a large organization there are complaints. Why are they doing that?  They should be doing more! Can’t we get better ——. Well, the answer doesn’t lie in the above statements; it lies in your involvement. The club is run by a relatively small segment of the membership. It is not run that way by choice. It is because all of the committees depend on volunteers. In order to have a better club YOU must participate. This is not the time to be bashful. Ask yourself, “what can I do to help”. You don’t have to be a professional. Just be willing to pitch in. Call any of the committee chairman listed on page two and volunteer your service. We can make this a very exciting and fun filled club if we all do what we can. Very true words that were written 45 years ago!  Seems to this current Telltales editor that these words apply not only to our lovely Sailing Club, but to many aspects of life… So, the only change I would make to the previous  text is to bring it into the 21st century and suggest that you email your committee chairs if you can find the time to volunteer. Visit the Racing Page and sign up for Race committee duty. Come to the Race Meetings and Learn how to help the racing program. Email Kenny and volunteer for our many work projects  and work parties planned for 2017. Contact our Social Chair and take on chairing a social event. These activities are not only fun, but you earn valuable work credits to apply to next years dues. While we are a private sailing club, we have always accepted all comers regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or even sailing ability. Follow a few of our basic rules, help out when you are able  and you are welcome to enjoy the hidden gem that we call our oasis – Eagle Creek Sailing Club.   Rick Graef Publicity
January 9, 2017

Publicity January 2017

Hello ECSC Members,   January is definitely a quiet month for us sailing types. While most of us sit at work, we day dream about warm breezes and the sounds of water rushing past the hulls of our sailboats or the organized chaos that is a yacht racing starting line.  Many of our members are lucky enough to head south for a week or two or twelve. I doubt that I am the only one at ECSC that actually misses their boat during these cold winter months. As for publicity, I would like to start a member article section in the coming months issues of our beloved newsletter “The Tell-tales”. If you are interested, just write an article and send it along to me at . Write about anything sailing related; your favorite cruising spot, a regatta you attended, your favorite ECSC memories, why cruisers are more fun than racers, why racers are more fun than cruisers, your own stupid boat tricks, how you managed to ground your boat on the point….Anything sailing. Or even just a regatta report as I have done below. Between Christmas and New Years I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Open Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami Florida.  For years our club has sent juniors down to compete against the worlds best youth in the Junior Orange Bowl Regatta, so I have attended this event many times with my kids and other ECSC Juniors.  This year I was able to take my Ex-Junior son, Austin Graef  along for some racing.  He and I competed in four days of very competitive and challenging Laser racing.  Coconut Grove Sailing Club hosts an adult Laser regatta in conjunction with the junior event that also occurs during this time. Conditions ranged from one day of postponement (light winds) to steady 18 gusting to mid 20’s.  While the fleet was small (17 entrants), it was chock full of laser olympic hopefuls, former laser Masters world champions, Star mid-winters champions, and even a former Snipe world Champion. Having not been in a Laser in almost a year for both of us, the learning curve was steep.  After the first day of racing (three races) I was able to hold a solid mid-fleet position slightly ahead of Austin. I guess the old man does still have some tricks up his sleeve. Day 2 was a great day for Austin as he moved up in the standings….ahead of me (I knew it was inevitable). His best finish of the day was a 3rd!!  (beating several world class sailors) Day 3 was a sit and wait day with light and variable winds.  The 4th day brought a cold front and winds sustained near 20 knots with higher gusts.  With Austin only a few points ahead of me, I saw my chance to show him I could handle the heavy air and regain my place ahead of him. . . . After leading him around the upwind mark I thought my sail looked a little dry, so I capsized and watched him (and another boat) shoot past me.  So much for race 1 in the heavy air.  Raced 2 was looking equally as promising for me… until I decided to practice my death-rolling skills…twice. Needles to say, Austin handled the heavy air in a much better fashion and had some nice finishes. In the final race that day, I chased Austin around the course and just couldn’t quite get him….until the last mark when the death-roll bug hit him during the final gybe not 500 yards from the finish. After finishing nine races in 4 days Austin finished with a solid 6th overall, beating me by a solid four points ( I was7th place overall).  Not that I like being beaten, but it is a proud day when a junior sailor (who is also your kid) who you have trained and coached all of his life not only beats you but competes solidly against some of the worlds best racing talent. Congrats on a great regatta to Austin. I hope you all stay warm. Start making lists of all those spring boat projects. I will see you on the water in a few short months.   Rick Graef Publicity Chair  
December 2, 2016

From our Publicity Chair –

Hello ECSC members, followers and wanna-be’s, Somehow I managed to convince Geoff Endris to switch roles with me at the club for the upcoming season.  I thought I pulled one over on him…..until I started learning about Mailchimp, and wordpress, and FTP,  and …well, you get the idea.   So, as I prepare the November newsletter, I realize two very important things: 1) I have a lot to learn, and 2) ECSC owes Geoff Endris  a BIG THANK YOU for the work he has done over the previous couple of years to enhance our club’s profile and run the publicity department. As for my plans for publicity, I would like to generate more media content on both our Facebook Page and our website. Our newsletter articles will also contain more media. So please forward any “appropriate” media to me at .  Also remember that our website should be your one stop shop for any and all information about our club. As Publicity chair, I am responsible for sending out club email blasts and generally communicating with our membership. If you are not getting emails from the club, let me know at the above email, and I will try to rectify the situation.  
October 4, 2016

Final Bash is coming up!

The ECSC Final Bash will be held on Saturday November 5, 2016 at Rick’s Café Boatyard Restaurant. Cocktails start at 6:30 – each ticket comes with two free drink coupons. Buffet dinner starts at 7:30 Racing Awards at 7:45 Dancing starts at 8:30 Door prizes awarded at 9:00 and at 10:00 At 10:00 we will hold a drawing for a free 2017 ECSC Membership. The dinner is $35 for Members and $40 for Guests.  There is a $10 discount for reservations and money received by October 31st. Watch for more to come via email next week.
September 1, 2016

ECSC Ladies’ Day Sail 2016 – by Kelli Morehead

The ECSC Ladies’ Day Sail was held Saturday, August 13, 2016 at the club’s upper pavilion shelter. The event was hosted by Kelli Morehead, along with co-hosts Denise Fox, Sheela Krout, and Nancy Goff. Three “Fantastic First Mate” helpers included Mark Walker, Terry Holland, and Chuck Goff. There were 17 ladies in attendance for the event, including Lesley Baker, Judie Breitzke, Marilyn Cloutier, Jackie Deppe, Jenipher Gee, Nancy Goff, Vickie Greenough, Sheela Krout, Sarah McQueen, Christy Merriman, Kelli Morehead, Kathy Newgent, Jane Schmidt, Nan Schulze, Edna Sprowl, Sherry Weir, and Burnie Wilkins. Ladies were treated to a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-themed event featuring décor done up in the classic Tiffany blue and white, along with black and silver accents. Silver beads and crystal and aqua gems scattered on the tables completed an elegant look. Tiffany-blue boxes filled with Lindt truffles doubled as place cards. Black velvet holders adorned with pearl strands graced the buffet tables. A brunch-style meal featured a tasty breakfast casserole, fruit compote, a build-your-own yogurt parfait station, and pastries including mini muffins, scones, and fruit danishes. The beverage station featured coffee/decaf, orange juice, and bottled water featuring a fun bottle wrap with the iconic Audrey Hepburn image and a “Drink Up Darling!” message. Brunch was enjoyed by everyone! As the weather was not cooperative for the ladies to enjoy a nice sail, all attendees were treated to three “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-themed games. Marilyn Cloutier won the movie trivia game, Lesley Baker aced the movie word search, and Edna Sprowl came in first in the “What’s in Your Little Black Purse?” game with 19 items! Way to go, ladies! Everyone had fun seeing old friends, welcoming new friends, and enjoying a lovely time of fellowship, food, and festivity. All attendees and “First Mate” helpers received nautical swag bags filled with surprises to enjoy upon departure. All in all, it was a delightful event and very well attended! In case you had to miss the event, check out the pictures below!
August 1, 2016

August Miscellaneous

A few reminders… Raceway road is temporarily closed. Note that Raceway Road south 46th street is closed for repairs.  Please keep the docks looking neat. Please remember to clean up your dock lines around your boat.  We don’t want members and/or guests tripping over docklines.  It also presents a nice environment to future members. Those of you who bring dogs to the club Please remember that according to club guidelines, all dogs must be on a leash and under the control of their owner while on club grounds.  The ECSC Board of Directors made this rule for several reasons. Your dog may be very friendly, but there are club members who don’t like dogs or are afraid of dogs. We have several members who are allergic to dog hair.  Letting your dog run free could subject them to an allergy attack.  Members can’t avoid dogs that are running free around the club. We have a number of small children at the club who may not know how to react around dogs. Sometimes free-running dogs get territorial and will act aggressively towards other dogs comming into their territory.  We don’t want to have any “dog fights.” It is very unsanitary to have dogs around open food. We have received complaints from a number of club members on this.  Please keep your dog away from any food serving areas during club social functions.  That means your dog should not be in the upper shelter while food is being served during social events. The decision to allow dogs at the club was made to allow club members to bring their dogs out for a sail.  It was not inteded to turn the club into a dog park.  Let’s respect those who do not share your enthusiasm for dogs.  If you bring your dog out to the club, please keep it on a leash that is securely fastened to you.
July 1, 2016

July Miscellaneous Items

The club is in full swing.  Lots of activity around the club.  Lots of people staying late to enjoy the extended summer daylight.  It is normal to assume that if there are cars in the parking lot, someone else will lock the gate when they leave.  This could be a bad assumption for a number of reasons.  Make it a practice to lock the gate behind you when you leave after dusk.  The best way to remember this is that if you would have to turn your boat’s navigation lights on, then the gate should be locked when you leave. Have you checked out our new web site? Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to check out the new web site.  And hopefully, you have logged in and updated your member profile.  If you are having problems, please send me an email. Speaking of emails, you can reach any of the club officers or committee heads by using the “Contacts” link on the left side menu.  Just select the person you want to contact and an email will automatically be sent to that person. Wanted: Publicity Volunteers With the new web site, we have a lot more content to post and maintain.  If you would like to help generate content or curate the web site, please send a note to Publicity on our Contacts page. Geoff Endris