February 5, 2019

Racing February 2019

Racing is looking forward to a fantastic 2019 50th Anniversary racing season. Check out the NOR, SI’s PHRF forms and ratings on the Racing Page! Sign Up Genius is posted for the series and regatta’s. All races and events are run by volunteers and we’ll need everyone’s help to be successful! The next race meeting for all sailors is February 27th at 6:30pm 9247 N. Meridian St. and we will have pizza and salad! We’ll discuss the upcoming season, talk about race committee duties, starting a race and the North U Seminar. Speaking of North U, the Sail Trim Seminar by Instructor Andrew Kerr will be March 23rd, 2019 starting at 9:00am. Don’t miss it! Sign up at NorthU.com. ECSC 50th Anniversary Social and Racing Calendar Save the Dates in 2019 Open and Class Regattas                                 Social                  ECSC Laser Class    April 27/28                  Mother’s Day     5/12-11:30a Mayor’s Cup Open   May 18/19                   Memorial Day    5/25-5:30p Flying Scott Class    June 8/9                     Father’s Day      6/16-11:30a Governor’s Cup        Sept. 14/15                 Pig Roast            7/5-4:00p                                                                         50’ Beach Party  7/20 -TBA Club Races                                     Labor Day Event 8/31-5:30p Wednesday Series – 6:50pm                      Lobster Fest        9/14-6:00p Spring/Summer – April 24 thru Oct 2          Chili Cookoff       10/12-5:30p Sunday Honor Series – 3:00pm                  Final Bash           11/2-6:00p Spring/Summer – April 28 thru Oct 6           ECSC Regatta/Beach Party 50th Anniversary Celebration July 17-21 (Check Telltales’ and Calendar for event listings and updates) Ladies Day Sail         Aug. 24 Indy 200                     Aug. 31 Hornback Regatta    Oct 12/13
December 21, 2018

Racing Holiday 2018

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November 3, 2018

Racing November 2018

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October 6, 2018

Racing October 2018

Hello Sailboat Race Fans,   Congratulations goes to ECSC’s Rich and Denise Fox on their Catalina 22 SeDepecher, for winning the 2018 Governor’s Cup Regatta! He and his “band of brother C-22’s” had the largest fleet and traveled great distances from the surrounding areas to participate in this renowned regatta. For the first time ever, we combined the Governor’s Cup with the ECSC Lobster Fest! We had 23 boats and crews that had a fabulous feast with friends and socialites that evening of the first day. Winds over the weekend were light but tolerable, and racing was an exciting series of 6 races. Awards by fleets are as follows: Bl/Wh – 1st Conrad, 2nd Miller, 3rd Merriman Catalina 22 -1st Fox, 2nd Emrich, 3rd Duitch Green – 1st Myers, 2nd Hubbard J24 – 1st Cameron, 2nd Graef, 3rd Douglas Red – 1st Chapman, 2nd Leeman, 3rd Goff Thanks to all the participants, volunteers and lobsters who made this possible! Let’s do it again next year! The Summer Wednesday’s Series and Super Sunday’s concluded with a bang. No collisions though just a little thunder. We had 11 races and 34 different boats on Wednesdays!! 10 races and only 13 different boats on Sunday’s. Awards by qualified fleet winners: Wednesday Summer Series Bl/Wh – 1st Chapman, 2nd Conrad, 3rd Miller Green – 1st Lauer, 2nd Truax, 3rd Endris Red – 1st Hickok, 2nd Kohne, 3rd Cameron Super Sunday’s: Bl/Wh – 1st Fox Red – 1st Hickok, 2nd Goff The J24 Championship for the year between ISC and ECSC concluded with the KeelOver Regatta at ISC on 9/29&30. It started in tough light twisting air and ISC’s boat Chaos had a 2 point lead on the closest rival ECSC boat. Then on Sunday’s last race, last tack, last breeze to the finish, the skipper and crew of Spontaneous Combustion were able to bring home the bacon = bring back to the club the beer and trophies, Good Job! Next up the invitation only Club Championship on 10/6. Then our final regatta for the year on 10/13&14 open and free for all members! The “Fast Start Last” Hornback Regatta and Chili Cookoff. Make sure your boat is PHRF registered. Awards to the top 5 boats. This regatta is named in honor of the first ECSC Commodore, Ned Hornback 1931-2018!   Respectfully, Bob Hickok and John George, ECSC racing committee
September 1, 2018

Racing September 2018

Calling all Racers, crew members, and want to be racers/crew members Reminder – The 2018 ECSC Governor’s Cup Regatta has been combined with our famed ECSC Lobster Fest. So why not do both! Go to Regatta Network at this link and register NOW! – https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registration_form.php?regatta_id=17385 Online Governor’s Cup registration closes on Friday, September 7th, 2018 (optional mail in registration at club website) – Your $50 entry gets you racing Saturday and Sunday with awards and prizes for all, continental breakfast both days, specially designed regatta tech shirt, and one LOBSTER or STEAK dinner (Saturday). Note: Additional dinners for family, or friends can be purchased for $20.00. We currently have 6 Catalina 22’s and one J24 registered, and a reminder to everyone, the largest fleet takes the cup! Bob Hickok and John George – Race Committee
August 8, 2018

Racing August 2018

The Racing Committee is pleased to announce the combination of the LOBSTER Fest and GOVERNOR’S CUP REGATTA 9/15-16/2018!!! This will be a fantastic reward for the first day of racing on Saturday September 15th with the selection of your choice: LOBSTER or STEAK! You can’t ask for a better combination. Be sure to get registered for the regatta and fest on US Sailings’ www.regattanetwork.com – 2018 Governor’s Cup Regatta and Lobster Fest by the deadline of 9/7/2018 so you don’t miss the chance for a tasty LOBSTER and a chance to win the GOVERNOR’S CUP! 2018 Spring Series Winners Blue/White: 1st Conrad – Seaward 26 2nd Chapman – Ranger 22 3rd Miller – S2 7.9 Green2: 1st Endris – Flying Scott 2nd Lauer- MC Scow Red: 1st Graef – J24 2nd Douglas -J24 3rd Kohne –J22 Congratulations again, to Spring Series Winners, if you didn’t get your award flag we handed out and announced during the Beach Party please check with your crew or see me. ECSC Regatta day and beach party had great wind 10 knots + and great competition, five races total and four fleets of racers. Great to see my son out racing on his NACRA 5.8 and Dennis Robertson on his new Hobie 20! Good job Racers! Blue/White: 1st Conrad – Seaward 26 2nd Chapman – Ranger 22 3rd Merriman – Hunter 240 4th Brickley – S2 7.3 Green1: 1st Hickok, B – Hobie 20 2nd Hickok, K – NACRA 5.8 3rd Robertson – Hobie 20 Green2: 1st Goff, G – Laser Red: 1st Cameron – J24 2nd Schulze -J24 3rd Wishart –J24   Sunday Series has been going well, with racing on the 4th Sunday of the month. Plenty of good eats after racing with the last one being Sausage Fest! Only two more Super Sundays left with plenty of time to score and win!     Bob Hickok and John George – Race Committee
July 4, 2018

Racing July 2018

How to Start Faster Part #2 It’s make or break time out on the racecourse, MARK RUSHALL explains how to get a flying start and what to do when things don’t go quite toplan. Using a Transit Especially in smaller fleets, a transit is a great indicator of where you are relative to the line. Without a transit it is easy to judge a “long line” when close to the pin or the committee boat, but much more difficult in the middle of line. Using a transit in individual practice also helps develop other ways to judge just where the line is. (See fig.1) How to Start – Fig 1 Before the start, sail down an extension of the line. Find a stationery object (in this case the clock tower), which is on the direct line of committee boat and pin end. Wherever you are positioned on the start line, if the clock is directly behind the pin, you are right on the line. If the clock is on the course side of the pin, you are over, and if the clock is on the pre-start side, you are behind. (Note that if you don’t have a bowman standing at the front, you need to allow for the distance to the bow). Some like to try to find a ‘safe transit’ by lining up about two boats lengths behind the committee boat. In the example (fig.1) the Eiffel Tower has been handily relocated to our shoreline. Two boats lengths at the committee boat equates to one boat length at the midpoint, less as you start closer to the pin. The transit frequently becomes obscured close to start time.  Lining up alongside nearby boats (the sheep principle) will give an average start, but if there is a line bulge, an OCS. If there is a sag, we are giving away ground to those at the ends of the line. Line judging skills come with practice. I recently learned a simple trick from Paul Goodison, ‘Point the boat directly at the pin, holding the tiller dead central. Now sight aft straight along the tiller. If you are sighting behind the committee boat, you are behind the line. If you are sighting in front, you are over. On the waterfront, attendance and fun competition on the lake for racing has been great!  Come early on Wednesday if you want a good parking spot! Spring Series is complete for the Wednesday Spring Series.  Super Sundays continue on the 4th Sunday of the month. Summer Wednesday Series begins on July 4th with patriotic party favors and a raft up after racing for those who want to see different fireworks displays from the water (food and snacks provided). The ECSC Regatta in on Saturday July 7th and it FREE for all registered club members!  We will have a light breakfast and sandwiches for on the water.  Dinner at the Beach Party must be reserved by emailing or contacting Nick Mates by July 4th.  We will hand out awards for the ECSC regatta and Wednesday Spring Series at the Beach Party. See you then.  Bob Hickok and John George – Race Committee
July 2, 2018

Racing July 2018

  Coming Soon                     Follow this link for more info on ECSC Ladies Day – ECSC Ladies