September 1, 2018

Safety and Education September 2018

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August 8, 2018

Safety and Education August 2018

The ECSC Junior Sailing Team has had another very busy month! July started off with the team going to Mentor Harbor, Ohio for Junior Olympics. Both days consisted of very light wind and they got two races in. Reagan Lessick was 9th overall, Grant Goff placed 31st, and Jack Hadlock placed 34th. There was a great turn out at this regatta! The next regatta that the ECSC Junior Sailors tackled was at Vermilion Boat Club. Again, there was little wind to be found, but they managed to get in 4 races during the regatta. Reagan finished 12th, Grant 17th, and Jack 27th.  There were 38 boats participating. Great job team ECSC! Immediately after Vermilion, Reagan Lessick, Grant Goff, Abbie Binzer, and Jack Hadlock headed to Put-In-Bay for the I-LYA Junior Championships at Put-In-Bay Yacht Club (AKA “Jr. Bay Week”). At Jr. Bay Week ECSC won the icebreaker skits on the first night for the first time  in 15 years of competing! After two light air qualifying days, the 40 boat fleet was split into two fleets (Gold and Silver) with Abbie and Reagan making the gold fleet, and Grant and Jack in the silver fleet. The last two days of racing were a bit heavier air and very competitive! Reagan Lessick finished 6th overall (after tying for 5th), she also received the Backus Cup, which is awarded to the top female sailor in the laser fleet. This trophy has been around for 25 years. It has top women sailors on it and Reagan has certainly earned her way into a very exclusive club! Awesome job! Abbie finished 11th overall, fighting hard the whole week, and breaking a mast in the finals. Grant Goff placed 1st in the silver fleet, 21st overall. This is a great start for his first time at Jr. Bay Week. Good Job! Jack Hadlock finished 15th in the silver fleet, and 35th overall in the 40 boat fleet. Nice work Jack! Congrats on an awesome job at the Bay to our whole junior race team! Last weekend, the team traveled to Sandusky for an I-LYA regatta. The wind was solid and then died for the last race. Reagan finished 7th, Jack 25th, and Olivia DeGrella 26th out of 26 boats. There are only two more Traveler Series regattas left. Wish the team luck as they finish out their season! Chuck Lessick
July 2, 2018

Safety and Education July 2018

The ECSC Junior Sailing Team has had a very productive month! They had a regatta at Berlin Yacht Club that came with no wind and they only got one race started. Reagan Lessuck got a 13th, Jack Hadlock an 18th, and Olivia DeGrella got 31st out of 32 boats that weekend. Next the team went to Erie Yacht Club for the next race on the circuit. There was slightly more wind this regatta and they got off three races before they had to call it a day. Reagan Lessick got 9th, Grant Goff placed 30th, and Jack Hadlock placed 33rd out of the 33 boats that competed. Most Recently, Reagan traveled to Edgewater Yacht Club to participate in the Cleveland Race Week as they hosted a junior regatta. The day came with all different wind conditions, starting off light than building throughout the day to pretty heavy winds. She finished 15th out of 38 boats. Great job team! The ECSC Junior Sailing Camp is under way! The first week went by smoothly. The 25 sailors in class that week were eager to sail every day and learned a lot, but most importantly they had a lot of fun! They played games on the water, like capture-the-flag, to help hone their developing skills. They learned some handy knots and many other things to help start them on the track to becoming great sailors! We look forward to seeing these campers around the club again next year for camp! Chuck Lessick
June 5, 2018

Safety and Education June 2018

The ECSC Junior Team had two regattas within the past month. The first being at Indianapolis Sailing Club in May. The team spent the windy and rainy first day pushing themselves to match the needs of the weather. Day two of the regatta brought no wind, the races abandoned and everyone sent in. Reagan Lessick took 1st, Abbie Binzer with a 2nd, Jack Hadlock got 3rd, and Olivia DeGrella rounded out the team with a 4th. Great job! The second regatta was this past weekend at Alum Creek Sailing Association. This was the first regatta of Travelers Series circuit. Competition is tough this season, bringing out the best in our sailors. There were 28 boats in the fleet, one of the best turnouts for the opening regatta in a few years. Grant Goff placed 13th overall, his best finish being a 4th. Abbie Binzer came out with a 17th overall, her best finish being a 9th. Jack Hadlock got a solid 26th overall, his best finish being a 24th. Awesome Job! Reagan Lessick did not compete since the regatta conflicted with her High School Graduation. The team hits the road again this upcoming weekend for Berlin Yacht Club the 9th of June. They also have regattas on the 16th of June at Erie Yacht Club and on June 20th at Edgewater Yacht Club. Wish them luck as they continue their circuit! The ECSC Sail Camp is quickly approaching! The last two weeks of this month will have the campers learning all about sailing and we are looking forward to teaching them about sailing! Chuck Lessick
May 7, 2018

Safety and Education May 2018

The Laser Regatta was a success during the last weekend of April with a total ten boats participating in the event! It was great seeing everyone there, considering how cold the weather was that weekend. Saturday came with heavy winds, but everyone pushed through and was very competitive throughout the races. There was plenty of lead changes in through the day in the full rig class, which made things exciting going into the second day. Sunday morning came with lighter winds and cold weather. Competition was close again this day and it was very enjoyable to watch. Thanks to everyone who came out to help pull this regatta off and to all the competitors for racing! The ECSC Junior Sailing team is back in full swing! They have begun practicing on the water again and all participated in our Laser regatta in April to dust off some off-season rust. All of them performed exceptionally well and are getting faster every time they are on the water. Their next regatta is the 19th and 20th of this month at Indianapolis Sailing Club before they start back up on the I-LYA Travler’s Series circuit on June 2nd. We appreciate all the support for the program and we are looking forward to a great season! Good luck team!   Sailing camp is filled up! We are very excited about the increased interest in the camp every year! All of us continue to look forward to meeting the new sailors and helping the sailing community grow! Chuck Lessick
April 6, 2018

Safety and Education – April 2018

Eagle Creek Sailing Clubs Junior Summer Sailing Camp is officially full for 2018!   There was a lot of interest in the camp by both former campers, as well as a large influx of new kids coming to the camp and the camp filled very quickly.   Camp doesn’t happen for about 3 months, so now the staff meetings and planning will be completed leading to another year of introducing about 50 kids to the sport of sailing.  The Junior Camp is a great way to build future sailors not only for ECSC, but for the good of the sport in general.  Who knows how many of these kids will “get the bug” and become future club members or junior sailors for ECSC. It is spring time, and HOPEFULLY the cold weather will be gone very very soon!  Just a quick reminder to do a safety check on your boat(s) to be sure things are as they should be to first avoid anything going wrong while you are sailing or at the club, and second should something happen are you prepared to act with the proper safety gear, plan, etc.?   Safety First! Junior updates should be coming soon, as regatta season will be upon us soon enough.  Until then, the ECSC Junior Team is finishing their winter workout program and will be heading outside to the club in the very near future.  They will be doing both weight training at the Junior Sailing Center, as well as sailing on the lake as often as possible. If you happen to see them, please show them our support by saying “Hi!”.       Check out ur ECSC Juniors web page here Check out our ECSC Junior Facebook Page here Check out the upcoming 2018 Junior Racing Schedule here Here is the NOR for the ECSC Indy Laser and Opti Regatta at ECSC on April 28 and 29, 2018
March 5, 2018

Safety and Education – March 2018

Safety & Education The ECSC Junior Sailing team has been working very hard this off season, and are looking forward to the new season that starts in April. They are all itching to get back on the water as soon as possible. We have several new sailors on the team and they are getting into the workout and strength building routine to be ready for spring. It is amazing how they work to be at their best. The 2018 season should be very productive for the club and the junior team! Can’t wait! We are getting a high volume of interest in the upcoming ECSC Junior Sailing Camp which is in the end of June! If you have kids who are interested please get them signed up fast because spots are filling quickly! This camp has always been a ton of fun for the kids involved, and they come back year after year. Also, it is a great way to get kids interested in sailing and grow the sailing community! The majority of our Junior team has participated in the camp and are now great racers! The camp is a busy two weeks for our club and we are looking forward to another great year! Here is a link to camp the camp registration page. Chuck Lessick, Safety and Education
February 3, 2018

Safety and Education – February 2018

Camp Registration is now open for 2018!   Camp weeks are June 18-22 and June 25-29 for more information, or to register on-line Click Here!  As usual interest in the summer sailing camp is very high, so I would definitely register as soon as possible since we only have so many spaces available. The 2018 ECSC Junior Sailing Team schedule is beginning to firm up, when I have a better idea of exact dates, I’ll post it here.  The juniors have been working out indoor at Hoosier Heights rock climbing and weight lifting preparing for spring.  Wayne has been posting workout videos and photos on the ECSC Junior Sailing Facebook page, give it a “like” and support our Juniors and follow their progress. We wrote about Reagan’s adventure to the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta last month.  She got a lot of sailing in, improved her technique, and gained speed.  She spoke at the last race meeting to share her experiences with the many club members in attendance.  Below are some pictures from her week there, as well as our return to the snow. Chuck Lessick Safety and Education