March 3, 2017

Ships store – March – 2017

We have just completed our end of the year inventory.  Ship’s Store is brimming with goods from sweat shirts to hats to trailer hitch covers to t-shirts. Please look through the catalog on Ship’s Store link on the ECSC webpage, find the ECSC item of your dreams and make a purchase.  Remember every dollar that you spend on these goods goes to benefit the club. So you get to look good while doing good.  Les Miller, Ship’s store
February 1, 2017

Ship’s Store February 2017

The Ship’s Store is moving ahead with finding a vendor that will take customer’s orders directly through the internet and ship the goods directly to you. This system has many advantages to our current system and is used at many sailing clubs through the country. The Benefits include: Eliminating the Club as a middleman.  We will just provide the service linked from our website. Providing an expanded range of goods, sizes and styles. Creating the opportunity for custom embroidery (sail # or boat name) in addition to our beloved ECSC logos. Preventing the accumulation of out-dated old inventory sold at a loss to the club. In the meantime, there is a great deal of leftover inventory from previous years including tow hitch covers, burgees, coasters, shirts, jackets, caps and more.  Since ECSC has already paid for this inventory, 100% of what you pay will go to the Club for our use.  So, all of you shop-a-holics need to go to the Ship’s Store on the ECSC website and start placing your orders.  Check out the web page catalog and buy key chains, patches, caps, etc. You will be getting snazzy ECSC stuff and helping out the Club.  Click Here for a Link to our Web Catalog Ship’s Store Les Miller
January 9, 2017

Ships Store January 2017

Ship’s Store,   As noted in the December Tell Tales, significant changes are afoot for the Ship’s Store.  We are anticipating a change in how ECSC merchandise is bought.    Al Wilkins has done a great job of getting the best pricing for the merchandise ordered in anticipated quantities and handling their sales, particularly at club events. Going forward, it is our intention to handle club merchandise in the same manner as other sailing clubs.  We will have an arrangement with a vendor that will have our logo to apply to any item ordered by an individual.  You will go to that vendor’s website and order your T-shirt, hat, etc.  in various colors, pay for it online and have the merchandise shipped directly to you.  As we transition to the new approach, we will no longer order new inventory.  The existing inventory will be sold at a yet to be determined discount. More details to come soon.   Thanks,   Les Miller, Ship’s Store
December 2, 2016

From Ships Store –

Hello ECSC Members, I have been elected to the Board of Directors and have accepted (read – arm twisted) heading up the Ship’s Store.  I need to learn more about its current operations (my predecessor is giving me good info) before making changes to its operation; nevertheless, Larry has talked to me about the possibility of our outsourcing the process as many other sailing clubs do.  Nothing is confirmed; I need to do some more exploring.  Keep your eyes on this bat channel. If anyone has thoughts for the Store feel free to email me – or talk to me at the club.  For those of you that don’t know me, I first sailed on a family owned Penguin (11’ wooden boat) around 10 years old. After that, I sailed a Hobie 16’, Jim Lloyd’s Racy Lady (I witnessed the wooden mast breaking that is still celebrated with our club’s broken mast award.) and several larger boats on Lake Michigan. This my second year with the club; I appreciate the way everyone (except Kenny, of course …haha) has made my wife, Amy, and me feel right at home.    
October 4, 2016

Outfit for chilly weather at the Chili Cook-Off!

Autumn is upon us.  Winter is right around the corner.        While at the store, pick up a 2016 Governor’s Cup T Shirt for $5.00!  There are a bunch in stock.  The inventory depletion sale of discontinued items is still in process.  The remaining inventories of these items are beginning to get picked over, but the item you want may still be there! SAIL ON – SALE ON Al Wilkins   
September 1, 2016

September Store Items

Welcome aboard your Ship’s Store. FEATURED ITEM The featured item this month is a silk touch ECSC Polo in Navy or Pink. Embroidered with our club logo, it’s so easy to look your best when wearing this wrinkle – fighting shirt. It’s yours for only $14.00.   DISCONTINUED INVENTORIES We are still pushing to deplete all discontinued items with the following sale prices: $5ITEM                                                     OLD PRICE                         NEW PRICE Gildan T Shirt $  6  $4 Ladies Ribbed Tank Top $13 $4 Ladies Tank Top (old model) $14 $4 Ladies Tunic $34 $4 Missy Fit T $  9 $3 Rapid Dry Polo $35 $4 Check the onsite catalog for further product information on these and all items as well as contact information. The store will also be open in the upper shelter during the Labor Day Cookout and the Governor’s Cup Dinner Party for your shopping pleasure.
August 1, 2016

Ships Store

“SAIL ON — SALE ON” The intense heat has created a big splash with this item!!! The Ladies Lightweight Tee pictured below was out of stock by the end of June.  Inventories have been replenished and they are available once again.  It’s yours for $12 each. DISCONTINUED INVENTORIES The Ships Store is eager to deplete all discontinued items with the following sale prices: Item Old Price New Price Gildan T Shirt $  6.00 $4.00 Ladies Ribbed Tank Top $13.00 $4.00 Ladies Tank Top (old model) $14.00 $4.00 Ladies Tunic $34.00 $4.00 Missy Fit T% $09.00 $3.00 Rapid Dry Polo $35.00 $5.00 Check the Online Catalog for further product information on these and all Ship’s Store items as well as contact information. We are only two miles from the club and can meet you at the club to deliver items. The store will be open in the upper shelter during the Lobster Dinner for your shopping pleasure.
July 1, 2016

Ship’s Store July Sale

  SAIL ON/SALE ON Celebrate July 4th by visiting your Ship’s Store. All items listed in the Discontinued Items section of our Online Catalog will be reduced by 50% off the catalog price for this holiday!  Sizes and colors are limited. Refer to the online catalog for photos and product descriptions. Store hours – 1PM to 6PM