Welcome to ECSC Racing!

We have an active racing program with several PHRF and one-design fleets. Please see our Fleets link on the left hand navigation page to see a list of our active fleets.

We have club races on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Wednesday’s races are a single race followed by burgers and dogs at the race committee shed. Super Sunday’s races are generally a 3-race series once a month from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM followed by specialty meats and pitch-in sides at the RC shed.

Our racing season runs from mid-April through late-October and is split up into the following series:

  • Wednesday Spring Series
  • Wednesday Summer Series
  • Wednesday Twilight Series
  • Super Sunday Spring Series
  • Super Sunday Summer Series

We host two open regattas each year. The Mayor’s Cup in the spring, and the Governor’s Cup in the fall. These regattas attract racers from throughout the Midwest region. We also host a one-design regattas for Flying Scots, a special regatta for cruising boats called the Indy 200 (entrants must have a PHRF rating of 200 or more and be a keel boat with a cabin).  The ECSC Beach Party Regatta in the summer, and our final regatta for the season is the Hornback Regatta named for our first Commodore, Dr. Ned Hornback. It is a pursuit race where the fast start last and everyone races for the finish line.

Where to find stuff

All of our racing-related forms and documents can be found in the links to the right.  The table below gives a brief overview of where to find things.

Heading Content Comment
RC Signup Sign up for RC Duty Link to external system
General Forms PHRF ratings, Boat registration, RC Handbook Static content
Series Racing NOR, SI, Results for racing series Updated weekly
Regattas NOR, SI, Registration Form, regatta results Updated periodically

The following are documents and/or race results that have been posted in the past two weeks.  All other documents can be found in the linked pages in the right-side menu.

# Description File Posted
January 1, 1970
1 2018 Club Championship NOR 2018-Club-Championships-NOR_PDF.pdf
August 3, 2018
2 2018 Governor\\\'s Cup Regatta andLobster Fest NOR 2018-GC-NOR-1.1.pdf
September 7, 2018
3 2018 Governor\'s Cup Regatta and Lobster Fest 2018-GC-Registration-Rev-A.pdf
July 27, 2018
4 2018 J24 Hoosier Championship NOR 2018-Hoosier-J-24-Championships-NOR-PDF.pdf
March 14, 2018
5 Hornback Regatta and Chili Cookoff NOR 2018-HornBack-NOR.pdf
September 18, 2018
6 2018 Series Racing NOR 2018-Series-NOR-PDF.pdf
March 14, 2018
7 Super Sunday series SI Amendment 2018-Series-Racing-SI-2018-Sunday-Series-Amendment.pdf
July 5, 2018
8 2018 Series Racing SI 2018-Series-Racing-SI_PDF.pdf
March 14, 2018
9 Championship Regatta Qualifiers Championship-Qualifiers.pdf
September 24, 2018
10 Championship Regatta Results Championship.pdf
October 7, 2018
11 ECSC Regatta Results ECSC-Regatta.pdf
July 9, 2018
12 Flying Scot / J22 Regatta Flying-Scot-J22-OD-Regatta.pdf
July 9, 2018
13 Governors Cup Regatta Results Gov-Cup.pdf
September 17, 2018
14 Hornback Results Hornback.pdf
October 15, 2018
15 Map of Eagle Creek Reservoir with Racing Marks 2018 Map-of-Res-Marks-2018.pdf
May 18, 2018
16 Mayors Cup Regatta Results Mayors-Cup.pdf
September 30, 2018
17 PHRF Ratings 2018 PHRF-Ratings-2018.pdf
September 4, 2018
18 2018 PHRF Rating Request Form PHRF-Registration-2018.pdf
September 9, 2018
19 Spring WED Series Final Spring.pdf
October 7, 2018
20 Summer WED Series Final Summer.pdf
October 7, 2018
21 Super Sundays Series Final Sunday.pdf
October 7, 2018
22 Fall WED Series Final Wednesday.pdf
November 3, 2018