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The intense heat has created a big splash with this item!!!

The Ladies Lightweight Tee pictured below was out of stock by the end of June.  Inventories have been replenished and they are available once again.  It’s yours for $12 each.

LgtwtTeeRed LgtwtTeeTeal LgtwtTeeBlue


The Ships Store is eager to deplete all discontinued items with the following sale prices:

Item Old Price New Price
Gildan T Shirt $  6.00 $4.00
Ladies Ribbed Tank Top $13.00 $4.00
Ladies Tank Top (old model) $14.00 $4.00
Ladies Tunic $34.00 $4.00
Missy Fit T% $09.00 $3.00
Rapid Dry Polo $35.00 $5.00

Check the Online Catalog for further product information on these and all Ship’s Store items as well as contact information. We are only two miles from the club and can meet you at the club to deliver items.

The store will be open in the upper shelter during the Lobster Dinner for your shopping pleasure.

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