Publicity – Grounds Committee July 2018
August 2, 2018
Ship’s Store – August 2018
August 8, 2018
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Publicity – Grounds Committee August 2018

Let’s talk trash!!

You may have noticed that we have replaced nearly all of the trash cans on the property.  The exiting cans were open to the elements and filled up with rain water making them hard to empty.  There were other problems with the trash cans that made them difficult to empty without tearing the trash bags.  The new trash cans are a little smaller and have lids.   Special thanks to Bob Hickok and John George for getting and painting the cans.

We have a trash can set aside at the Race Shed for aluminum cans.  We mounted a can crusher next to the trash can.  Please empty and crush your cans before putting them in the trash.

Our landscape company has been emptying the trash on Mondays and Thursdays.  This has not been adequate.  We have a lot of members who come out and enjoy the club every night and certain high traffic area trash cans are getting filled every night.  Therefore, we have made arrangements to have the trash cans checked and emptied every day as needed.  We will get additional cans as needed to stay on top of the trash situation.

I see a lot of people using the club.  This is good.  We all want to come out and enjoy the club.  However, increased use means more trash.  So, please keep the following in mind when disposing of your trash.

  1. Please close and lock the lids after you put your trash in. We have problems with racoons at the club.  This will keep them from getting into the trash and spreading trash all over the club grounds.
  2. Please tear down and/or crush empty boxes. Empty boxes (e.g., beer, soda, etc), take up 25% of the trash can’s volume! Crushing the box will allow the trash cans to hold more trash.
  3. Crush your cans! We have some members who want to recycle aluminum cans.  If you want to participate in our recycling program, please use the can crusher at the Race Shed and put your cans in the special recycling trash can at the Race Shed.
  4. Empty your cans before you throw them away! People are putting half-empty beer cans, soda cans and water bottles in the trash.  This makes the trash heavier to lift and when we empty the trash, all that stale beer flows out onto the person emptying the trash.  No one wants to get covered in stale beer.  So empty your container and crush it before putting it in the trash.

Other Club Improvements

We are making other improvements at the club.  You may have noticed the following:

  1. The main driveway was seal coated in July to give is a few more years before we need to resurface it.
  2. We trimmed the bushes along the main driveway and at the main entrance for better visibility.
  3. We are trimming the weeds between the trailers to keep them “at bay.”
  4. Colin Leatherbury has been hard at work trimming the bushes from the edge of the property.  This has opened up the property for a better overall look.

We have other improvements scheduled for August that we will cover in the next newsletter.

Contact Geoff Endris at if you have questions.

Geoff Endris
ECSC Grounds