• Commodore

    Commodore July 2020

    Greetings to everyone!  Well, here we are, still in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.  This is definitely not what we bargained for this sailing season! The circumstances we find ourselves in are unprecedented in my lifetime.

    Our social and racing events are still on hiatus; I would like to ask for everyone’s consideration as the Board and the Committee Chairs work through this.  It is one thing to make a personal decision about your own health and safety, but it is an entirely different matter when you are making decisions that affect your fellow club members, friends, and families.  We don’t know everyone’s circumstances and what reasons they have for the choices they make.  What I do know is life is tenuous – yesterday someone lost their life on our lake – today someone did die from Covid-19.  Does that mean we just lay down in the fetal position and refuse to come out of our houses? No. But it does mean that we, as the leadership of the club, have a duty to all of the members to make the best decisions we can for the good of the club. I don’t expect that everyone will agree with these decisions, but I do ask that everyone respect them and the board members making them.  And if you feel strongly, there are board positions available for the upcoming season.

    Fortunately, our club is still open and we welcome you to come out and enjoy it.  Masks aren’t required outdoors, but if you aren’t wearing one, then please be kind and keep your distance. We are racing on Wednesdays and Sundays – it’s just a little different.  Jan and I ask ourselves daily – what is really important?  Our love for each other and our friends and the joy we get when we are on the water.  The rest is icing on the cake.

    Update on the Ramp Project – One step forward, one step back:  We obtained all of the necessary permits for the construction, our vendor and pricing for the ramp are in place, and when we received the pricing for the coffer dam to drain the water for construction it blew our budget.  Our former Commodore Geoff Endris is working on possible solutions for this – and we are still planning on moving forward, we just don’t have a specific time as of yet.  Nothing will commence before the end of the year, so it will not have an effect on our season. But this is still a priority for the club.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.  See you on the water!


  • Social

    Social July 2020

    As we continue to forge forward into the season and battle the complexities of COVID-19, we will hold off on social events for the time being.  I am looking for feedback regarding interest in social events and creative ideas on how to meet the needs of our club from a social standpoint.  Please take the time to complete the survey that we are sending out to determine our next moves.

    In the meantime, the Beach Party has been cancelled due to the new orders from the Governor and our continued concern over the safety and well-being of our members.

    Please take a moment to complete the following survey so that we may get a feel for members’ interest and level of concern surrounding social events at the sailing club.

    SURVEY:  www.surveymonkey.com/r/XRZF9BM

    If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please feel free to contact Vickie Greenough at 317-847-7400.

    Stay Safe,



  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster July 2020

    Hello Eagle Creekers,

    I hope everyone is enjoying themselves at our secret hideaway. It really is a great way to get rid of cabin fever.

    Today’s topic will mostly be about dockage, both dry and wet. Starting with wet, I know many of you slip renters feel good about the way your boat is tied up to docks that belong to ECSC. The problem is that many marinas all over the country will not stand for the way about 10% of you tie up your boat. No part of your boat should hang over the main dock walk way. In some wind conditions it may seem fine, but if it comes from the other direction it may present a problem. Most marinas will fine you or boot you out of the slip you are renting. I really don’t want to go as far as that, but I may have to with how long I have been ranting about it. This week I will be acquiring dock boards for repairs to some of our main docks and fingers.

    Now on to the dry side, I will begin building a new kayak rack this week. Once it is built I will start working on the cable tie-down system for catamarans on the beach. I will also be getting bids on a new larger gin pole. It will most likely have an arm that will swing to the West so as to prevent people from driving into it. Beach parking will end close to the middle of October so Wet slip renters can begin parking along the beach road. The sea wall area will be used for transient boaters who will be pulling out early for vacation or just ending their season early and taking their boats to inside storage. Please do not park in front of boats on trailers any time of the year. Ki has ordered some safety swim ladders for the docks. They will be installed fairly soon.

    Kenny Chapman


  • Racing

    Racing July 2020

    Hello all ECSC racers!

    The ECSC Regatta & Mayor’s Cup Regatta are canceled for 2020. At this time we are in a holding pattern for the Governor’s Cup and the Hornback Regattas. We will make a decision on these two regattas in the coming weeks/months.

    Wednesday/Sunday racing:
    Wednesday Beer Can Series will be honor racing with a 6:50 start time through August 26 and 6:40 start time through October 14th.   Please see below links for more race details.

    Notice of Race      Sailing Instructions

    This eliminates the need for Race Duties and allows all to race.

    Sunday Honor Series remains the same.

    Thank for your understanding during these difficult times & public health crisis.

    Marcus Rogers & John George
    2020 Race Chair & Assistant Race Chair

  • Membership

    Membership July 2020

    A BIG WELCOME to 13 new members: (listed in the order that they joined in 2020)

    – Kevin & Jennifer Anderson of Indianapolis, sailing a West Wight Potter named Pirates Pride.

    – Abigail Harlan of Zionsville. Abigail is a legacy as her parents, Chris & Laura, were members.

    – Doug & Suzanne Phebus with children Erika, Kaleb & Olivia of Plainfield, sailing a 26’ Clipper Marine.

    – Bruce & Claudia Kampenga of Carmel with son, Marshall, sailing a Venture.

    – Mack Chittenden & Clair Purtell along with daughter, Rayanne, of Indianapolis sailing a 16’ Hobie Cat.

    – Cory Irwin & Ashley Adkins of Indianapolis.

    – Ryan Ricci & Beth Hoskins along with Ava, Keegan & Macy of Indy, sailing a 22’ Catalina Sport.

    – Scott Lisinski along with Aleksa and Luke of Indy, sailing a 26’ Hunter named Incommunicado.

    – Gwen Reller of Indy along with her son, Jacob, sailing a 22’ Catalina sport named Wind Seeker.

    – Greg Keeker of Indianapolis with a 22’ O’Day named Marianne.

    – Christopher & Courtney Parker from Brownsburg sailing a 23’ Precision.

    – Jackson West from Lebanon sailing a 26’ Southcoast.

    – Reagan Lessick, a legacy member, daughter of Chuck & Jacqui. Reagan grew up in our sailing program and went on to become an instructor. She has a Hunter 216 named Chupacabra.

    We will offer a New Member Orientation on Saturday, July 25, meeting by the launch ramp at 1:00 pm. We will need to be aware of the social distancing and mask wearing guidelines as well as anything else that might be in place at that time. This is open to all new members, all prospective members, and anyone wanting to know more about the club. Christy Merriman will be the lead person for this event.

    RSVP to Christy:  317-306-1640

    As always, the club’s AED unit is functioning and ready for use if ever needed. It is located on the East outside wall of the racing shed. We have both the adult and pediatric pads.

    Jane Schmidt & Christy Merriman

    Membership Chairs

  • Publicity

    Publicity July 2020

    I hope you all are enjoying the Telltales!

    Any recommendations, letters-to-the-editor, or photos you’d like shared please contact publicity@ecsail.org.

    See you on the water!

    EJ Williams

    Publicity Chair