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Junior Program September 2021

Well it’s October all ready!

Our racing season will be coming to a close soon.

The junior team has one more weekend to race.  We are packing up to travel to Lake Lemon on the September 25th-26th weekend.  It’s called our Rookie Regatta.  Matt Johnson is our rookie this year. Also going is Reagan Lessick, Olivia De Grella, and me.  We have been going down to this Lake Lemon regatta near Bloomington, Indiana for over 20 years now.  It’s like going back to the 50’s in time, a very laid-back club (Bloomington Yacht Club).  At one time many years ago, the showers and johns were outside.  Now they have indoor facilities.  The club members there go out of their way to help us…and they love our kids coming down there.

Someone asked me for more statistics on the team over the past years.

My records show we won the Junior Bay Week Laser Division 5 times, the I-LYA Travelers Series Laser Division 4 times, we have traveled to Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Just this year, we traveled over 2,500 miles going to battle.  The lads have over 60 races in the bag…with 5-6 more to go before the end.  I was trying to remember how many kids I’ve taken on the road in total, must be over 30.

Just this year, I’ve watch over kids for two & half months at the club and on the road with the team.  How fast time goes by…….

So, what is the plan for next year?  I’ll let you know next year!

Thanks to all of our club members and to all of you that support the ECSC Junior Sailing Team.

Wayne USA 996

ECSC Junior Program


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