October 22, 2021
ECSC chili cookoff

Commodore October 2021

I can’t believe it?s already nearly the end of another sailing season.

We entered this year with much trepidation about Covid, wondering how to interact safely.  Fortunately, things continually improved throughout the year allowing us to have very successful social and racing events.  If you are like me, the last year and a half has been a bit foggy somehow seeming slow and incredibly fast simultaneously.

It has been my true pleasure to serve as your Commodore this past year.  I would like to thank each member of our club who has served on the board or volunteered their time and talents to make things run smoothly.  I am very encouraged that multiple younger members volunteered in various capacities.  That bodes well for the future well-being of ECSC.  Everyone has talents that can be used to improve our culture and facilities, please look for ways to volunteer next season.

Ki Hickok will be your Commodore next year and I am confident he will do an excellent job based upon his outstanding accomplishments as Vice Commodore.

Chuck Goff

October 22, 2021
Hornback regatta winners collage

ECSC Secretary October 2021


The Board has been very busy this year making several changes to the Bylaws and the General Rules to help improve the qualify of the grounds and facilities at the club for everybody’s enjoyment.
This past summer, the Board approved a new derelict boat and trailer policy that is now part of the club’s General Rules. If you keep your boat in a fairly clean and respectable condition, then you should have no worries about the hefty fine associated with this policy..
In September, the Board passed several changes to the structure of the Board. Here is a summary:

    1. Created a new position of Facilities Manager who manages the Grounds Committee.

    2. The Vice Commodore is no longer the chair of the Grounds Committee

    3. The Grounds Committee is now five members and includes Facilities Manager, Harbor Master, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, and one Member-At-Large

    4. Harbormaster Committee will focus on improved communications and management of wet slips and dry parking assignments

At the upcoming Final Bash, Commodore Chuck Goff will be hosting and running the Annual Meeting of the Members. During this time, there will be awards and recognition and an introduction of the new Officers, Committee Chairs, and members who have been elected to serve on the Board. You will also have the opportunity to see how the club transitions its leadership during a few brief formal ceremony.
For next year, I would like to do a better job of communicating with the membership to encourage members to serve on the Board. This will mean making sure I share with you what the deadlines are for you to submit your name as a nominee.
Finally, I will be at the Final Bash to collect ballots. Ballots will be available for you to complete. Voting closes at 7:00 PM sharp.
Rich Fox
ECSC Secretary
October 22, 2021

Social October 2021

Although I was unable to attend the Chili Cookoff, I hear it was a great hit!  Thank you Jennifer Curtis and the Knapp gang for taking charge and providing yet one more great event this season!

As we come to a close of the season, Nan Schultz and her committee with Nick Mates is preparing for our Final Bash.  We have chosen the theme: Nautical Adventure.  It will be hosted at the Marriott North (Keystone at the Crossing) on November 6th.  Cocktails begin at 5:30, Dinner at 6:00 and Dancing at 8:00.  We will have a door prize drawing at 10:00 for a FREE ECSC 2022 Membership!  Cost is $30 per member and $35 for non-members.  $50 at the door for those who do not pre-pay RSVP. Please be sure to RSVP by October 30th!  Checks can be mailed to Nick Mates.  For Zelle payments, please contact Tom Moore. This will also be your last opportunity to vote for next seasons board.  Special Room rates are also available for those who wish to get a room for the night!

I will begin putting together our 2022 schedule of events in December.  If you have any suggestions or would like to see something new and different on the schedule, please do not hesitate to let me know.

As always, it is a pleasure to serve my fellow sailors!

Vickie Greenough, Social Chair


October 22, 2021
chili cookoff collage

Harbormaster October 2021

It’s time to get boats off the beach as people are looking for places to park their boats for the Winter.  There’s plenty of room in the grassy area as soon as Ki moves the sprinkler out of the way.

If you plan to take your boat home (or to a storage place), now is the time to do it.  Please attempt to keep all members in mind as to our limited storage space.  Please try to park trailers close together so others may have a space to park.  Also plan to check on your boat after heavy rains or snow.

Rick Graef is now going to be doing shrink-wrap for our members as Cam Borkowski is not available.  Rick should give you a great deal for
expert work.…

October 22, 2021
racing 22

Racing October 2021

Race Fans,

With lowered spirits, we unfortunately are bringing to a close the 2021 sailing season. Despite our reluctance to see it go, we still are grateful for the resumption of a full racing program this year after the COVID altered 2020 season. Nancy and I have many to thank for all the help we received from every ECSC committee and from many of the member volunteers that made racing so enjoyable and exciting this year.

The ECSC and Horback Regatta were successfully completed with the skillful race committee management and organization of Bob and Janet Hickok, Charlie Brehob, Eileen Leonard, and their volunteer teams. Their efforts were very well done and appreciated by all. There is one fun regatta to go in this season’s schedule, the Hot Chocolate Regatta on November 13th . We will have “spicy“ hot chocolate and some fun racing awards. We hope that you will join us for an enjoyable last sail and if your boat is already out of the water please jump onboard with other racing sailors.

We hope you will be joining other members for the Final Bash on Nov 6th at which time we will be awarding the Series Racing Awards for the Spring and Summer seasons, Broken Mast Award, Party Boat Award, Sailor of the Year, and Boat of the Year awards. It should be a lot of fun.

Lastly, we still have some regatta t-shirts for all the races this year. Contact Nancy Goff to purchase these extra shirts. They should make nice Christmas presents.

John Kohne
Nancy Goff…

October 22, 2021
Junior sailing

Junior Program October 2021

The junior team is back at school!

But, not before the Lake Lemon Regatta last month. Racing was Olivia DeGella, Matt Johnson, Reagan Lessick, and the old man. The week before on Saturday, Matt and Reagan were out practicing and I mentioned how fast she was. She hadn’t been in the Laser for three years. You would think she would be a little slow. But, she went on to win 4 races!

Olivia had a great day on Sunday winning a race.

“I’m ready to cross the finish line and she came out of no where for the win.” Great job, “Girls”!! Matt was having trouble finding speed and going the right direction, but he will learn how to dance with the boat with time.

Sam Riley has moved back to Cape Cod to be with his grandmother for the winter. He has been on the team over 3 years. He won the I-LYA Traveler Series this year by 1 point before he left.

But, “never say never.” We just might see him back next summer. Time will tell….

I’ve been teaching kids racing for over 18 years on the water and in the classroom.

ECSC has won its share of awards in the past…4 I-LYA Traveler Series, 5 Junior Bay week, 1 D-18 Laser Championship, 1 Junior Women’s Backus Trophy National Championship and many others. We are small fish in the world of sailing. But we have heart, sole, and the will to win. Next year’s team will be built around Olivia (17) and Matt (15), so I’m looking for the next 12-13 year old to join the team. We will start work outs, (climbing, ninja, and weight room) in March of next year. Practice on the water in April. So, if your boy or girl likes to be outside and on the water (and learn the art of sailing, racing, and having fun), look us up.

I put Dennis Robertson, Jr. in for the “Sportsman For the Year” award. Hope he wins. I also added his name for the ECSC board of directors. He really did work his butt off this year and in the past 6 years at the Junior Summer Sailing Camp. And, he is so good with the kids.

So please vote for him.

I’m ready to step back and let my assistant, Katie DeGrella, take the helm as Chairwoman of the ECSC Junior Sailing Program. I will move back as her assistant in the program. This year she was the back bone and helped raise over $21,000 dollars for the club and the program to get the kids onto the water (over 94 kids). That’s a record that will stand for a long time. Thank you, Katie, Olivia, and Dennis for all of the hard work!


Katie DeGrella for the Board so she can be appointed Junior Sailing Chair 2022!!

A note from Katie:

I am Katie DeGrella and I am running for an ECSC Board Position in 2022. I am a parent of an ECSC Junior Sailor. My daughter, Olivia, has raced and worked at the ECSC Sailing Camp for the last three summers. This summer, I coordinated registration for the Sailing Camp. Both programs, Junior Racing and Sailing Camp, offer so much to children and teens. I would like to contribute to our club by helping to continue these awesome programs that our members (many junior sailing parents before me) have spent years developing. And, therefore giving more kids an opportunity to benefit. I believe that I could add value to the ECSC by serving as Junior Sailing Chair-person. But, either way, I look forward to assisting to organize and run the sailing camp again for summer of 2022.

I, Wayne Myers, Junior Sailing Chair 2021, approve this message from Katie above!

Ok, guys and girls, see you at the Final Bash November 6th!


October 22, 2021

Publicity October 2021


Our club has a very active Facebook group (as most already know),  but we also have an Instagram account: @eaglecreeksailingclub

Instagram is more about sharing photos than Facebook is. I’d like to find someone who can help make more posts on the club’s Instagram account.  This can be as easy as snapping photos (with your phone) of various boats sailing on the lake or people hanging out around the club. Ideally, the club account would make about 2-3 new posts a week.  If you are interested in helping with ECSC’s Instagram account, please reach out to publicity@ecsail.org.

We also have more T-Shirts and 1/4 zips for sale  (shown below).  If you would like to buy one and have it mailed to you, please contact publicity@ecsail.org.

COMING SOON: Soft shell ECSC jackets (see picture below).  I ordered about 22 of these in various sizes.  They probably won’t be done until after our Final Bash, so I will make announcements on the Facebook page and can mail the jackets to those interested in buying them.

Sizes & colors are limited to what’s in stock.  First come, first served!

EJ Williams

Publicity Chair


soft shell ecsc

soft shell ecsc


ECSC quarter zip jacket

ECSC quarter zip jacket










ECSC LOGOS DOWNLOAD: www.dropbox.com/sh/1auwrtcg6io2vgz/AAAXWwJfjJBZ9OFk4hWFt3xla?dl=0

(.png files have transparent backgrounds.  .eps files are the “vector files” needed by most printers)

Join our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/ecsail

Follow our Instagram:  @eaglecreeksailingclub

Ship’s Store

Apparel can be purchased through Coral Reef Sailing’s website.  They custom print or embroider our logos onto the clothes they have available.

Click here to access the Ship’s Store


October 22, 2021
2021 board

ECSC Board Candidate Bio’s

** Bio’s are listed in chronological order based on when they were submitted **

Katie DeGrella

Katie DeGrella for Junior Sailing Chair 2022

I am Katie DeGrella and I am running for an ECSC Board Position in 2022. I am a parent of an ECSC Junior Sailor. My daughter, Olivia has raced and worked at the ECSC Sailing Camp for the last three summers. This summer, I coordinated registration for the Sailing Camp. Both programs, Junior Racing and Sailing Camp offer so much to children and teens. I would like to contribute to our club by helping to continue to these awesome program that our members (many junior sailing parents before me) have spent years developing. And, therefore giving more kids an opportunity to benefit. I believe that I could add value to the ECSC by serving as Junior Sailing Chair-person. But, either way, I look forward to assisting to organize and run the sailing camp again for summer of 2022.

“I Wayne Myers,  Jr. Sailing Chair 2021, approve this message……”

Abigail Harlan 

Abigail Harlan, Executive Director at Pack Away Hunger, Inc, is a bilingualcareer non-profit professional. She fell in love with cause-driven work as a ProgramDirector with the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis after graduating from the Universityof Wisconsin-Madison in 2002. She spent nearly four years working for international agencies in Costa Rica and Guatemala before settling in Miami, Florida for over a decade. There she grew into executive leadership with the YMCA of South Florida and later lead national program development and fundraising initiatives for Best Buddies International, an organization that advocates for and empowers people with disabilities. Program development, fundraising, and board management are all things
she enjoys in her career. Abigail is a member of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis, volunteers for Vote Safe Indiana, and is an active board member for the Boys and Girls Club of Boone County. She also fosters dogs for Indianapolis Animal Care Services. Abigail is a Legacy Member at ECSC whose love of sailing began at a young age. She sailed Eagle Creek with her Dad, Chris Harlan, and brother, Mark, through the 80’s before the family moved their boats up to Chicago to cruise the Great Lakes. Eventually her father settled in the Florida Keys; she has sailed the South Florida waters for over twenty years. Abigail has experience sailing international waters throughout Central and South America; her favorite trip to this day was her sail across the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia in 2014. She currently keeps a Pearson 303 in Cudjoe Key, FL and a Hunter 25.5 at ECSC. Her favorite part about being a member at ECSC is reconnecting with old family friends and sharing the sport with those who have never experienced it. She feels strongly about diversifying the sport and making it more inclusive, which is why she co-chaired the 2021 ECSC Ladies Sail this summer. If elected, she hopes to expand program offerings for all levels and abilities at the club and would like to work with the Junior Sailing Chair to strengthen the scholarship program for youth sailing camps.

Jordan Kane

I Joined Eagle Creek Sailing Club back in 2019 and quickly grew to love the sport of sailing. While still learning every time out, I have been lucky to have some great mentors along the way. You will find me out racing most weeks either on my Precision 21 on Sundays or with the Goff’s on Wednesdays. I served as a board member for the first-time last year and have grown to have a strong appreciation for how the club is run and the effort it takes to host such great events. I hope to bring a new perspective to the board and continue to learn the inner workings of the club. One day I hope to serve as a committee head and make a positive impact for all our members. See you out on the water!

Dennis Robertson Jr.

What I know about Dennis Robertson Jr. also know as Capt. Dennis.This young man (age 23) is also my right hand the past 6 years. A member and volunteer
for the ECSC Jr. Sailing Camp and Team Coach. He likes working with kids and the kidsshow it back. He also holds US Sailing Level 1 Certificate. You will find him on the water sailing his Hobie or at the Sailing School, rock climbing or working out with weights. His father Dennis Robertson Sr. is on the Harbor Master Committee. Wayne Myers…ECSC Jr. Program Chair 2021


Jeff Roberts

I am a candidate for the ECSC Board of Directors. As an introduction to those who may not
know me, here is a little about me:

– Retired from US Navy Submarine Service
– Retired from Duke Energy
– Live in Brownsburg, IN
– Volunteer for American Red Cross
– Sailing off and on for over 55yrs (19ft to 52ft)
– Member for 25yrs and Board Member for 3yrs at Lake Monroe Sailing Assn(LMSA)
– Commodore LMSA 2003
– Member of ECSC since 2013
– Sail Compact 23 out of Slip A11 at ECSC

As a board member I would bring good experience in club leadership and sailing which I can and
would share with other members.

Jennifer Knapp 

Hello everyone, I’m Jen Curtis, member number 63. This year I’m up for re-election on our board, which I’ve enjoyed serving on since November 2012. During that time, there have only been a couple of meetings I haven’t been able to attend (one being due to the birth of our son). Being in a family that has four generations there, I grew up down at the club, and am thrilled that our kids are doing the same! In the past, I’ve served as chairperson of Ship’s Store, served on an insurance committee, have co-hosted/hosted the Hornback Chili Cookoff since 2010, and will be helping our membership chair with data entry for our membership history. There is so much that goes into the functioning of the club and I truly enjoy being a part of it and helping where I can. Our club is a fantastic place where multiple generations can come and bond over our love of sailing and all Eagle Creek has to offer. My goal is to serve so we can have it to enjoy for many generations to come!


Nancy Goff 

Nancy has been married to Chuck for 30 years and is in the process of raising four boys from ages 15-26. One of the boys represented our club as a junior sailor for three years.  Nancy has been sailing and a member of ECSC for 6 years. Chuck and Nancy race together on a J22 called Catch 22 and also own a S2 7.9 called Still the One which has traveled to multiple class regattas. They have raced on Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, and Tampa Bay. Nancy enjoys being creative and active.  Together, Chuck and Nancy enjoy traveling and look forward to bringing both passions of travel and sailing together. Nancy has served on the the board for three years and currently serves as the assistant race chair.


Evan Williams

Joined in 1989 and was quickly asked to get involved…I handled Publicity (read that as publishing the Telltales) for around 16 years with a stint of Commodore in there in 2006.  Legacies include moving the Telltales from paper to the website (which Harrington and I started somewhere along the line along with our club Facebook site), setting up the E-Mail communication system, obtaining Parks approval to use the upper field for our trailer parking, and started the process to modernize our club boats (new RC & Rib in 2007).  I’m asking to be on the Board again to help Ki with his initiatives…hoping to be the 9th highest vote total so I have to serve only one year.