Racing February 2022

Hot chocolate regatta

Hot chocolate regatta


Have you started noticing that you are wearing your sunglasses to bed?  Started getting the mail in your shorts and flip flops? Or found yourself racing others to parking spots and shopping carts?  You have got a disease that peaks in February every year – Sailboat Racing Fever!  No vaccine nor mask can thwart its spread.  If you have a bad case, then Nancy and I have good news for you.  We have been planning a fun-filled racing season for you.  If you’re thinking we can’t start soon enough, then you will be happy to learn we are planning a racing-program get together in March to get your fever down and get you on the mend.

Please put Wednesday March 23 at 7:00 PM onto your calendar.   Our plan is to have an organizational meeting for the racing program that evening and would hope that as many as possible interested in racing will attend.  This is whether you have raced in the past or have no racing experience at all and would be interested in learning a little more about it.  We will provide food and beverages.  Location is TBD. We will send out another notice with location in a couple of weeks.

Our plan would be to get some feedback on the proposed racing schedule for this season, to talk about how the work credits for racing should be distributed, and how many credits should be given out for various regattas, events and activities.  We’ll also address the implementation of the Dedicated Race Committee Proposal.

Hope we are getting some of the juices flowing again and hope our spring meeting will get you back on track for summer sailing to come.

John Kohne
Nancy Goff