May 13, 2019

Membership May 2019

Welcome to four new members in April.  First we have Adam Gummer and Mindy Davidson from Speedway, sailing a Catalina 25.  Then we have Richard and Emily Miller of Brownsburg with their Flying Scot.  Then Sharon and Edward Ashworth of Zionsville who are retired and plan to purchase a boat.  Last but no least, Sherrie and Dennis Plank of Fort Wayne who purchased his brother, Dave’s, S2 7.3.   We have another application pending and this will bring our total active membership count to 250.   Which is about where we like to be.  We have a moderate waiting for slips.  If anyone has a slip they would like to sublease, please contact our Harbormaster. Christy will conduct a New Member Orientation session on Saturday June 1 at 11:00 in the upper shelter.  Open to all new members and any prospective members who might like to know about the club. Your 2019 Membership Directory has been mailed and should be in your hands by now.  Please advise of any corrections (  This information is as of 4/10/19 so please refer to our website (, Log in to the Membership page and then click Member Listing (right hand column) for details on members joining after that date.  A PDF copy of the directory will also soon be posted in the right hand column of the membership page. Jane Schmidt and Christy Merriman
April 2, 2019

Membership – April – 2019

  5 NEW MEMBERS joined in the first three months of 2019.  They are as follows:  Jeanita Schulten, a former member, of Indianapolis has rejoined. William and Kathleen Powell from Cicero with a Catalina 22’.  Mark and Susan Hyten of Zionsville.  John and Patricia Boelte from Anderson, sailing a Hunter 26.5.  Jordan Kane of Indianapolis.  Welcome all.   Membership has been busy finishing up all the details of the 2019 membership drive.  We are compiling information to submit to the printer so that our 2019 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY can be printed and in the mail to you around May 1st.    Again, throughout the year, if you have a CHANGE OF ADDRESS, telephone # or email address, please notify us so that we can keep your record current in our data base.     Christy will conduct a NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION session on Saturday, June 1st, 11:00 am in the upper shelter.   This is open to all new members and any prospective members. Some boats are going in the water.  YEAH!!!   First WORK DAY to clean up the grounds will be Sat. April 13th 9:00 am.  Plan to be there to meet your fellow members and to earn some work credits that can be applied to your dues for next year.  Jane Schmidt      Christy Merriman
February 5, 2019

Membership – December 2018

Our final new member in 2018 is a legacy member, Dennis Liesen Robertson who will be sailing a Hobie.  He is the son of our Harbormaster, Dennis and his lovely wife, Jenipher.  A big welcome to Dennis. Annual Dues statements will be put in the mail at the Nora Post Office on Sunday, February 3. Your dues statement  should  be in your mailbox within the following week.   It would be great if we could have a quick turn around on these so that they don’t get lost on your desk and so that I don’t get 100+ the last week of February.  Once again, the deadline for returning your check for your 2019 Dues and Slip Fees will be FEBRUARY 28, 2019. Jane Schmidt      Christy Merriman
December 21, 2018

Membership – December 2018

We welcome two additional members:  Rauf Khalid of Indianapolis sailing a Catalina 22 and Waldemar and Stephanie Barske of Indianapolis also sailing a Catalina 22.  This brings our total of new members in 2018 to 17.  This is down from the 28 new members we had in 2017 and this is greatly due to the fact that we have been in ‘waiting list’ status for wet slips. Annual dues statements will be mailed the end of January.  Please let me know of any change of address so you will be sure to receive your statement.  Once again, the deadline for returning your 2019 dues will be FEBRUARY 28, 2019. With our current slip waiting list, insuring that your dues are on time is critical. Christy and I will continue to handle membership responsibilities during 2019 and we are looking forward to another great year at ECSC. Jane Schmidt      Christy Merriman
November 3, 2018

Membership – November 2018

Welcome to EJ Williams, a legacy member sailing ‘It Sails Too’, a Catalina 25 that’s been around the club for some time.  EJ will be accompanied by Rachel Terrell in his sailing endeavors. It’s that time of year and we will be mailing Annual Dues statements the end of January, 2019.  So please notify us if there have been any changes in your mailing address.  If you’ve had changes, please also go to our website, log in, go to the Members page and update your personal information on the Member Listing. For those of you who are snowbirds and will be leaving us early in January, you will receive your statements within the next week or so. As always, 2019 dues, slip and winter storage fees will be due 2/28/19.  If you had a permanent slip in 2018, it is necessary that you meet this deadline if you wish to retain your present slip. Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman
October 6, 2018

Membership – October 2018

Welcome to three new members in the month of September.   Angela and Paul Wright of Greenwood who will be sailing a Catalina 22.  Jason Bewley from Indianapolis is a returning member and saiing a Wasach 13’.   Traci and Steven Bringle of Indianapolis who are sailing a Catalina 22.   This brings our total membership to 256. And an additional welcome to Rebecca and Kyle Winton who joined in April, but information was withheld because this was a surprise September wedding gift to Kyle from Rebecca.  They are from Greenwood and are sailing a Catalina 25. Remember that our AED unit is located on the outside east wall of the racing shed and will remain there and be available throughout the winter months. Do plan to come to our last two social events of the season.  On October 13th the Chili Cook-Off will begin at 5:30.  Bring a crock pot of chili or your favorite covered dish.  Then on November 3rd, plan to get a little more dressed up than our normal ECSC attire and come to Rick’s for our Final Bash.  Good food, good companionship and a nice way to end the season.  Reservations will be needed for the Final Bash and you’ll be getting more information on that soon.   If you need further information on these great events, please contact our social chairman, Vickie Greenough. It’s been a great sailing season.  We’ve added 14 new members to our ECSC sailing family during 2018 which is down from the 28 in 2017.  This, in part, is due to the fact that we do have a very substantial waiting list for wet slips. Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman
September 1, 2018

Membership – September 2018

A big welcome to Peggy Shortridge of Indianapolis.   Peggy is family to members, Ki and Erin Hickok and will be a Lake Associate Member as she has a home on Eagle Creek.  We will look forward to seeing Peggy at our social functions. Be sure to attend the Labor Day Cook Out at 3:30 on Monday September 3.  Bring your favorite covered dish.  Also put the Lobster Fest on your calendar for Saturday evening, September 15.  You must make a reservation for this and pay ahead as our famous lobsters are flown in from Maine for that occasion so we need a good count.  Steaks also available on request. Jane Schmidt     Christy Merriman
August 8, 2018

Membership – August 2018

We have welcomed three new members in the last 30 days.  Nathan and Emily Pendleton of Greenwood along with Bailey and Luke.  They have a Rinker/Gale Force sailboat.   Then we have Jeremiah Johnson and Jessica Daniel along with Chelsea, Matthew & Alexis of Avon sailing a Lightning.  Also Jeff Cook and Lynn Gibboney of Carmel who will be sailing and Hunter 22.  All want to be added to our wait list for slips which is growing longer every day. Membership will be offering a New Member Orientation session on Sunday, August 26 at 1:00 in the upper shelter.  This is for all members who want to learn more about the club and for anyone considering membership at ECSC. Remember to stay hydrated during this hot weather and remember that our AED unit is mounted on the east side of the racing shed and ready for use should it ever be needed. Jane Schmidt     Christy Merriman