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January 1, 2018

Ship’s Store – January 2018

Visit our new ECSC Coral Reef Ship’s Store Page The Ship’s Store is no longer selling merchandise. The Club had been carrying a large amount of merchandise that had been paid for with Club money. Last year and this year, we have sold many of these items and merchandise at steep discount of 50%.  While this moved more merchandise out of the Ship’s Store, it meant that the Club received only half what it had paid for the merchandise.  To avoid future financial issues, the club has contracted with Coral Reef Sailing Apparel (CRSA) to provide logo merchandise online for ECSC just like it does for well over 100 other sailing clubs including Indianapolis Sailing Club.  CRSA carries a wider selection with brand names such as Gill, Henri Lloyd, Helly Hansen, Sperry and Columbia. You have two methods to purchase merchandise: First, go to https://www.coralreefsailing.com/. Then shop the general catalog by clothing category (men, women, head gear, etc.) using <Navigation> on the left side. When you find your merchandise and place an order, you will be able to select the traditional ECSC logo (eagle head plus sailboat) plus any custom text (e.g., “J24” or “Turbolino (my boat)” or <Name> embroidered on the merchandise. The custom text is a new feature. Second, you may click on Ship’s Store on the ECSC members page, which will take you directly to the ECSC page, which is still under construction.  It has only a few types of clothing shown. As was mentioned above, in the future, more types of merchandise including new merchandise for 2018 will be shown. If you want to see some of what will be put on our page, under <Navigation>, click on Ship’s Stores. Then click on the Indianapolis Sailing Club. When you go to the ECSC page, you will see several items of clothing with the Club’s logos on them.  These are not the only logo items you can purchase. As was mentioned above, you can shop for any item in the catalog that has a logo.  If the item can carry a logo, you will be able to select which club logo you want. Since each item is custom made you can expect delivery in 10 days or less. There was some clothing merchandise left over after the Hornback Regatta (the last time for Ship’s Store to sell product). On behalf of the Club, we donated a large tote of clothing to Puerto Rican hurricane relief; a tote of women’s pink polos and t-shirts, to the Indianapolis Dove House, a shelter for women in recovery from various issues; and sweatshirts to Wheeler Mission. These donations will be put to good use and are much appreciated.   Les Miller Ship’s Store
October 6, 2017

Ships Store – October 2017

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September 6, 2017

Ships Store September 2017

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August 11, 2017

Ship’s Store – August 2017

Ship’s Store   Good news and even better news. The good news is that members and their guests have been buying up the clearance items.  Look for the Ship’s Store at LobsterPalooza for your buying pleasure.  However, there still is a great deal of merchandise left to be purchased.  You can email the Ship’s Store and order merchandise now. ALL MERCHANDISE IS 50% OFF. Remember that many gift giving holidays are coming up: August 13 International Left Handers Day (think of all the southpaws in your family); August 19 National Aviation Day (every pilot will find the burgees for their rudders a necessity): August 26 National Dog Day (even Fido needs a pocket coolie): and August 29 Day against Nuclear Tests (????). The special dates in the ensuing months are just as worthy of giving gifts. There are several items for which it will be difficult to sell all of them (e.g., around 175 pocket coolies, over 100 ceramic coasters and over 50 trailer hitch covers, innumerable combination key rings with bottle openers).  Every dollar you spend will go directly to the club.  So do your patriotic (to the club) duty and buy, buy, buy. We have a great number of 2017 ECSC Regatta t-shirts.  They will be available at LobsterPalooza or by contacting the Ship’s Store.   The better news is that we can now purchase logo merchandise from our new Ship’s Store partner – Coral Reef Sailing Apparel. The CRSA website will have higher end brands such as Gill and Helly Hansen. You would order and receive the merchandise online just like you would with any online vendor.  Since this is not a large operation like Amazon, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery for embroidered items.  Because to the higher cost of setting up for silk screening of items like T-shirts, CRSA needs to have around 20 orders to maintain the price shown on the website.  CRSA provides sailing apparel for over 130 sailing clubs in the US. Even though our full website will not be live for a couple of weeks, there should be a limited website up by Thursday, August 11.  “Limited” means that not all of our ECSC apparel for the website will be shown on the site. Nevertheless, you can order logo merchandise shown anywhere on CRSA’s website catalog now, even if it is not on the limited site. You can find the limited website by going to https://www.coralreefsailing.com/index.php/club/eagle-creek-sailing-club.html.” The website for the CRSA is – https://www.coralreefsailing.com/. Happy Sailing,   Les Miller  
June 30, 2017

Ships Store July 2017

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June 6, 2017

Ships Store June 2017

Ship’s Store is off to a great start.  Thanks to Mark Walker, we sold $486 worth of merchandise at the Mother’s Day Brunch. There have been a few other purchases that puts our year-to-date sales well over $500. Larry Conrad, as our commodore, executed a contract with Coral Reef Sailing Apparel from which you can purchase logo items.  They perform this service for a very large number of sailing clubs including the Indianapolis Sailing Club.   We still have over $4,000 worth of apparel, coolies, burgees, coasters, etc. that we need to sell first. All of the money collected goes to the ECSC to benefit all of the members. See the Ship’s Store catalog on the ECSC website.  We may not have all the colors and sizes that are described in the catalog, though. Father’s Day is coming up we will have a table set up with merchandise at the Brunch. Bring your wallets.   Les Miller
May 5, 2017

Ships Store May 2017

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April 3, 2017

Ships Store – April 2017

SHIPS STORE – As the 2017 sailing season gets underway, sailors’ thoughts go to what will make them look good or will protect them from the elements or even to what will keep their cold beer cold. The Ship’s Store has what you need,  AND EVERYTHING IS HALF OFF. If you are interested in purchasing an item, go to the Ship’s Store website CLICK HERE and find the item.   I will be updating the website soon so it gives an up to date inventory of what is available. Note that the prices given do not reflect the discounted 50% price. All you need to do is email the Ship’s Store at this address CLICK HERE and describe the item(s).  I will then email you with the cost and the availability.  We can arrange delivery at the Club or another place if necessary to pick up the goods.  I prefer that you bring a check made out to the Club. Credit and debit cards cannot be used. Soon there will be a spreadsheet on the site giving an up to date inventory with pricing.  So think of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and days when you need to make up for something you did. Buy them some ECSC bling.   Les Miller Ships Store