January 1, 2016

2016 Communications changes

You may have noticed that we got a little more sophisticated with our club communications. We are now using an email site to send notices and alerts to club members. This keeps ECSC off of the “spam lists.” I have set up several mailing lists as follows: Members– This is a mailing list of all ECSC active club members. Newsletter– This is a mailing list of those who want to receive the newsletter. It consists of active and past or inactive members. Racing– This is a mailing list of those who want information about the racing events. Social– This is a mailing list of those who want information about social events. At the end of each email is a note explaining which mailing list was used. Also included is a link where you can update your mailing list preferences. Hopefully, this will keep your mailbox a little cleaner and streamline our club communications.
February 8, 2016


The Boat, Sport and Travel show is returning to the Indiana State Fairgrounds from February 19 through February 28. Our own Charlie Brehob and Eileen Leonard from Sailboats, Inc. will be there displaying their Hobie products. Tyler and Carrie Andrews will also be there showing off a the Flying Scot sailboat. You an visit the show’s web site by clicking here.
March 1, 2016


This time of year, there are not many people at the club. As a result, the gate is usually locked. Please be sure to bring your gate key with you as the gate is likely to be locked even during daylight hours. Also, be sure to lock the gate after you leave. Otherwise, it is likely to remain unlocked for several days until the next person visits the club.
April 1, 2016


Now that it is warmer, we are seeing a lot of activity at the club. Please remember to bring your new gate key. Also, be sure to lock the gate after you leave.
May 1, 2016

Web Site Changes!!!!

Our new web site is ready to be unleashed on the world!!!  Very shortly, you will get an email with your new user ID and password.  Please log into the site and take a look around.  Major features of the site are: The site has both public content and members-only content.  You have to log in with your user id and password to see the members-only content. Each club committee head (racing, safety, social, etc) will have his/her own web page and blog for posting news and articles.   All club events will be visible on the main calendar, AND on the activity-specific page.  For example, club social events will be shown on the main club calendar and on the social page. We have a direct link to our Facebook page from our web site. The ice chest code is listed on the members-only section for easy reference.  So, don’t feel guilty about locking the chest after you get your ice. Club members can post their own classified ads for buy/sell notices. Club members can post comments to our general forum. Racing members can post open crew positions. A photo gallery page for adding photo albums for club events. Ships Store catalog online. A contacts page to send emails to various committee heads. Past Telltales and past racing results. A separate page for each fleet. A new Cruising section for you cruisers to organize events. We have moved most of the content from the current site and will be rolling out additional content as the year goes by. Any suggestions for content can be sent to publicity (use the contacts page on the new site).  Any disparaging remarks should only be made by those who wish to be Publicity Chair next year!!! Geoff Other Miscellaneous Now that you have your boat in the water, please remember to coil your dock lines.  We don’t want anyone to trip and have a serious accident. Also, as always – please be sure to lock the gate at dusk whether you are the last one out or not.  This means that you should always have your gate key with you when you are at the club.
June 1, 2016

Web site unleashed on unsuspecting ECSC members

Finally, after a lot of work and re-work, the new ECSC web site is live.  You should have received an email with your login id and a separate one with your password.  Please log in as a member and take a look at the members-only content.  There is a video on the members-only page that shows how to use the member-only content. The new site has something for everyone and lots of places to put new content.  Last count, we had over 100 pages of content! We even have places for pictures.  Each Committee Head has a media gallery on the Committee’s main page.  The main media gallery has links to all Committee galleries.  Currently, only committee heads can post pictures.  So, get with your Committee Head and get some pictures posted.  Later on, we’ll work on letting everyone post pictures.  One step at a time…
July 1, 2016

July Miscellaneous Items

The club is in full swing.  Lots of activity around the club.  Lots of people staying late to enjoy the extended summer daylight.  It is normal to assume that if there are cars in the parking lot, someone else will lock the gate when they leave.  This could be a bad assumption for a number of reasons.  Make it a practice to lock the gate behind you when you leave after dusk.  The best way to remember this is that if you would have to turn your boat’s navigation lights on, then the gate should be locked when you leave. Have you checked out our new web site? Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to check out the new web site.  And hopefully, you have logged in and updated your member profile.  If you are having problems, please send me an email. Speaking of emails, you can reach any of the club officers or committee heads by using the “Contacts” link on the left side menu.  Just select the person you want to contact and an email will automatically be sent to that person. Wanted: Publicity Volunteers With the new web site, we have a lot more content to post and maintain.  If you would like to help generate content or curate the web site, please send a note to Publicity on our Contacts page. Geoff Endris
August 1, 2016

August Miscellaneous

A few reminders… Raceway road is temporarily closed. Note that Raceway Road south 46th street is closed for repairs.  Please keep the docks looking neat. Please remember to clean up your dock lines around your boat.  We don’t want members and/or guests tripping over docklines.  It also presents a nice environment to future members. Those of you who bring dogs to the club Please remember that according to club guidelines, all dogs must be on a leash and under the control of their owner while on club grounds.  The ECSC Board of Directors made this rule for several reasons. Your dog may be very friendly, but there are club members who don’t like dogs or are afraid of dogs. We have several members who are allergic to dog hair.  Letting your dog run free could subject them to an allergy attack.  Members can’t avoid dogs that are running free around the club. We have a number of small children at the club who may not know how to react around dogs. Sometimes free-running dogs get territorial and will act aggressively towards other dogs comming into their territory.  We don’t want to have any “dog fights.” It is very unsanitary to have dogs around open food. We have received complaints from a number of club members on this.  Please keep your dog away from any food serving areas during club social functions.  That means your dog should not be in the upper shelter while food is being served during social events. The decision to allow dogs at the club was made to allow club members to bring their dogs out for a sail.  It was not inteded to turn the club into a dog park.  Let’s respect those who do not share your enthusiasm for dogs.  If you bring your dog out to the club, please keep it on a leash that is securely fastened to you.