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March 5, 2020

Racing March 2020

Ahoy Racers, We have 42 more days until our first Wednesday night race on April 22. So start thinking about getting your boats ready and let the 2020 Racing Season begin…… I am excited for the upcoming season and I hope we can get more boats on the starting line. So, far the meetings have been awesome and the communication is excellent!!! Just need to put all of this new energy and ideas into practice. The ultimate goal is getting more boats racing!!! North U is coming to town next weekend, March 14th, to teach a Racing Tactics Class. It will be taught by Andrew Kerr and only a few spots are still available……. If you don’t have the boat speed, you beat them with your Tactics……You can register at: northu.com/product/tactics-indianapolis-in At our last race meeting, we discussed a lot of exciting things to improve our racing season. One of those things discussed was assigning a mentor for each new member. As I get the names of these new members, I will contact the new members and will let them know who their Mentor will be. We already have quite a few members who have stepped up to offer their assistance. As the season unfolds, we will be offering more on the water clinics and class room work for those who need it. We also discussed the Blue Fleet and will copy what Rich Fox wrote about this subject: “I want to let you know that at the ECSC Race Meeting on Saturday, everybody was in favor of separating the Blue/White Fleet. Blue Fleet for boats that are Dacron sails only, no spinnakers, for skippers who may want a more casual racing experience, and to serve as a fleet to help introduce members who are racing for the first time at ECSC. White Fleet for boats that have at least one non-Dacron sail, spinnaker and non-spinnaker, for skippers who sail Cruiser/Racer type boats and who want a more competitive racing experience and who also have a couple of years of racing experience under their belts. Boats to include, but not limited to – C22 Sport, S2 6.7, S2 6.9, S2 7.9, Ranger 22, Lindenberg 22. Anybody in the Blue Fleet could also make the choice to racing in the White Fleet, but not the other way around. Both fleets will start together, but scored separately. In the case of McClure sailing a Beneteau 23.5, I am leaning towards keeping them in the Blue Fleet as they have one full year of racing experience. I would like to monitor their performance in 2020. If we get a new racer, such as a Capri 22, if they have all Dacron sails, then they would start in Blue Fleet and we would monitor to see if their performance warrants movement to White Fleet. If a boat repeatedly dominates the Blue Fleet, then either I will need to adjust their PHRF rating, or they will need to move to White Fleet. The change will help bring more balance to the Blue Fleet so it is no longer dominated by a couple of boats Series after Series, year-after-year. I am also using Dacron sails or no Dacron sails as one of the key deciding factors of fleet designation. This is because a boat that has at least one Mylar type sail suggests to me that they want a more competitive experience, and most likely their boat is equipped as such. What I am trying to do here is to help manage our fleets to meet the needs of the membership, instead of expecting members to meet the needs of the fleets. Thus, there will continue to be some “gray” area for a few boats as to which fleet they belong. “ I hope to see a lot of you next weekend. Let me know if I can be of assistance in getting your boat ready for the sailing season, Marcus Rogers Racing Chair
January 7, 2020

Racing January 2020

Happy New Year!!! I am already counting the days until our first Wednesday night racing on April 22!!! The 2020 Racing Season will be a great one and we will strive to make it even better than 2019. Please let me know if you need anything this season and I will work to make it happen. I have two goals for this new year: to keep racing fun and to get more boats on the starting line……. To begin our season, we will start with a Racing Meeting on January 18 th . The meeting will be held at 9247 N. Meridian St. 2 nd Floor. The agenda for the meeting is to talk about the upcoming season, the addition of another racing fleet, how we get more boats on the line, and to answer any questions you may have. As I have it today, the Racing Schedule is as follows: April 22- First night of Wednesday night racing April 26- Sunday afternoon Racing begins Mayor’s Cup – May 16/17 J 24 District 12 Championships – May 30/31 Flying Scott – June 13/14 ECSC Regatta – July 11 Indy 200 – Sept. 12 Governor’s Cup – Sept 19/20 ECSC Championship – Oct. 4 Hornback – Oct. 10 Purdue/IU Regatta – Oct. 17/18 The opening dates might be subject to change because of the addition of a new ramp. If all goes as planned, we should have not issues…. Look forward to working with all of you and please let me know how I can help you reach your goals for 2020!!! Marcus Rogers ECSC Racing Chair
October 22, 2019

Racing October 2019

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September 14, 2019

Racing September 2019

  It’s that time for the GOVERNOR’S CUP REGATTA and LOBSTERFEST 9/14-15/2019!  T-shirts are only $15(price slashed). Next month will be ECSC’s 50th Anniversary Hornback Regatta and Chili Cookoff! “Where The Fast Start Last!” This event is free for members to race their boats and compete for the awards in a reverse handicap (pursuit) race format. Mark your calendar for October 12th and 13th. Charlie Brehob and Eileen Leonard and crew will be running the races like they have the last several years, and if you’re early over the line they will call you OCS. Which reminds me that the last race of the summer series ends October 2nd and with the ramp revamp put off until spring, there will be time for 4 extra PR Wednesday night races added to the calendar to take us through to November. First Warning Starting at 6:30pm on October 9,16,23,30. Pursuit Race format! PR WEDNESDAYs! SI’s will be posted. Bob Hickok and John George – ECSC Race Committee  
August 6, 2019

Racing August 2019

    What a fantastic week of Celebration for the clubs 50th anniversary!! I think each event when fantastically! Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped plan, set up, cook, tear down and participate! If you missed any event check the sailing club’s Facebook pages for pictures and videos.   50th ECSC Regatta and Beach Party day had great winds of 15 knots + and great competition with 13 boats sailing and a pursuit race format. Three total races in some incredible heat. The Winner take all was the J24 Douglas crew, 2nd Robertson – Hobie Tiger, 3rd Wishart – J24 and 4th Hickok – J24.   Next Regatta is the INDY 200 Regatta – one day Regatta for all PHRF boats over 200 with a cabin and no spinnaker JAM only. Saturday, August 31st  at 11AM registration – PRO is Rich Fox.   Don’t miss the chance for a tasty LOBSTER and a chance to win the GOVERNOR’S CUP! On 9/14-15/2019!!! This will be the second year we have combined the Lobster social and Governor’s Cup racing. That special reward for the racers after the first day of racing on Saturday September 14th with the selection of your choice: LOBSTER or STEAK! You can’t ask for a better combination. Be sure to get registered for the regatta and fest by mailing in a registration and pay by check or pay through Zellepay: https://www.zellepay.com/  to ecsctreasurer100@gmail.com and scanning a registration to me by the September 5th deadline. See the racing page on the website: https://www.ecsail.org/racingmain-2/  Look for 2019 Governor’s Cup Regatta and Lobster Fest NOR, SI and REG Form documents. Plan to see fleets of Catalina’s, J22/24’s and PHRF fleets. Cool prizes and awards as always!!   Summer Series is in full sail mode on Wednesdays and Sundays. Come out and try it you’ll like it! Please, Congratulate the Spring Series Champions.  Spring Wednesday’s Blue/White: 1st Miller – S2 6.9, 2nd Grant – MacGregor 26, 3rd Kelly – Catalina 25. Green2: 1st Segner – Highlander. Red: 1st Hickok – J24 2nd Douglas -J24 3rd Kohne –J22. Spring Sunday Honor Series, Blue/White: 1st Roshel – O’Day 23. Green1: 1st Robertson – Hobie Tiger. Green2: 1st Segner – Highlander Red: 1st Goff – S2 7.9.   Spring Awards will presented after Wednesday evening’s racing August 14th and before the August 18th Sunday’s race. Bob Hickok and John George – ECSC Race Committee  
July 5, 2019

Racing July 2019

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to celebrate 50th Anniversaries. Now’s your chance to celebrate several times during the week of July 15th at your sailing club. As the old circus performers use to say  “There’s Something for Everyone”. Check out the upcoming July telltales for more information. Any questions please contact Nick Mates or Bob Hickok.
June 5, 2019

Racing June 2019

Hello all racers!   The Spring Racing Season is in full swing and we are happy to be seeing a great turnout. A reminder about our Sunday Honor series races: A) Start time is 3:00pm, B) Starting/Finish line is between marks 1 & 6, C) Marks 3 & 4 form a gate, D) Race is one (1) lap (up and back to finish), E) Racing is FUN!   Mayor’s Cup: We wish to thank all the racers for coming out for a wonderful weekend of racing. We especially want to thank our wonderful volunteers, whom without – there would be no racing, food, and music. THANK YOU ALL!   Other Items: We are working on placing a Hazard buoy, or two, to mark the point at the NW side of the cove. The buoys are constructed, and the placards have arrived. We should have the point marked soon!   Please check the Club Calendar, numerous events coming up! We are looking for a great turnout for the ECSC Regatta (Saturday before the 50th Beach Party Celebration.   Hope to see everyone racing soon!   Your Racing Chairs,  Wild Bob and JG
May 13, 2019

Racing May 2019

Spring is here! Racing is here! Let the good times roll!! Although the changing water levels at Eagle Creek are ever-challenging, hopefully everyone has had a chance to check out their boats’ needs and is ready to race. In case you missed it, April 12th was the Work Party. We had great support from club members getting the race committee’s check list done! Special projects included installing motors on the main RC ( Elliot II) and the Aircraft Carrier (USS Gilmor). When operating the committee boats, please remember to check the new motor break-in schedule and follow the instructions on the lamented card on each boat with a new motor. The first Wednesday race was held last week. Despite the threat of a no-wind evening, surprisingly the wind came up for the five go-getters. The group of racers had to endure a shortened course, but the dogs and Sloppy Joes were delicious.  We have also raced the first Sunday Honor Series. The start time for all fleets is 3:00pm, with time limits will in effect. A great time for a long sail down the lake and back. For those with smart phones, download the RaceQ app and record your race. After racing we’ll watch the 3D replay and discuss results at the race shack while we dine and snack. See the Sailing Instructions for further details. Mayor’s Cup Regatta—May 18th and 19th!!This will be a weekend full of food, fun, and RACING. Also, many GREAT door prizes from our sponsors WEST MARINE, BOATHOUSE GRILL and FLATWATER RESTAURANT. We are expecting a contingent of J24’s, Red, White and Green PHRF racers from lakes near and far…as well as the usual suspects from Eagle Creek. This event is open to racers of all skill levels for the low regatta price of $60 which includes one meal package and one t-shirt! Music will be provided by DJ Chris Gordon, who is guaranteed to rock the house. ALL members and their guests are invited. The price for dinner is $15 and specially designed regatta shirts will be available for $20 (please pre-order to guarantee a shirt or dinner). Please check the website for important details, NOR, SI’s and hard copy registration, online registration at  (search by state) – John George regatta chair.   Tip: If you’re the first in the club gate in the morning leave the padlock unlocked for easy closing at night. Thx!   Your Race Committee – Bob Hickok, John George