July 5, 2019

Racing July 2019

It’s not often that we have the opportunity to celebrate 50th Anniversaries. Now’s your chance to celebrate several times during the week of July 15th at your sailing club. As the old circus performers use to say  “There’s Something for Everyone”. Check out the upcoming July telltales for more information. Any questions please contact Nick Mates or Bob Hickok.
June 5, 2019

Racing June 2019

Hello all racers!   The Spring Racing Season is in full swing and we are happy to be seeing a great turnout. A reminder about our Sunday Honor series races: A) Start time is 3:00pm, B) Starting/Finish line is between marks 1 & 6, C) Marks 3 & 4 form a gate, D) Race is one (1) lap (up and back to finish), E) Racing is FUN!   Mayor’s Cup: We wish to thank all the racers for coming out for a wonderful weekend of racing. We especially want to thank our wonderful volunteers, whom without – there would be no racing, food, and music. THANK YOU ALL!   Other Items: We are working on placing a Hazard buoy, or two, to mark the point at the NW side of the cove. The buoys are constructed, and the placards have arrived. We should have the point marked soon!   Please check the Club Calendar, numerous events coming up! We are looking for a great turnout for the ECSC Regatta (Saturday before the 50th Beach Party Celebration.   Hope to see everyone racing soon!   Your Racing Chairs,  Wild Bob and JG
May 13, 2019

Racing May 2019

Spring is here! Racing is here! Let the good times roll!! Although the changing water levels at Eagle Creek are ever-challenging, hopefully everyone has had a chance to check out their boats’ needs and is ready to race. In case you missed it, April 12th was the Work Party. We had great support from club members getting the race committee’s check list done! Special projects included installing motors on the main RC ( Elliot II) and the Aircraft Carrier (USS Gilmor). When operating the committee boats, please remember to check the new motor break-in schedule and follow the instructions on the lamented card on each boat with a new motor. The first Wednesday race was held last week. Despite the threat of a no-wind evening, surprisingly the wind came up for the five go-getters. The group of racers had to endure a shortened course, but the dogs and Sloppy Joes were delicious.  We have also raced the first Sunday Honor Series. The start time for all fleets is 3:00pm, with time limits will in effect. A great time for a long sail down the lake and back. For those with smart phones, download the RaceQ app and record your race. After racing we’ll watch the 3D replay and discuss results at the race shack while we dine and snack. See the Sailing Instructions for further details. Mayor’s Cup Regatta—May 18th and 19th!!This will be a weekend full of food, fun, and RACING. Also, many GREAT door prizes from our sponsors WEST MARINE, BOATHOUSE GRILL and FLATWATER RESTAURANT. We are expecting a contingent of J24’s, Red, White and Green PHRF racers from lakes near and far…as well as the usual suspects from Eagle Creek. This event is open to racers of all skill levels for the low regatta price of $60 which includes one meal package and one t-shirt! Music will be provided by DJ Chris Gordon, who is guaranteed to rock the house. ALL members and their guests are invited. The price for dinner is $15 and specially designed regatta shirts will be available for $20 (please pre-order to guarantee a shirt or dinner). Please check the website for important details, NOR, SI’s and hard copy registration, online registration at  (search by state) – John George regatta chair.   Tip: If you’re the first in the club gate in the morning leave the padlock unlocked for easy closing at night. Thx!   Your Race Committee – Bob Hickok, John George
April 2, 2019

Racing April 2019

It’s finally here…what we have been waiting for all winter:  SPRING and SAILING!  The Spring Racing Series gets underway THIS MONTH!!       NORTH U RECAP Special Thanks to Instructor Andrew Kerr of North Sails, North U for conducting a first-class Sailing Trim seminar on March 23rd, 2019. Many ECSC club members and also sailors from Chicago and Cincinnati were in attendance. Thanks to Marcus Rogers for getting Andrew Kerr scheduled here in Indianapolis. Also, thanks to Commodore Geoff Endris for securing the meeting room on behalf of ECSC. Next year we hope to have him instruct again, perhaps the Tactics course. NEW THIS YEAR New and experienced racers, we are introducing the Sunday Honor Series!  Consisting of a spring and summer series of racing which will occur at 3PM every Sunday, beginning April 28th to October 6th, 12 Sunday races per series (24 total just like the Wednesday series).  Racing starts at 3:00 pm and is the same course every Sunday (the wind will likely change). Check the Sailing Instructions on the racing webpage for a map of the Sunday course. For those with smart phones, download the RaceQs app and record your race. Then after racing we’ll watch the 3D replay and discuss results at the race shack while we nosh. See RaceQ below. LASER REGATTA Wayne Myers is the Chairperson. Check the racing website and racing bulletin board for details. This will be your chance to be a part of the Laser excitement! WORK CREDITS Racers and non-racers alike are encouraged to volunteer for the many projects on this year’s agenda. Work credits are extended for regatta officers and assistants. The racing/club spring work party is Saturday, April 13th, 9:00-3:00pm. We will be setting up the RC boats and gear, RIB Shore Station and marker buoys. Contact John George or me if you have questions about work credits. MAYOR’S CUP REGATTA May 18-19!! This will be a first-class weekend full of food, fun, and RACING!!  We are expecting a contingent of one design and PHRF boats from lakes near and far, as well as the usual suspects from Eagle Creek.  This event is open to racers of all skill levels.  All club members and their guests are invited! Volunteers needed! DATES TO REMEMBER Saturday April 13       9:00    Work Party Wednesday April 17   6:50    Competitors’ Meeting – discuss both series Saturday April 20       1:00    Review Boat Ops and RC responsibilities Wednesday April 24   6:50    First Wednesdays Race Sunday April 28           3:00    Sunday Honor Race – Start, Race, and Record your time   RaceQs: How does the app work? The GPS tracks and boat handling data are recorded by a cellphone running the free RaceQs app during a race and uploaded to your free raceQs sailing social network account. The app records data about your boat’s GPS location, speed, course, heel, pitch, and yaw to generate the animation.
February 5, 2019

Racing February 2019

Racing is looking forward to a fantastic 2019 50th Anniversary racing season. Check out the NOR, SI’s PHRF forms and ratings on the Racing Page! Sign Up Genius is posted for the series and regatta’s. All races and events are run by volunteers and we’ll need everyone’s help to be successful! The next race meeting for all sailors is February 27th at 6:30pm 9247 N. Meridian St. and we will have pizza and salad! We’ll discuss the upcoming season, talk about race committee duties, starting a race and the North U Seminar. Speaking of North U, the Sail Trim Seminar by Instructor Andrew Kerr will be March 23rd, 2019 starting at 9:00am. Don’t miss it! Sign up at NorthU.com. ECSC 50th Anniversary Social and Racing Calendar Save the Dates in 2019 Open and Class Regattas                                 Social                  ECSC Laser Class    April 27/28                  Mother’s Day     5/12-11:30a Mayor’s Cup Open   May 18/19                   Memorial Day    5/25-5:30p Flying Scott Class    June 8/9                     Father’s Day      6/16-11:30a Governor’s Cup        Sept. 14/15                 Pig Roast            7/5-4:00p                                                                         50’ Beach Party  7/20 -TBA Club Races                                     Labor Day Event 8/31-5:30p Wednesday Series – 6:50pm                      Lobster Fest        9/14-6:00p Spring/Summer – April 24 thru Oct 2          Chili Cookoff       10/12-5:30p Sunday Honor Series – 3:00pm                  Final Bash           11/2-6:00p Spring/Summer – April 28 thru Oct 6           ECSC Regatta/Beach Party 50th Anniversary Celebration July 17-21 (Check Telltales’ and Calendar for event listings and updates) Ladies Day Sail         Aug. 24 Indy 200                     Aug. 31 Hornback Regatta    Oct 12/13
December 21, 2018

Racing Holiday 2018

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November 3, 2018

Racing November 2018

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October 6, 2018

Racing October 2018

Hello Sailboat Race Fans,   Congratulations goes to ECSC’s Rich and Denise Fox on their Catalina 22 SeDepecher, for winning the 2018 Governor’s Cup Regatta! He and his “band of brother C-22’s” had the largest fleet and traveled great distances from the surrounding areas to participate in this renowned regatta. For the first time ever, we combined the Governor’s Cup with the ECSC Lobster Fest! We had 23 boats and crews that had a fabulous feast with friends and socialites that evening of the first day. Winds over the weekend were light but tolerable, and racing was an exciting series of 6 races. Awards by fleets are as follows: Bl/Wh – 1st Conrad, 2nd Miller, 3rd Merriman Catalina 22 -1st Fox, 2nd Emrich, 3rd Duitch Green – 1st Myers, 2nd Hubbard J24 – 1st Cameron, 2nd Graef, 3rd Douglas Red – 1st Chapman, 2nd Leeman, 3rd Goff Thanks to all the participants, volunteers and lobsters who made this possible! Let’s do it again next year! The Summer Wednesday’s Series and Super Sunday’s concluded with a bang. No collisions though just a little thunder. We had 11 races and 34 different boats on Wednesdays!! 10 races and only 13 different boats on Sunday’s. Awards by qualified fleet winners: Wednesday Summer Series Bl/Wh – 1st Chapman, 2nd Conrad, 3rd Miller Green – 1st Lauer, 2nd Truax, 3rd Endris Red – 1st Hickok, 2nd Kohne, 3rd Cameron Super Sunday’s: Bl/Wh – 1st Fox Red – 1st Hickok, 2nd Goff The J24 Championship for the year between ISC and ECSC concluded with the KeelOver Regatta at ISC on 9/29&30. It started in tough light twisting air and ISC’s boat Chaos had a 2 point lead on the closest rival ECSC boat. Then on Sunday’s last race, last tack, last breeze to the finish, the skipper and crew of Spontaneous Combustion were able to bring home the bacon = bring back to the club the beer and trophies, Good Job! Next up the invitation only Club Championship on 10/6. Then our final regatta for the year on 10/13&14 open and free for all members! The “Fast Start Last” Hornback Regatta and Chili Cookoff. Make sure your boat is PHRF registered. Awards to the top 5 boats. This regatta is named in honor of the first ECSC Commodore, Ned Hornback 1931-2018!   Respectfully, Bob Hickok and John George, ECSC racing committee