October 22, 2021
racing 22

Racing October 2021

Race Fans,

With lowered spirits, we unfortunately are bringing to a close the 2021 sailing season. Despite our reluctance to see it go, we still are grateful for the resumption of a full racing program this year after the COVID altered 2020 season. Nancy and I have many to thank for all the help we received from every ECSC committee and from many of the member volunteers that made racing so enjoyable and exciting this year.

The ECSC and Horback Regatta were successfully completed with the skillful race committee management and organization of Bob and Janet Hickok, Charlie Brehob, Eileen Leonard, and their volunteer teams. Their efforts were very well done and appreciated by all. There is one fun regatta to go in this season’s schedule, the Hot Chocolate Regatta on November 13th . We will have “spicy“ hot chocolate and some fun racing awards. We hope that you will join us for an enjoyable last sail and if your boat is already out of the water please jump onboard with other racing sailors.

We hope you will be joining other members for the Final Bash on Nov 6th at which time we will be awarding the Series Racing Awards for the Spring and Summer seasons, Broken Mast Award, Party Boat Award, Sailor of the Year, and Boat of the Year awards. It should be a lot of fun.

Lastly, we still have some regatta t-shirts for all the races this year. Contact Nancy Goff to purchase these extra shirts. They should make nice Christmas presents.

John Kohne
Nancy Goff…

September 23, 2021

Racing September 2021


We are fresh off the very successful and popular Indy 200 Regatta thanks to Rich Fox and his helpers.  A big thanks to all those who made this possible.  By the reading of this article, we hope that everyone is also looking back at one of our biggest social events and regattas of the season – the Governor’s Cup and Lobsterfest.  All these events depend heavily on the spirit of volunteerism and willingness of individuals to go beyond what they are receiving to serve others.  Nancy and I appreciate all the help we have received and hope to finish this season with a flurry of events and regattas that increase your enjoyment of racing and the pleasure of enjoying each other’s company.

There are still two regattas left to come.  The ECSC Regatta (which was abandoned earlier in the year due to no wind) will be sailed on October 2nd and the Hornback Regatta on October 16th.  These will both be pursuit regattas with monohull and multihull fleets competing in a staggered start sequence based on handicap – with first to finish winner format.  We hope you will join us for these fun and exciting races.

See you on the water!

John Kohne
Racing Chair…

August 20, 2021
Racing august 2021

Racing August 2021


If you have been well-practiced these last couple of months racing in the series racing at ECSC, then you will be ready for the up-and-coming next couple of months of regatta racing. Because of the cancelling of the ECSC Regatta due to low wind, many have asked that it be resailed. This regatta will be added to the upcoming other regattas scheduled for September and October – the Flying Scott Regatta on September 4th and 5th, the Indy 200 Regatta on September 11th, the Governor’s Cup and Lobster Fest on September 18th and 19th, the ECSC Pursuit Regatta on October 2nd, and then the Hornback Regatta and Chili Cookoff on October 16th. They will provide many opportunities for enjoyable racing in two of the best sailing months of the season. We hope that you will join your fellow racing members and out-of-towners and make them enjoyable for all. The NORs are available on the ECSC Racing web page for the ECSC, Indy 200, and Governor’s Cup.

The Spring Series racing has ended. The Summer Series is in full swing with new leaders in some categories and new participants. There are still some RC and Safety spots to be filled and hope those who have not yet fulfilled their committee responsibilities will do so soon. We have appreciated some non-racing members helping out and enjoying the racing on Wednesday night by going out on the RC boat with the RC Committee. Hope other non-racers might avail themselves of this opportunity.

John Kohne
Racing Chair…

July 11, 2021
Ecsc collage 2

Racing July 2021


The 2021 Racing season is reaching the halfway point. The Wednesday night Series is over and the Sunday Honors races will be over in another week. If you missed the competitive Summer Series, you have a chance to catch up for lost time as the Fall Series is just beginning. We look forward to seeing you on the reservoir, if for no other reason than an evening sunset or an afternoon summer breeze …it’s the reason we all enjoy sailing in the first place.

Another important opportunity for sailing enjoyment is coming up this coming weekend at the ECSC Regatta and Beach Party on July 17th. This will be a pursuit regatta made up of multiple races with different courses that have staggered starts based on the predicted racing speed (PHRF) of your boat. Said another way, the slower boats start first and the faster boats last. The race winner is the first one to cross the finish line. This is designed to create exciting racing and finishes as all boats should finish at the same time if they are all racing up to their potential. If you intend to join us, please send and E-Mail message to Nancy Goff (nancygoff.g@gmail.com) or John Kohne (racing@ecsail.org). There is no registration fee for this regatta, only charges for meals, so get your registration in soon.

We wanted to let all racers know that we now have a race-worthy anemometer on the race-committee pontoon. It will be placed on the mast of the RC boat each Wednesday night for the racing events. It will track the instantaneous wind speed as well as the average wing speed during the racing. It can be accessed by all racers in their boats on their smart phones if they are within 300 yards of the RC pontoon. You can access this wind indicator by downloading the Windy Anemometer app from the App Store. There are one or two linking steps that must be taken, but connect with John Kohne before the Wednesday night races for help. We hope to use this in the future for determining objectively if we have enough wind to conduct a race and to evaluate the use of the Portsmouth Racing Performance Handicapping System for our Club as it uses wind speed to do handicapping.

See you at the Regatta and Beach Party.

Good racing !!

John Kohne and Nancy Goff


**** CALLING ALL LADIES! *******


Fellow “Seasters”,
Get ready for the 2021 ECSC Ladies Sail to be held on Saturday, August 14th! 
You may register as a captain (and race your own boat) or register as crew for one of our fabulous female skippers!  All female members and their female guests are welcome. We will ensure that all get a ride. 
Following the race there will be a raft up with music, food, prizes, and more!  All participants will receive an awesome Ladies Sail tank top too.
Sign up today! Link to register is below:
Cody & Abby
June 9, 2021
Racing June 2021

Racing June 2021

Dear Racers,

The racing season is well off to a good start. We have had great participation and competition so far. Also, some of the creative courses we’ve set so far has enhanced the variety and the enjoyment of the racing experience. We would like to thank the numerous volunteers that have helped new members and established members get their boats up and running this Spring.

Also, we would like to thank all those that have helped put on a successful Mayor’s Cup Regatta. There were many that stepped up to help with the breakfast and brunch that was provided to the racers during the two-day event. Geoff Endris and Tom Moore worked some miracles in getting two races off in very light wind conditions both days. Tom Newgent and Nick Mates put in long hours doing a somewhat successful “Wind Dance” and scouting the reservoir for any signs of useable wind. Bruce Berner and Ethel Morgan pulled out a great Mayor’s Cup win in a return of the J22 fleet as the largest competing fleet. Another highlight of the event was the awarding of the “Captain Crunch” cereal to the two boats that enjoyed a “Close Encounter” at the leeward mark. The regatta was a reminder that the most fun in racing comes from spending time with great people in an activity that we all love.

Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon racing continues through the Summer. The next racing regatta is on Saturday, July 17th, for the ECSC Regatta in association with the ECSC Beach Party. We hope you will join us for some of these events and even consider joining our happy racing family!

John Kohne
Nancy Goff…

May 5, 2021
Tony & Christina heeling

Racing May 2021

If you are amongst the lucky ones at ECSC, you already know that the racing season has gotten off to a great start with good attendance at our initial two Wednesday and Sunday races. We have noticed better turn outs than traditional beginning of the year participation and this is particularly true of our Sunday turnouts. We have a spattering of both new and old members amongst the racers. There have been a lot of upgrades to the club racing equipment, and we have been operating safely under the COVID limitations. We hope you will get your boat onto the water and join us soon.

Our first regatta is coming up the 21st thorough 23 of May…the Mayor’s Cup Regatta. This will be an invitational two-day regatta and will have traditional fleet racing formats. One-Design fleets with 5 boats or more may request their own start. There is a pre-registration requirement due by May 19th, so sign up and get others to sign up soon. Look in the ECSC website for the registration information and registration instructions.

There is still a continued recruiting process underway for a dedicated group of race managers and racing helpers to direct the racing activities for our club. The first training session for this group will be in the last part of May after the Mayor’s Cup. This instruction will be led by Geoff Endris and will be for other interested racers as well. More information will be forthcoming. If you would like to get in on the ground floor of this program, please notify Nancy Goff or me of your interest.

John Kohne & Nancy Goff
ECSC Racing Committee…

March 30, 2021
ECSC Collage 3-2021

Racing April 2021

The beginning of racing season is approaching rapidly, and we hope that you are preparing for it.  The ECSC Work Party was on Saturday March 27 and by the time you will be reading this article much of the racing infrastructure will be in place.  The racing buoys, Race Committee pontoon, Aircraft Carrier and Safety Boat will be deployed and ready for use.  The first Wednesday night race will occur on April 21st at 6:50 PM.  Also, by the time you will be reading this, the last meeting of the Winter Member Race Committee will have occurred. At the meeting, a Blue /White Fleet assignment policy discussion will have occurred and fleet assignments for all racing fleets will be in place.  The final Spring and Summer Series Wednesday Night and Sunday Honor racing Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be posted very soon so watch for them.  The Mayor’s Cup will be the first regatta of the season on Saturday and Sunday, May 22-23, so also watch for those NOR and SI documents and mark your calendars.

This season the racing program will be putting on a total of 60 races to include 9 regattas, two of which will be boat specific, two will be open and five will be ECSC specific.  Several of the regattas will be linked with significant social club activities.  The number of racing activities is weighted to the later part of the season hopefully in association with a decline in COVID incidences.  I hope we can make this a breakout sailing and racing year with the difficulties of 2020 behind us.

The committee intends to focus on growing the number of racers and the number of times each boat races this year.  We are going to try to do this by engaging non-racers and new members with current racers as mentors.  We hope to increase the satisfaction current racers experience with racing by organizing a dedicated and experienced race committee presence on Wednesdays and migrate this formula into Sunday to gradually build participation there.

More volunteers from our Membership could help get these projects off the ground and create a more enjoyable environment for all.  I hope that you can volunteer early in our efforts to enable a rapid start to improve racing this year.  We will need to continue the volunteer race committee ( SignUp Genius) particularly at the start of the year until we can recruit more dedicated RC staff.  We also count on volunteers to sign up for regatta PRO’s and race committees, food and beverage overseers for Wednesday Night racing and mentors for new racers.  Please contact Nancy, Rich Fox, Geoff Endris or myself to volunteer for an activity that fits your fancy. Or ask how you can help or participate in the racing program.

See you out racing !!

John Kohn and Nancy Goff…

February 16, 2021
Racing Collage feb 2021

Racing February 2021

Racers and Potential Racers

When looking out the window and seeing snow, the Summer winds pushing sails, boats, and racers around beautiful Eagle Creek Reservoir seem far out of sight.  Despite this – or perhaps because of this – many in the club are spending their time preparing for an exciting and long-awaited season of excellent sailing at ECSC.  Nancy Goff, Rich Fox, Geoff Endris, Chuck Goff and I have actively been working over the past few months making preparations for a breakout sailing season, something to get us past the COVID doldrums and winter bleakness.  On February 3rd we presented some of the new ideas, actions, and priorities that are underway by the five of us on the Racing Program Committee.  The meeting was online and had 27 attendees logged-on for the one-hour presentation.

We announced the purchase of a new set of racing flags and a wind anemometer to help in race handicapping.  Plans for evaluating the Portsmith handicapping system vs using the current PHRF Handicapping System were discussed, and a decision to move forward with the evaluation was made.  We considered a proposal to create a dedicated On-Water Race Committee.  This will be explored and a budget to support this effort is in place.  Discussion of the guidelines for Fleet Assignment (particularly for the Blue and White Fleet) was had and a guideline was adopted to govern it.  Another meeting will be held a month from now and the fleet assignments for all 2021 members of ECSC along with the new PHRF and Portsmith handicap assignments will be available for discussion.

One of the highest priorities for next year is to increase the participation of all members of the club in the racing programs.  Our hope is to accomplish this through continuing to innovate the on- and off-water racing activities, and through the enthusiasm of the current racers in the venues themselves.  We are encouraged by the turnout of the winter racing meeting and hope to continue to build on the recommendations and suggestions of the membership in improving our program.

John Kohne and Nancy Goff