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    Geoff Endris

    Welcome to the ECSC Crew Sign-up Board.

    If you need a crew for your boat, submit a post describing your boat, your experience and what type of crew you are looking for. At the bottom of the screen, indicate that you want to be notified of any responses to your post. If anyone responds to your post, you will receive an email.

    If you want to crew for someone, you can either respond to an existing posting, or submit a new post describing your availability and experience level. Again, be sure to check the box stating that you wish to be notified of any responses to your post.

    Once you make contact, with the skipper/crew, make arrangements to meet at the club and start sailing!

    Be aware that your comments are public – so be respectful of other’s opinions. Anyone who uses this site to post abusive, harassing or offensive posts may have his/her posting privileges revoked.

    The site administrator reserves the right to delete any obsolete discussion threads or off-topic or offensive postings.

    ECSC WebMaster

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