For Sale – Wanted

For Sale – Wanted to Buy

Welcome to the ECSC Classifieds page. This page is for members to post boats or sailing gear for sale or items you want to purchase. If you are a current or past ECSC Club member and wish to have an item posted on this page please email a description of the item (with a picture if you wish), the price, and your contact information to . Your item and contact information will be posted for an 8 week period and then will automatically be removed. If you item sell (or you find the item you have advertised) please email me again at the above email to have the item removed.  If you wish to have your item re-listed or extended past 8 weeks, email me and I will relist the item.


FOR SALE – (4.7.17)  20 foot Highlander Hull #831 all sails, main, jib and spinnaker plus aluminum trailer, light and easy to move around.  All for $2859.  Contact Chauncey Olin at

FOR SALE – 6-10-17 -15ft Grumman Double Ended Aluminum Canoe in good condition.  Includes 3 paddles, a motor bracket, folding anchor and miscellaneous accessories.  $350 Contact Jeff Roberts  call/text 317-432-0402

FOR SALE – 6-10-17 -Evinrude Yachtwin 9.9hp, electric start, good condition.  Bought electric outboard.  $450 Contact Jeff Roberts call/text at 317-432-0402



FOR SALE – FOR FREE – 6-19-17 – SAILS –
2 sets. Both sets fit the Precision 23 sailboat.   
Measurements are: Main–    10.5 wide and 26.25 high, Genoa–  26.25 high, and 155% width
The first set are almost new.  I had a problem with them new and sent them back to North Sails, who found the error and corrected it.  (Problem was a luff rope stitched too tight, making it impossible to pull the sail tight enough for best racing.)   Now it’s back but I already replaced it.   Sails for sale are specked by North for longest life. Price for first set is less than one half new price, at $450 each.   These have not been used since North Sails first year repair.
The second set are the ones that were on the boat when I bought it.    They are well used but in good condition with no tears or damage.    They have served their useful race winning life in my opinion, but are fully operational and excellent for cruising. The price for these sails (both) is $0.00 (free to a good home).
Mike Clark
(317) 625 2959

FOR SALE – (6-21-17) – 24′ Sailboat – Allied Greenwich – Trailer – all sails including spinnaker and spinnaker pole – newer cushions – outboard motor –  at ECSC in the water –  Call Jim at 317-432-5171