• Commodore

    Let’s Go Sailing

    The sailing season has commenced!  The trees are quickly growing their lush coats of green.  Activity at the club is at its expected spring norm, and it appears as if approximately half the boats are already in their slips.  Other boats are getting fresh coats of bottom paint, wax, and various other last minute repairs prior to launch.  This is the spring Eagle Creek experience that we have all come to know and love!

    Now that we are back in the thick of things, it is time to mention a few items.  In the last couple of years, we have noticed an increase in the number of motor boats exceeding the speed limit on the lake.  We have talked to the IMPD and the Park, but without a presence on the water, there is little either can do.  After further discussions with the park, The ECSC Board has authorized the use of one of the 48 hour slips for use by the Eagle Creek Park Ranger.  This action was taken as an attempt to enhance safety and speed limit rule enforcement on the lake while strengthening our club’s important relationship with Indy Parks.

    Please be aware that the first slip on D dock is now reserved for the Park Ranger’s boat. The Park Rangers may also launch a personal watercraft patrol boat from time to time from our ramp. It is also possible, but unlikely, that Park Rangers might enter the club with lights and sirens blaring in response to an emergency situation on the water.

    It is not clear how often Park Rangers will use our facilities. Regardless, club members should always be aware of their possible presence at our dock and on the water.  Please use this as a gentle reminder to obey park rules and observe safe boating practices.  That means PFDs for everyone on the boat, kids must wear PFDs, lights on boats after dusk, etc.

    Remember that sailing quickly loses its fun when someone gets hurt.  Let’s stay safe and have a great season!



  • Social

    First Social event: Mother’s Day

    It is hard to believe that Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  Please join us in our season kickoff Mother’s Day Brunch hosted by Mike and Katie Smith on Sunday, May 8th, at 11:30am.  If you want to support the Smith’s efforts and earn some work credits, then please let me know!  Bring a dish to pass and treat your Mother to the best brunch in town!
    I am still looking for someone to host our Memorial Day Cookout scheduled for Monday, May 30th. If you are interested, please call or text me:  317-847-7400.

    Vickie Greenough

    Social Chair

    The 2016 Social Calendar

    Event Date Time Host Status
    Mother’s Day Brunch May 8 11:30 am Smith/Greenough Families
    Mayor’s Cup Dinner/Party May 14 5:00 pm Race Crew
    Memorial Day Cookout May 30 3:30 pm Need Host & Crew
    Father’s Day Brunch June 19 11:30 am Need Host & Crew
    July 4th Pig Roast July 4 3:30 pm Need Host & Crew
    ECSC Beach Party July 9 5:00 pm Race Crew
    Lobster Fest August ?? 6:00 pm Need Host & Crew
    Labor Day Cookout September 5 3:30 pm Need Host & Crew
    Governor’s cup Dinner/Party September 17 5:00 pm Race Crew
    Hornback Chili Cookoff October 8 5:30 pm Need host and crew
    Final Bash November 5 6:00 pm Need Host & Crew


  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster Notes

    Ahoy ECSC members,

    As I mentioned in earlier articles, Dennis Robertson and I are the Harbormasters this year.  Dennis takes care of everything on the water and I take care of everything on land.  If you have a problem, contact either of us.  We work well together and switch up duties as necessary to make sure you get prompt attention. Our job is to be there to help you have a pleasant club experience.

    Unfortunately, it also falls to the Harbormaster to enforce policies and general rules regarding the use of club facilities and specifically, boat storage and slip rentals.   We as a club have been lax in past years in enforcing the rules.  As a result, we have a large number of abandoned boats, which is causing a shortage of storage space for our members.

    So, I want to use this month’s article to remind everyone of the general club rules regarding boat storage and club usage.  The rules can be found on our web site, but I want to call your attention to a few important ones.

    The most important issue is timely placement of membership stickers on your boat and trailer. We use the stickers to identify who is up to date on club dues. Without these stickers, your boat is considered an abandoned boat.  If you boat does not have current stickers, you might lose your boat parking spot, or even lose your slip assignment.  Most marinas and clubs tow first and ask questions later.  We don’t…..yet.  So, please do not take putting your stickers on your boat as a trivial matter.  Our club is very popular and getting overcrowded.  We are going to have to get more serious about the policing of boats to make sure our paid members have room.  I’m sorry, but that’s just the way is has to be.

    The next issue is slip rental.  Please remember that you are leasing the slip from the club for the season.  You do not own the slip.  If you cannot use your slip and want to recoup some or all of your slip rental fees, then you must contact Dennis Robertson and he will sublease your slip for you.  Dennis has a long waiting list for slip changes and open slips.  The club has very specific rules for governing seniority and priority for open and subleased slips.  It is not fair to those who have been patiently waiting on the list for you to sublease the slip on your own.  So, no side deals.  No helping a friend jump to the top of the list.  We will immediately invalidate any deals and you might end up losing your slip rental privileges.  This is the way every marina/club operates and we are no different.

    The third issue relates to the 48-hour dock. The 48-hour dock has about ten or twelve spots available for dry sailors and guests. As the name implies, the spots are good for 48 hours. This allows dry sailors to enjoy Wednesday racing or weekends on the water with family and friends. If you need extra time on the 48-hour dock, please contact Dennis Robertson to coordinate your needs. If you need to use the 48-hour dock for an extended period while working on your trailer or other reasons, we understand and will accommodate you.  We just ask that you get approval first.

    Lastly, it is time to get your boats in the water. The car corral must be empty before Mothers Day to accommodate our first social event of the season. The Mother’s Day brunch is one of our most popular events.  So, let’s get out there and get those boats in the water.   Once your boat is launched, please feel free to store your trailer (with current stickers on them, of course), at the top of the hill.



  • Racing

    2016 Racing is underway!

    Mayor’s Cup Update

    Mayors Cup is just around the corner!!!   May 14th and 15th we will hold our first major regatta of the season. Race Documents and the registration form can be found online at www.ecsail.org under the racing tab.  To Pre-register, send an email to racing@ecsail.org with your boat name, skipper name sail number and class. That will pre-register you and you can fill out the form at registration on the 14th. Come out for great on the water racing, and off the water food, music and beverages.

    Remember, the Mayors Cup party is not just for Racers anymore. All club members are invited to come to the party, hang with the racers, eat some delicious Yats food, enjoy some beer, soda, or water and listen to Catalyst Gypsee. The party starts around 5 with a Shellback Rum pour. The band will start around 5.30, and dinner is at 6.30.  All this will only be $10 per person for the first dinner bought and $5 each additional dinner. Mayor’s Cup Shirts will also be available (while supplies last) for $10 per shirt. Racers, your $40 early registration fee includes one $10 shirt and your first $10 dinner. If we don’t get an emailed pre-registration the regatta fee is $45.

    Wednesday Night Series

    April has seen some great Wednesday night racing. The numbers are growing each week as the temperature continues to rise. Come check out the new tunes at the race shed. Special Thanks to John George and Brian for hanging the Liars swing  in the race shed.

    ECSC Match Race Championship

    May 7th will be our 2nd annual ECSC Match Race championship. We plan to run this like last year’s event with an onshore primer on Match racing, then hit the water in a couple of club FJs. Last year, we raced several races in Flying Juniors and all had fun and learned a lot. Come check it out, meet at 11 a.m. at the race shed. Any 2 person teams that want to sail are welcome. Shoot me an email at racing@ecsail.org and let me know if you want to race. Also, we will need help on the RC boat so come on out and have some fun.

    Annual Flying Scot Regatta

    May 21st and 22nd will be our ECSC Flying Scot regatta. This has grown into one of our best one design regattas. Last year, we had 15 boats from all over the Midwest.  With only two local boats, that means almost all competitors come from other clubs, including the 2nd, 4th and 9th place finishers in the 2016 Midwinters.  For the second year in a row, our own Tyler Andrews will be coming back to race.  Tyler and his Father-in-Law, Harry Carpenter finished 4th in the 2016 Midwinters.  Come on out and say “hi” to him.  The race documents can be found on the racing website page.

    Sunday Series

    The Sunday series will begin Sunday June 5th with the first warning at 2 p.m. It will coincide with the Catalina 25 Club Championship. We have several Catalina 25s that now race. Let’s get them all on the starting line for three short races and crown a Catalina 25 champ!  The winner will get one of our new Sunday prizes. Either a ECSC logo embroidered Fleece blanket, an ECSC Logo embroidered backpack, or an ECSC Logo embroidered sunhat.  Even if you don’t have a Catalina, ALL ECSC boats are welcome to race on Wednesdays and Sundays.  We ask that you fill out a PHRF form that can be found in a holder next to the race shed door. If you don’t have a form on file, we will still score you…. We just will have to use the base PHRF number.


    Last month, we held a beginner race seminar. About 20 sailors brushed up on their Race Management rules and learned the ins and outs of our race boats and race gear. If anyone else would like a refresher or to check out our race management book it can be found on the website listed as race committee handbook. It has everything you need to know to run a race.

    Rick and Janet from Racing


  • Membership

    May Membership Update

    A big welcome to four new members:

    •  Meredith and Patty Hole of Greenwood sailing a Catalina 25.
    • Spike and Mary Selig of Indianapolis sailing a Ghost 13.
    • Fritz and Susy Lay also of Indianapolis and they are sailing a San Juan 21’.
    • Bran and Julie Elmore of Coatsville with several boats:  Starwind 22’ and Catalina 14.2

    Two of the above are returning members (Selig & Lay) while the other two are new to the club.  Two (Hole & Lay) wish to be added to the 2016 waiting list for a slip.

    The membership booklet is at the printers and will be mailed to your home very soon.   Our goal was for accuracy throughout, but please email membership@ecsail.org with any corrections or changes.  Also email if your IN # is not included in the booklet.  That would mean that we have not yet received this information from you.

    More boats going in the water everyday.  It should be a great season.  Our first social event is coming up soon – Mother’s Day Brunch on May 8th at 11:30.   The club provides eggs, bacon, sausage and each member attending provides a covered dish to compliment the brunch menu.


  • Safety & Education

    Junior Summer Camp is filling up!

    Junior Racing Schedule Update

    Well, the Laser Regatta I mentioned last month got cancelled due to weather – too much wind (Gusts to 45 mph!).  So the juniors will now start their competitive season this year at Carlyle for the Junior Olympics on May 28-29. After that, it is pretty much every weekend all summer long!  We will do our best to update you on results as the season develops.  Again, you are always welcome to come and watch our junior sailors in action!

    Junior Sailing Camp

    ECSC Junior Sailing Camp is filling up nicely!  The week of June 20-24 is almost full with only a few spots left and the week of June 27-July 1 has about 10 spots left.  If you have been procrastinating about sending in your registration, now is the time to do so, since there aren’t many spots left.  Register here! Register here!

    If you are going sailing for the first time of the season, remember to check these items:

    • Don’t forget to place your ECSC decal on the port side of your boat and trailer.
    • Does your boat have the proper state decals on it?
    • By law you must have one Personal Flotation Device for each person aboard PLUS a throw-able PFD.
    • Check the rigging and all lines for wear and replace as necessary.
    • Battery & lights working?
    • Need to replace that old battery? Please don’t leave the old one at the Club…take it with you.  The store you bought your new battery from will give you a credit for your old battery.
    • When was the last time your motor had a tune-up?

    Sailing Instructions

    Saturday morning introductory sailing instruction begins May 15th and is every Saturday at 11:00 am.


  • Store

    Ship’s Store 2016 Catalog is Done

    The Ship Store Catalog is done.  There are 4 sections consisting of a total 28 items.  However, if you include color variations the total is 48.  The catalog is not on line yet.  It will be posted on the new web site (see below).  In the mean time, one can be easily obtained by sending an e-mail to alsailing@icloud.com.  Indicate SHIP STORE CATALOG REQUEST as the Subject and give me your e-mail address.  I will email a catalog to you within 24 hours.  This email address is for catalog requests only please!

    Any other questions not related to purchase requests should be sent to wil3673@aol.com or just call me.

    As a review, the following is the 2016 Stores Operating Information:

    1. Our main shelter will have a display with on duty sales personnel to help you at all regattas and major family events during the sailing season.  The actual dates can be found on the club calendar followed by specific details in the monthly telltales.
    2. At any other time, orders can be placed by phone or through an email request (no texting).  Items can be picked up at the club based on a mutual agreed-on pickup time.  We take cash or checks made out to ECSC.  Sorry, no credit cards.
    3. For your shopping pleasure in between the social events and regattas we have the catalog or if you see me at the club.  Show me your money.  I am not bashful about filling your orders.


    As a reminder, don’t forget the upcoming Burgee and Sailing cap sale on Mother’s Day and at the Mayors Cup Regatta.  These items are yours for 50% off the list price!