• Commodore

    Commodore April 2020

    Well, this is the month that we would normally be getting the club open, the marks set on the lake, and launching boats in the water for the beginning of another wonderful sailing season. Instead, we are in the midst of an unprecedented time of uncertainty due to Covid-19 and the club is still not officially open. Boats are slowly getting into the water, but instead of the normal camaraderie and gathering at the race shed to shake off the winter blues, we are asking members to restrict their interactions. Sailing can be a socially distant activity, but it is advised that you only sail with those people who are sharing your quarantine space. The board is continuing to monitor the advisories and at this time have postponed our normal spring social and racing events. We are communicating through this newsletter, email and our Facebook page. If you know someone who does not have access to these electronic communication efforts, please reach out to them and share what we are doing.

    In the meanwhile, please take care of yourselves and each other. This too shall pass, and as the resilient sailors that I know we are, we will make up for it in no time.

    Be well and see you on the water – sometime soon!

    Nan (Schulze) Wishart

  • Social

    Social April 2020

    *** Updates will be provided through email regarding events as the COVID19 situation progresses ***


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  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster April 2020


    Greetings ECSC Sailors,

    To say this is a challenging Spring for us all would be an understatement. We have continued to address security issues at the club, our buildings are being secured much better, we have added security cameras and are looking at additional measures to secure our club. We have resigned Ron Anderson as our onsite maintenance person. Due to the Coronavirus we are not having a Spring work party, however you can use the available link to the signup genius to do the few remaining projects on your own while observing social distancing guidelines. Let me know your hours for work credits at chuckg121@gmail.com or 317-938-1019. I would like to thank the entire board and the newly formed ECSC Senior Executive Security Task Force of EJ Williams, Jim Bartek, Ki Hickok and John George for helping with a very comprehensive plan.

    Signup for Spring work tasks: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F44AAAC2AA7FB6-spring

    Please refer to the signup genius for the following tasks:

    – Blow leaves out of upper shelter and put the tables and chairs in place.
    – Cut back ornamental grasses and clean up flower beds on hill below upper shelter.
    – Blow leaves from entire grounds into the lake.

    Thank you,
    Chuck Goff
    Vice Commodore
    Grounds Committee

  • Commodore - Racing

    Racing April 2020


    I know many of you are wondering the same thing, “When can we start racing?” Unfortunately, we are in the postpone mode until further notice. It just isn’t smart to do anything at this moment and the state still says we can’t. I am still hopeful for Mayor’s Cup, but the next few weeks will tell. Sorry, I do not have any better answers for you, but only time will tell.

    We have a new RIB and it is almost like new. It has a 50HP motor and I want to remind people that this boat is for safety duty only. All eyes are upon us and we need to keep in mind the 10 mph rule on the lake. When setting up marks, keep this in mind and don’t be racing from one end of the lake to the other. We can race the boat for emergency’s only….. We do not want the rules to change on the lake so that big motor boats are allowed. So, let us use our boats with that in mind and not abuse our privileges….. Keep our speed under 10mph at all times. Thanks for keeping this in mind…..

    Quantum and North Sails are hosting many web seminars for free. Lots for good information out there, so use this time wisely. If you need some new sails, discounts are still available.

    I hope by next month, we have some more encouraging news. In the meantime, be safe and dream about racing.

    Marcus Rogers
    Racing Chair

  • Membership

    Membership April 2020


    The membership drive for 2020 is complete. Total active membership is presently 246. 21 members chose not to renew their memberships. 10 of those had assigned slips so those became available. Another 10 remained members, but gave up their slips. Plus we had 4 members who wanted to sublease their slip for the season. As a result of this, our Harbormaster, Kenny Chapman, was able to satisfy the requests of everyone who wanted a slip. Great job, Kenny and Ki, in completing this big job of slip assignments in record time. The slip charts are posted at the club in three places: Race Shed, upper shelter and on the door of the power wash shed. Any questions or concerns, please contact Kenny.

    We have had 3 new members join in 2020 and they may have asked to be on the wait list, but for the first time in quite a few years, we will have a very short wait for slips.

    The next step is to pull all this information together, get it to the printer and mail your 2020 Membership Booklets. You should have these in your hands by mid May at the latest.

    Jane Schmidt
    ECSC Membership Chairman

  • Publicity

    Publicity April 2020

    Hello everyone,

    Unfortunately there is not much to report from Publicity either. I could mention some of the boring updates I plan to do to the website, but I’ll spare you that one!

    Instead, I thought I would share the below sailing documentary about a small-town kid from Seymour, IN, who made some money, bought a boat, and decided to sail around the world for a few years.

    I highly recommend it as a nice sailing supplement until we can get our normal season back underway.   It’s quite an inspirational film for the adventurous sailor.

    This documentary is about Alex Rust and his sailboat: Bubbles.