• Commodore

    Commodore June 2022

    Hey sailors!
    I can’t believe June is almost over, but there are so many fun upcoming  activities planned for the future. Our Father’s Day Brunch was a big hit, as usual. Thank you to all the volunteers that made it awesome and enjoyable.  We have our Kids Family Fun Day July 2nd to try out our brand new Pirate Ship playground located behind the upper shelter. A big thank you to our Facilities Manager, Bill Harrington! Also on July 16 we have the ECSC Regatta and Beach Party to look forward to.
    I hope everyone is enjoying the season so far!

    Ki Hickok
    ECSC Commodore

  • Secretary

    Secretary June 2022

    This is my continuing report to the membership about recent updates to the club’s Bylaws and General Rules.

    Per the General Rules – “The club’s rules are intended to promote a safe and enjoyable experience for all members.”

    At the June 14th Board of Directors meeting, a new bullying policy was approved by the Board.  Members should know that if you bully a fellow member, affiliated person, or guest, you will be subject to immediate disciplinary action by the Board up to and possibly including immediate suspension or termination of membership.  This policy is intended to discourage and prevent bullying behavior whether verbally or on social media.  The Board’s vote was unanimous on this topic.  The updated General Rules will be posted on the website within a few weeks.

    The next Board of Directors meeting will most likely be on Tuesday, September 13, 7pm, at the club’s upper shelter.

    If you are interested in possibly serving on the Board of Directors and having your name on the 2022 election ballot, please contact any member of the Board of Directors (see club directory) before September 1st to let them know you are interested in being nominated.

    Rich Fox

    ECSC Secretary

  • Social

    Social June 2022

    Thank you to all who attended the Father’s Day Brunch! Karen and Kenneth Orndorff put on a great event full with a beautiful Bloody Mary Bar! Thank you again Tony Rice for your masterful grilling skills.

    We are in the planning stages of the July 2nd Kids Day designed to provide some fun activities for kids of all ages to start the holiday weekend off. Stay tuned for more details! If you are interested in volunteering for Kids Day, please contact Jennifer Curtis.

    Our upcoming events are as follows:

    Kids/Family Fun Day – Saturday, July 2nd, TBD – watch for more announcements
    Beach Party – Saturday, July 16th at 6:00pm – Catered by Circle City BBQ -Band on the Beach – RSVP required to Nick Mates – More details to come.
    Labor Day Celebration – Saturday, September 3rd, 6:00pm. DJ – Still looking for a host/hostess
    Lobster Fest – Saturday, September 24th, time TBD – Hosted by Orndorff – RSVP required
    Chili Cookoff – Saturday, October 8th, time TBD – Sill looking for a host/hostess
    Final Bash – Saturday, November 5th, time TBD – Hosted by Chuck and Nancy Goff – RSVP required

    Please feel free to contact Jen Curtis or me with any suggestions on how we can enhance your social experience. You may locate us in the Sailing Club Directory.

    Vickie Greenough            Jennifer Curtis
    Social Chair                       Social Assistant
    317-847-7400 – call or text

  • Racing

    Racing June 2022


    Racers and Would-Like-To-Be Racers=

    If you are a member who has been interested in trying out racing, a racing beginner, or an inexperienced racer who would like to learn more about racing or perhaps get more experience with a skilled racer, you may want to consider our next Regatta.  This year the ECSC Regatta (Saturday, July 16th) will be a special event.  In addition to being our traditional summer regatta occurring with one of our largest social events (the ECSC Beach Party), this year it will also be commemorating the 50th year since the opening of Eagle Creek Park.  In light of this, we wanted to do something different and additive to the regatta event.  Our hope was to have some sailing activity before the race that would help bring more members into the sailboat-racing community at ECSC.

    The plan is to have some racing activity in the morning of July 16th focused on members with sailboats who have never raced before or who are inexperienced and would like to learn new skills to improve their racing performance.  Experienced sailors will be available that morning to join you on your boat to act as skipper of your boat in a few short races and then to help you skipper your boat in a few races to move you along the sailing learning curve.  After these morning learning events, we then would hope everyone would join in the ECSC Regatta in the afternoon.  If you are an experienced skipper, inexperienced or a beginning sailor, we would ask you to contact Nancy Goff or me to sign up for this unique event celebrating sailing and the park birthday.

    Beginner Sailors and Experienced Volunteers please contact

    John Kohne     racing@ecsail.org           or

    Nancy Goff      cngoff6@gmail.com

    The Dedicated Race Committee effort is still moving forward with the feedback of the racing members.  Many lessons are being learned regarding race management.  Appreciate everyone’s support and information sharing required for the program’s success.

    Repairs to the RIB boat lift were just completed and allows for its continued safe operation.

    The last significant repair project for the racing program is the roof restoration on the Aircraft Carrier pontoon.  I received some recent volunteers for this project but would still appreciate anyone with experience with aluminum work to help expedite the work of those of us who lack significant experience.  Contact John Kohne at racing@ecsail.org  or 317-966-4844 .

    John Kohne & Nancy Goff

    Race Chairs

  • Junior Program - Racing

    Junior Program June 2022

    Message from Katie DeGrella, Junior Chair:

    The Juniors want to give a shout out to Kenny Chapman for saving the day at sailing camp last week by helping bring in an FJ that had taken on too much water. Thank you, Kenny!

    Olivia DeGrella and Matt Johnson raced at the North Cape Yacht Club Regatta in Michigan on June 18th. Olivia finished 11th overall and Matt finished strong in his first open water competition. Good Job to both of our Junior Sailors!

    Sailing Camp Week 1 was a success and a lot of fun for all! Week 2 of sailing camp is just finishing up and Week 3 is June 27- July 1.

    – Katie

    Message from Wayne Myers, Assistant Junior Chair:

    Hi Guys and Girls,

    The team just got back into town Sunday, after doing battle on the big water of Lake Erie (We can’t teach racing on waves and chop on Eagle Ocean).

    Saturday racing was in NNW-N winds 13-16 at the North Cape Yacht Club. Our team has been welcomed to train at NCYC for a week or more for many years now. It’s only 252 miles North from our club.

    NCYC is in the top 5 yacht clubs in the US. Next month, over 50 Flying Scotts will do battle there.

    On to racing.

    Olivia Degrella has learned the art of dancing in the Laser with radial rig. There are 9 Saturdays in the I-LYA Travelers Series this year. This past Saturday in race #3, Olivia finished 11th out of 31 boats…with a 5th and 6th place overall. This is a major step in her rise as the Top Girl for 2022 Junior Bay Week. She is in her 4.5 years with the ECSC Junior Team and is head instructor for our summer sailing camp this year (as well as last year).

    Matt Johnson, a rookie this year (they are a rookie until they finished their first race at Junior Bay Week). Qualification for Junior Bay Week is racing in two flat waters and two open waters. Matt has his two flat waters in, and NCYC was his first open-water event. His next is at Port Clinton (also on Lake Erie).

    After Port Clinton, the team makes the ferry ride to Put-In-Bay for a week of racing…Junior Bay Week. This is my 17th or 20th year going to Junior Bay. I go back to 2003 when Tyler Andrews won and again 2005…both on a Laser.

    The plan of the Junior Sailing Program has always been to teach kids how to complete in life…only doing it on the race course!

    – Wayne… I’m just the truck driver

  • Racing - Safety & Education

    Safety & Education June 2022

    Little Free Library
    The Little Free Library arrived this week! It will be located by the race shed and contain books and resources of all kinds. We encourage you to share sailing resources such as books on navigation, engines, cruising, racing, and just general sailing. Please also feel free to contribute children’s books and any fun reads that people may enjoy during a relaxing afternoon on the boat. 
    Vessel Safety Checks
    With a Vessel Safety Check you will have the peace of mind that your boat meets federal safety standards and that in an emergency you will have the necessary equipment to save lives and summon help. In many cases, boating insurance agencies offer discounts for vessels which undergo a Vessel Safety Check every year. If your boat does not pass, no citation is issued at that time. Instead, you are provided a written report on how to correct any discrepancies. Flotilla 1-7 of Castleton will be performing Vessel Safety Checks this year on either 7/9 or 7/23. Confirmation will be received this week.
    First Aid Kits
    First Aid kits are fully stocked.. Should you notice anything needing to be replenished, please let Abby Harlan know.
    Yoga is behind as the yoga instructor is no longer available due to personal travel. As soon as a new schedule is set, it will be shared!
    Save the Date! The ECSC Ladies Sail will be held on Saturday, August 6th. Sign up here!
    Abigail Harlan
    Safety & Education Chair
  • Publicity

    Publicity June 2022

    Looking for someone to take over the Publicity Chair position starting next year!   Responsibilities include putting together the Telltales once a month (during the sailing season), sending out emails to the membership, posting pictures on our Instagram account, and keeping the website updated.  I plan on teaching this new Publicity Chair everything they need to know.  I’ll also volunteer to be the assistant chair to help with the work. As with all Chair positions, this person will have their Membership Dues waived. 

    Please send an email to publicity@ecsail.org if you’re interested or would like to recommend someone.

    Technically the Publicity Chair has control of making all the ECSC merchandise & apparel, too.  But I plan to keep doing that since it’s fun.  So it’s up to whoever comes on board if they want to run the Ship Store, too.

    I am in the process of making a lot more softshell jackets (mens and womens style) as well as rash-guards and long-sleeve t-shirts.

    My Ship Store inventory now includes (see images below):

    • 1/4 zip sweatshirts (more sizes being ordered).  $25
    • soft shell jackets.   $40
    • t-shirts (plenty of mens and women in stock).  $10
    • NEW can coozies (skinny and traditional).  $1
    • NEW towels. $20
    • NEW burgees. $20
    • NEW tote bags. $15
    • NEW rash guards (dry fit long sleeve shirts).  $15
    • NEW long sleeve t-shirts.  $12

    Sizes & colors are limited to what’s in stock.  First come, first served!

    EJ Williams

    Publicity Chair





    In solidarity with certain members of our club, I have ordered lengths of rainbow ribbons that I will fly from my backstay. Anyone else who wants to adorn their sloop with a ribbon can come by my sloop “Turbolino” (slip A10) or the race shed to pick one up. It would be a great showing for the Club to demonstrate its welcoming nature for ALL sailors. Ribbons should arrive in around 14+ days.

    Les Miller





    ecsc burgees

    Towels & Coozies:


    Soft shell jackets:

    soft shell ecsc



    1/4 zips

    ECSC quarter zip jacket
    ECSC quarter zip jacket










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    (.png files have transparent backgrounds.  .eps files are the “vector files” needed by most printers)

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    Ship’s Store

    Apparel can be purchased through Coral Reef Sailing’s website.  They custom print or embroider our logos onto the clothes they have available.

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