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    Facilities April 2022

    Work party April 16th at 8am.

    Bathroom cleaning crew hired.

    Lawn mowing contractor hired.

    Lawn fertilizer / weed killer hired.

    Waiting on playground pieces and parts – most likely in the next week or
    – 5 members have volunteered to help
    – Probably a few more will be needed

    Hope to spray & clean shelter floor then seal.
    – Will need at least 6 people to help move tables
    – Hopefully can be started at work party

    Bill Harrington

    ECSC Facilities

  • Facilities

    Facilities February 2022

    So here we are, almost at a new sailing/fun season. The Buildings and Grounds Committee is in charge of all of the facilities at the club with Ki, Rick, Tom, Dennis, David, and myself, Bill, trying to keep things in good working order.

    We have gotten together to figure out what needs to be repaired, replaced, or added to keep our property “shining.”

    So far, the green lawn mower has been repaired and a new green-utility vehicle (Gator) has been added for hauling and moving empty trailers.

    We have also ordered a new playground set to be installed behind the upper shelter. The kit will be delivered somewhere around the end of March and will require several helping hands to help unloading from the delivery vehicle. Also, a bunch of hands with hammers, drills, screwdrivers, etc. attached will be needed for “some assembly required.” The manufacturer does assemble it to make sure everything fits properly – then they disassemble it for shipping. The actual assembly dates are flexible. If you have interest in helping, please email me at bill at ecsail dot org.



    There will also be a new swing set and maybe monkey bars added on the lower level.

    Think windy, warm weather.

    Bill Harrington

    Facilities Manager