March 5, 2020

Harbormaster March 2020

Happy early Spring to all ECSC members. We are not sure if the ramp is going to be done this March, as planned, but hopefully there will be some update info in this news letter. I do know the courtesy dock will need to be moved along with several sections of A-dock in order for the coffer dam to be installed. Also the corner of the seawall will be removed from the edge of the ramp about 5′ back to allow for the panels to be driven into the lake bed. This will mean our flag pole will have to be reinstalled after the ramp is re-built.

In any event, Ki Hickok and I will be serving the entire membership and we have a few plans this year to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Dry sailor parking will be an ongoing enhancement for those who do not need a wet slip and we plan on opening up more 48-72 hr docks as wet slips open up. Keep in mind to always park your vehicle in the car corral or anywhere you are not blocking a boat and trailer. You may be blocking a dry sailor spot. Another major issue will be the ability to park your boat along the beach for Winter parking. Trailers will be allowed to be parked along the beach beginning in September.

Beach parking spots will be upgraded with a cable for tie/offs, tie/down going through low level posts every 30′ or so. Beach parking will now end in September as Winter storage boats using the beach road will begin to fill up their associated trailers. If you wish to sail your beach boat later in the Fall then it will need to be trailer launched and can be placed along the beach road. Those who will use the beach road as Winter storage are also asked to place your trailer from West to East. Please do not place a trailer on the beach ramp until all boats are off the beach.

The Seawall area will be used for transient boat trailer parking beginning in September. There are quite a few members that end their season early and plan to go out of state for the Winter or plan to put their boat in storage. In November, or after the storage boats are gone, those spots will be able to be used for Winter storage.
This year, any boats coming out of storage should be parked in the grass area at the top of the hill South of the incoming road S turn. Please lock your trailer. Also do not drive in the grass, just back it in until the hitch is about a foot from the asphalt. (It could be messy soft ground). Normally I ask everyone to not lock their trailer down below so I don’t have to cut off your lock in order to move your boat. The Harbormaster is the only one that can move your boat according to club rules.

The Gin pole will be installed in the beginning of Summer or late Spring as the boats get moved of the beach road. It will be a thicker pole with an arm that will be able to move out of the way of the road. Hopefully the ramp does get done soon so everybody can get in the water as soon as possible. Please get your boat in as soon as possible (if you have a wet slip) every year the beach road is not set up for year-long storage.

Harbormasters, Kenny Chapman and Ki Hickok…

January 7, 2020

Harbormaster January 2020

Happy New Year to everyone at the club from myself and Ki Hickok. We will be serving the entire membership this year with a few important changes. Ki has developed a great system for dry sailor parking. The form to get that is on its way and will be in the membership renewal package. Another thing, access to trailer parking along the beach will begin around the middle of September. Also transient parking along the Seawall will be made available to sailors that plan on putting their boats in storage. Also, we’re looking into a cable system along the beach for beach boats to tie up their boats. More to come as details get worked into place.…

October 6, 2017

Harbormaster – October 2017

Ahoy Creekers, this may be my last article as Harbormaster as  the incoming Commodore has another member in mind for the position.

I have done my best to have our club run as a real Marina.

If your boat borders the green space (grassy area) when it is on its trailer, please make sure it does not impede the guys cutting the grass, or I will have to move your boat.

The water level has dropped about a foot in the past week.  There are some boats on C dock that are touching bottom. You can always check the water level at Eagle Creek Water Level.

Also, remember that NO TRAILERS are to be parked in the car corral prior to the end of the Chili Cook-off (scheduled for OCT. 14th)

Your current stickers on your boat are the only way I know that you have paid your dues? Under Indiana law if you belong to an organization like this and haven’t paid dues for six months, guess what, we now own your boat.

I would suggest getting your stickers on as soon as you get them. Currently we have several members that refuse to put their current stickers on their boats and trailers.

So I am going to submit to the board of directors a motion to fine all members without current stickers on boat and trailer a $100.00 fine. This fine will be multiplied by the last old sticker you have on your boat. Fines will be tallied as I do my usual accounting of boats stored at the club in the very beginning of December. If you get your stickers on by May or June you should be good.

If you have any comments about  the work of the current Harbormaster  department, talk to members of your board of directors




Kenny Chapman…

September 6, 2017

Harbormaster September 2017

Hello Creekers,

I hope everyone is enjoying the sailing season so far.  We still have a few months of what will be great weather remaining before we must put our boats away for Winter so by all means come out and enjoy the club. Any questions about parking, different slips, Winter parking, 48 hour dock usage or any questions in general should be directed to myself (Kenny Chapman) or the other Harbormaster Dennis Robertson. We will gladly help you in any way we can.

Last weekend we moved A dock back to it’s normal position on the ramp so there is little chance of getting you trailer stuck. I would however always try and launch or retrieve  your boat in the middle of the ramp as it is much closer to level in that area. I would also like to thank Mark Walker for helping Dennis and I in the moving of the dock.

On another note, please try and be very carful with the equipment that the club provides. Especially at the pressure sprayer. The wand for the pressure sprayer was broken last week and I put a new one on it as soon as possible and sure enough the new one is bent already. The hose reel was ripped off the wall last week also (along with the one at the upper shelter) .  The reel by the pressure sprayer was recently replaced last year  so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t sun damaged. I put a new hose reel in place and I am kind of hoping it lasts more than a year. Please try to respect the equipment that our club provides. More club repairs and damage only lead to higher dues in the future.

If any members have positive or negative comments about the work Dennis and I have done over the last two years please inform members of the board of directors.


Kenny Chapman…

August 11, 2017

Harbormaster – August 2017

No Article Submitted…

June 30, 2017

Harbormaster July 2017

Good day to all Eagle Creekers,

We have had many of these beautiful days (except for some rainy ones). As we are nearly halfway through the season, if you haven’t moved your trailer to the upper lot yet, it will be moved next week. We have a few more abandoned boats (dinghys) on the lot with no stickers and no way of owner ID. The purpose of the stickers is to determine ownership. it also makes sure your boat isn’t hauled off or sold.

This is a real marina now and it isn’t a boat storage yard like it was for years. Any boat without stickers will be trashed or sold since we have no way of identifying the owner. If you have not paid dues in 6 months or more your boat becomes ours according to Indiana state law. Please address this issue if you have a non-stickered boat at the club because you may never see it again in a few weeks.

Those of you that don’t feel the need to post your new stickers may find your boat in a new location and I may be calling you. Please follow these club rules and do not think for one minute that you can do as you please because it will not be tolerated. If you do not put the proper current stickers on your boat and trailer I will move your boat to the worst spot available in the club and lock it up until you work with the harbormasters according to club rules.

All dry sailors will be afforded the best dry slips available as a real marina should do. The less you sail your boat the further East your boat is going to be positioned. Those of you with multiple boats should check on them on a monthly basis, any damage is your responsibility.

As you head toward the pressure washer the dry slips on the left are for large boats with large rigs, please do not  put a small boat and trailer there because it will be moved. The dry slips on the right are for dry sailing dinghys. The dry slips further East are for smaller boats easily parked or just not used much. Again if you have questions with this plan please call me and I will explain it to you.…

June 6, 2017

Harbormaster June 2017

Hello EC sailors, hope your season is working well for you. Most Harbormaster projects are complete but there are about 4 boards on the docks that still need to be replaced, three on D dock and one on A dock. please contact me if interested in some work credits. The L dock re-decking job turned out well, thank Dennis Robertson for his design and persistence in getting this greatly needed project completed with the help of some fantastic members.

Any one interested in weed eating the sail boat parking lots  and up the main hill on either side please contact the Vice commodore, Treasurer or the Harbormaster dept.  This would be a grounds committee project where you can earn more than the normal 15 credits.  Follow this link for more info.


Kenny Chapman…

May 5, 2017

Harbormaster May 2017

Happy sailing season Eagle Creekers,

Please be reminded that all boats and trailers must be out of the car corral (and outside of it) before the mother’s day event. As our membership continues to increase, relocating your boat and trailer tends to be a problem as many boats have not resumed their place in a slip in the water. I will assist you in temporarily moving your boat if spots are available. Another solution to this dilemma is not parking your boat in or around the corral if you don’t plan on putting your boat in before May.

Dennis and I still need some assistance finishing the re-decking of L dock. I know several of you “regulars” have worked all your work credits and the board is going to try to remedy that situation at the next board meeting. If you are willing to assist us in the completion of this project please call my self or Dennis to get hooked up with some work credits.

Parking near greenspace is a small problem which I would like to discuss. I have widened the South and Eastern edges of the sailboat parking lots and would just like everyone to please not park any part of your boat in or over the grass. The Western edge must be in compliance also. The big problem occurs when anyone tries to cut the grass and can’t get to it due to a rudder or motor or just a hull becomes an obstacle.

The Harbormaster department will be changing some places where some boat owners will be allowed to park their boats. This change will be implemented to allow dry sailors a more easily accessible location. This will be coming down the hill on the right and left. Boats left unused may be relocated to a storage like area dependent on use.

As always call myself (Kenny Chapman) or Dennis Robertson if you need your boat moved on short notice. Several members are still willing to do moving for a small fee. Charlie Brehob still does moving and rigging. Ralph Merriman still does all kinds of boat work and moving. Greg Branham still does all kinds of boat work. (note: Greg has just rejoined ECSC and was an inactive member).


Kenny Chapman…