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March 5, 2020

Harbormaster March 2020

Happy early Spring to all ECSC members. We are not sure if the ramp is going to be done this March, as planned, but hopefully there will be some update info in this news letter. I do know the courtesy dock will need to be moved along with several sections of A-dock in order for the coffer dam to be installed. Also the corner of the seawall will be removed from the edge of the ramp about 5′ back to allow for the panels to be driven into the lake bed. This will mean our flag pole will have to be reinstalled after the ramp is re-built. In any event, Ki Hickok and I will be serving the entire membership and we have a few plans this year to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Dry sailor parking will be an ongoing enhancement for those who do not need a wet slip and we plan on opening up more 48-72 hr docks as wet slips open up. Keep in mind to always park your vehicle in the car corral or anywhere you are not blocking a boat and trailer. You may be blocking a dry sailor spot. Another major issue will be the ability to park your boat along the beach for Winter parking. Trailers will be allowed to be parked along the beach beginning in September. Beach parking spots will be upgraded with a cable for tie/offs, tie/down going through low level posts every 30′ or so. Beach parking will now end in September as Winter storage boats using the beach road will begin to fill up their associated trailers. If you wish to sail your beach boat later in the Fall then it will need to be trailer launched and can be placed along the beach road. Those who will use the beach road as Winter storage are also asked to place your trailer from West to East. Please do not place a trailer on the beach ramp until all boats are off the beach. The Seawall area will be used for transient boat trailer parking beginning in September. There are quite a few members that end their season early and plan to go out of state for the Winter or plan to put their boat in storage. In November, or after the storage boats are gone, those spots will be able to be used for Winter storage. This year, any boats coming out of storage should be parked in the grass area at the top of the hill South of the incoming road S turn. Please lock your trailer. Also do not drive in the grass, just back it in until the hitch is about a foot from the asphalt. (It could be messy soft ground). Normally I ask everyone to not lock their trailer down below so I don’t have to cut off your lock in order to move your boat. The Harbormaster is the only one that can move your boat according to club rules. The Gin pole will be installed in the beginning of Summer or late Spring as the boats get moved of the beach road. It will be a thicker pole with an arm that will be able to move out of the way of the road. Hopefully the ramp does get done soon so everybody can get in the water as soon as possible. Please get your boat in as soon as possible (if you have a wet slip) every year the beach road is not set up for year-long storage. Harbormasters, Kenny Chapman and Ki Hickok
January 7, 2020

Harbormaster January 2020

Happy New Year to everyone at the club from myself and Ki Hickok. We will be serving the entire membership this year with a few important changes. Ki has developed a great system for dry sailor parking. The form to get that is on its way and will be in the membership renewal package. Another thing, access to trailer parking along the beach will begin around the middle of September. Also transient parking along the Seawall will be made available to sailors that plan on putting their boats in storage. Also, we’re looking into a cable system along the beach for beach boats to tie up their boats. More to come as details get worked into place.
October 22, 2019

Harbormaster October 2019

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September 14, 2019

Harbormaster September 2019

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August 6, 2019

Harbormaster August 2019

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July 5, 2019

Harbormaster July 2019

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June 5, 2019

Harbormaster June 2019

      We still have some boats on the property  that appear to be abandoned. They look as though the owner has not viewed their boat in years or decades. If you know one of these owners please say something – it is Time. Always remember if you want work credits just ask. Hello everyone! It’s time to go sailing. It’s time to get on the lake. It’s time for Rum, sun and everything else that goes with it. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Hopefully, Indiana’s weather will cooperate with us. First off, I would like to remind everyone to make sure this year’s ECSC sticker is on their boat and trailer as well as this year’s current Indiana registration sticker. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you have a wet slip [unless working on trailer] you could make sure to put your trailer at the top of the hill. That would help all members to have a spot for their boat. We have been hard at work getting the club in order. In order to straighten out our dry storage lots we have been moving many boats and trailers. If  you can not find your boat or trailer keep looking!!! It was most likely moved by your diligent Harbormaster team. Thank you in advance. I compiled the summer dry slip assignments, so bear with me and others, as it will take time for everyone to get their correct assigned spot. If you do not like your spot you will be able to request a new spot next year. Also, the spots near the trees to the east and west are mostly not assigned and they will be freely available for anyone to park their boat. Don’t forget, if you are working on your boat or trailer we have the work lot available. Just make sure to get permission from Dennis by giving him the dates you will be working on it. Just to reiterate on how the slip assignment work those who submitted a request by the deadline will be given their preferred slip for one boat (seniority wins in case multiple boats request the same slip). Those who did not submit a request should get assigned the slip they currently occupy if it was not requested formally by the deadline. Once everyone has their first boat assigned, then second boats will be assigned, then third boats. If no request was submitted you could possibly lose your current dry slip. Going forward the dry slip request/change process will be the same as the wet slip process to make it easier and more convenient for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me! I’m happy to help in any way I can. I will also post the summer dry slip assignment on the race shack board for convenience. Ki and Dennis
May 13, 2019

Harbormaster – May – 2019

Hello everyone this is Ki Hickok assistant harbor master. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to request your preferred dry parking spot. I have attached a chart of the dry parking spots and each spot has a letter and number just like the wet slips. Please email me back with your top 3 requested spots, your name, and member number thank you. Also if you could indicate if you have had your boat in that spot for multiple years if you would like. I suggest having all 3 choices in different rows, or at least the 3rd choice in another row just to be safe. Also I request if you don’t plan on putting in your boat about every week then don’NO NAMES ON PARKING SPACES – 2019-Dry Sail Slots (2)t request the ecsc parkway thank you. I will need this emailed to me no later than may 18th please, late responses may lose their current dry slip location. Also those with multiple boats must submit a request for each boat and make sure to designate which is your primary boat that will be placed first. I will be placing all primary boats in spots first then the secondary boats after all members who request a spot has one.   EMAIL TO: ecscsailing@gmail.com       Example:    primary boat John smith member 280  1. B17 2. B19 3. B20   has been in B17 for last 3 years