January 6, 2016

2016 Club work parties announced

Hello Eagle Creek Sailors. The first work party is going to be scheduled for Saturday March 26th from 9 am to 12 noon. We will be getting the upper shelter unpacked and ready for the season. Any miscellaneous yard work may be accomplished also. The other things I would like to do is move “B” dock out into the lake about 4 feet. “A” dock (the end closest to the ramp) needs to be pivoted toward the ramp. Also board replacement can commence this weekend of March. The following Sunday April 2nd will be another work party for those specializing in dock board replacement and minor building skills. I will have materials and some needed tools for the reconstruction of the shade roof over the Kayak shed. Those interested in painting any buildings may sign up for that duty to perform according to your schedule. Many more projects will be in the pipeline as they are approved by the board. Kenny  
February 6, 2016

Don’t neglect your boat

Ahoy all members of ECSC. Please be sure to check on your boat through out the Winter especially after snow or heavy rain. Tarped boats tend to cave in when loaded with snow or water sometimes defeating the purpose of the tarp. With the large number of projects proposed for this year, Dennis and I are going to go old school and split up the jobs as “water-based” or “land-based.” Dennis has agreed to become the water-side Harbormaster and I will tend to the land-based projects. The Harbormaster’s duties according to the bylaws are basically all water-based, with the exception of maintaining parking for boats that are dry sailed. In the past the caretaker position always added his needed budget into the Harbormaster’s budget. This will be changed to separate budgets next year I promise. The work party dates are quite simple: the last Saturday in March and the first Saturday in April. Dock maintenance tools, impact guns and saws will be needed for water-side activities. Land-side work will be some carpentry (rafters for the roof on the Kayak shed) and the usual club set up, clean up requiring rakes and firewood collecting equipment. Further projects will be listed during these days and members will be able to sign up to work these projects on their own timelines. More tidbits in March. Kenny
March 6, 2016

Harbormaster duties & Abandoned Boats

Ahoy Eagle Creek sailors. May your Winter be short and your love of sailing be long. Okay, with all the happy stuff spewed out we have to get real. As our club grows we must maintain enough space on shore to store the boats of avid sailors. In recent times it seems that some of us deem this club as a storage yard for hobbies of the past. This is not what our club was designed for. My basic message for this entire article is that, if you no longer want or can sail your boat it should and must be removed from the club to make room for others. Dennis Robertson (water side Harbormaster) and yours truly (Kenny Chapman) will be relacating any perceived abandoned boats to the Northeast side of the boat storage area along the edge of the woods. The first sign of an abandoned boat will be that of outdated stickers on boat and trailer. Other signs of discontinued use will be water in your boat, mold inside or outside, flat trailer tires, and obvious lack of use. You must understand this is not an attack on you personally, but an incentive for you to either use your boat or remove it from the club grounds to allow others to use the proper amount of space this club has to offer. If for some reason you find your boat relocated in the Northeast wood line area of the club it means: That your stickers are not current (meaning you don’t care). You will be receiving a letter from the club asking you to remove your boat from the premises. In the event that you do not respond to the letter (again, the not caring thing), proceedings will be taken to declare your boat as “abandoned” and have it removed from our property. Make sure your stickers are current. Boat and trailer. If you need any help at the club removing your unused boat please call me. Kenny
April 6, 2016

Harbormaster Notes

Ahoy Eagle Creekers, I know I sounded bit harsh in last month’s newsletter article. Thing is, I am the kind of guy that will stick up for and help people that actually love sailing at this club. As the “land-side Harbormaster,” I am charged with making sure all members have a place to store their boats and trailers. That makes me the designated “Bad Cop” who makes sure that only boats and trailers with current stickers are stored at the club. So, please make sure that you have current stickers on both boat and trailer, or I will be calling you. If you haven’t used your boat in years and it is deteriorating due to neglect, don’t expect to find it in that prime spot you laid it to rest in six or seven years ago. You will most likely find it moved to an out of the way corner of the property to make room for boats that are well maintained and sailed often. We have to be mindful of the impression we make on prospective club members and guests. We don’t want their first impression to be that of a “boat graveyard”. On a lighter note, I would like to thank the “water-side Harbormasters” Dennis Robertson and his wife Jenipher Gee for their world record slip reassignment and new slip allocations. It was completed much faster than in recent years. Yes, Dennis and Jen are the good people and the “good cops” I figured them to be. We are lucky to have them working at our club for the benefit of all of us. You can see the 2016 wet slip assignments on the Members Info web page or by clicking here. So far, about 9 boats have been identified as abandoned. These have been drained of water and moved to the worst spaces available (not including Flying Cloud). Your club officers are contacting the owners to have these abandoned boats removed from the property. I have also moved about six or seven wet slip owner’s boats to the beach in an angled parking arrangement that I would like to see repeated again this fall. Finally, please note that that trailer parking in the upper lot will be allowed beginning April 1st for trailers with 2016 stickers. All boats and trailers on the property must have current stickers including Racing and Junior sailing boats and trailers. There will be no exceptions. Kenny  
May 1, 2016

Harbormaster Notes

Ahoy ECSC members, As I mentioned in earlier articles, Dennis Robertson and I are the Harbormasters this year.  Dennis takes care of everything on the water and I take care of everything on land.  If you have a problem, contact either of us.  We work well together and switch up duties as necessary to make sure you get prompt attention. Our job is to be there to help you have a pleasant club experience. Unfortunately, it also falls to the Harbormaster to enforce policies and general rules regarding the use of club facilities and specifically, boat storage and slip rentals.   We as a club have been lax in past years in enforcing the rules.  As a result, we have a large number of abandoned boats, which is causing a shortage of storage space for our members. So, I want to use this month’s article to remind everyone of the general club rules regarding boat storage and club usage.  The rules can be found on our web site, but I want to call your attention to a few important ones. The most important issue is timely placement of membership stickers on your boat and trailer. We use the stickers to identify who is up to date on club dues. Without these stickers, your boat is considered an abandoned boat.  If you boat does not have current stickers, you might lose your boat parking spot, or even lose your slip assignment.  Most marinas and clubs tow first and ask questions later.  We don’t…..yet.  So, please do not take putting your stickers on your boat as a trivial matter.  Our club is very popular and getting overcrowded.  We are going to have to get more serious about the policing of boats to make sure our paid members have room.  I’m sorry, but that’s just the way is has to be. The next issue is slip rental.  Please remember that you are leasing the slip from the club for the season.  You do not own the slip.  If you cannot use your slip and want to recoup some or all of your slip rental fees, then you must contact Dennis Robertson and he will sublease your slip for you.  Dennis has a long waiting list for slip changes and open slips.  The club has very specific rules for governing seniority and priority for open and subleased slips.  It is not fair to those who have been patiently waiting on the list for you to sublease the slip on your own.  So, no side deals.  No helping a friend jump to the top of the list.  We will immediately invalidate any deals and you might end up losing your slip rental privileges.  This is the way every marina/club operates and we are no different. The third issue relates to the 48-hour dock. The 48-hour dock has about ten or twelve spots available for dry sailors and guests. As the name implies, the spots are good for 48 hours. This allows dry sailors to enjoy Wednesday racing or weekends on the water with family and friends. If you need extra time on the 48-hour dock, please contact Dennis Robertson to coordinate your needs. If you need to use the 48-hour dock for an extended period while working on your trailer or other reasons, we understand and will accommodate you.  We just ask that you get approval first. Lastly, it is time to get your boats in the water. The car corral must be empty before Mothers Day to accommodate our first social event of the season. The Mother’s Day brunch is one of our most popular events.  So, let’s get out there and get those boats in the water.   Once your boat is launched, please feel free to store your trailer (with current stickers on them, of course), at the top of the hill.  Kenny  
June 1, 2016

June Projects Scheduled

Ahoy loyal Eagle Creekers, at this time we have rid ourselves of 4 abandoned boats with only ten to twelve to go. A big “Thank You” goes out to Dennis Robertson for all of his hard work getting these eyesores off of our property. It is a very lengthy legal process to track down the owners and get the boats removed. Dennis has a pretty good system defined and operational. New Parking Lot Gravel (yea!) For our big summer improvement project, we will be adding additional gravel to all parking areas. This will make the entire parking area look much nicer. We don’t do this very often as it is a huge undertaking and a huge expense, but it’s time. We will be laying new gravel throughout the month of June. Jack Hale will be on site moving stone and putting “make up” on the gravel so please be aware of his work. We obviously cannot do the entire parking area at once because of the boats, so we have to do it in stages. This means we have to move some boats around – some of which haven’t been moved in a number of years. If you find your boat has been moved, don’t worry. We’ll put it back after the gravel has been placed. That means you are going to see huge open areas where there used to be boats and/or trailers. Please do not rush in and put your boat/trailer there thinking you have snagged a “prime location.” If the area used to have boats and is now empty, that means it is an “improvement area” and we are going to do a “gravel drop” there soon, then put the boats back in their original locations. Keep in mind that we have assigned “dry” slips. If you cannot find an open place for your boat, please call me (Kenny Chapman) or Dennis Robertson and we will find you a place. Some boat trailers have hitch locks on them. Be advised that at some point, we will have to move your boat/trailer. If you have a lock on your trailer, we will call you so you can either move your boat or remove the lock so that we can move the boat. We don’t want to cut locks off of trailers, but we do need to get this done and we need to move boats to do it. We can’t afford to hold up an area because a locked trailer is in the way and we can’t contact the owner. So, if you have a lock on your trailer, please contact us to work with us. Other June Projects (work credits available) We have some other projects scheduled for June. We will be building a new shed for Safety & Education, building a boat rack for the Purdue sailing club boats, and we have more docks that need repair. So, if you have some building skills and want to earn some work credits, please contact Dennis or me. Volunteers make this club work, and we really appreciate everyone’s willingness to make the club look really nice. We should all be proud of our club. Please help keep it maintained by donating a Saturday to help with a work project. Kenny & Dennis  
July 1, 2016

Still a lot of work to do

Hopefully, you have noticed a lot more room at the club.  Thanks to Dennis Robertson, we have removed some abandoned boat eyesores freeing up some much needed parking space.  You will also notice the gravel is a little brighter.  We brought in some new gravel and took the opportunity to expand the parking area a bit.  You will notice a little extra room heading back to the power washer and a little more room between boats in the back lots.  This allowed us to move some of the other dilapidated boats to the back of the club.  The result is a fresher look as you come down the main drive.  Thanks to all who cooperated with us in the gravel project. The old Race Shed has been moved to its new location across from the beach.  this will be the new home for the Purdue Sailing Club.  They will be showing up at the club in the next month or so to move their gear into the shed, clean it up and make it their new PSC HQ.  Please be sure to say “Hi” to them and welcome them to the club.  Remember, they might be the ones who buy your boat in 4 or 5 years. We mentioned this last year, but it bears repeating.  Please coil your dock lines neatly next to your dock cleats.  We have members walking to/from their boats with their arms full of “boat stuff”.  In the past, we have had members trip and injure themselves on dock lines.  Please be considerate to your fellow club members and tidy up around your boat.  And if you have time, tidy up your neighbor’s too. We still have lots of work projects for those who are handy with tools and want to earn some work credits.  Please see me or Dennis for details. Kenny Chapman  
August 1, 2016

August Harbormaster Report

No report this month.