• Harbormaster

    Harbormaster February 2022

    There are new updates to the General Rules when it comes to membership stickers.  Boats that do not have up-to-date stickers by December 1st will be fined the equivalent of an extra winter storage fee. Each boat must display a current membership sticker on the port bow. Each trailer also needs to display a current membership sticker on or near its tongue.

    Membership stickers must be on the boat and trailer no later than June 1, or within 30 days of acceptance of new membership. Failure to properly display a current membership sticker by December 1 shall result in a fine equivalent to the amount of current year‘s winner storage fee being automatically added to the members annual membership renewal statement.

    Let’s talk double-parked boats. Right now this is not a problem but when the weather gets warmer in a month then it’s a different story. If you are parked in front of someone – and don’t launch early – then don’t be surprised if your boat is not where you left it.

    Dennis Robertson

  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster October 2021

    It’s time to get boats off the beach as people are looking for places to park their boats for the Winter.  There’s plenty of room in the grassy area as soon as Ki moves the sprinkler out of the way.

    If you plan to take your boat home (or to a storage place), now is the time to do it.  Please attempt to keep all members in mind as to our limited storage space.  Please try to park trailers close together so others may have a space to park.  Also plan to check on your boat after heavy rains or snow.

    Rick Graef is now going to be doing shrink-wrap for our members as Cam Borkowski is not available.  Rick should give you a great deal for
    expert work.

  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster September 2021

    Ki Hickok, our next Commodore and current Grounds Committee Chair, shared his To-Do List regarding club improvements.  You may have noticed many of these completed over the past two months, however some items are subtle (but equally as important!).   See below for everything Ki has done or plans to do.  Thanks to all that helped him complete these projects, including Dennis Robertson.

    1. Paint bathrooms.

    2. Install Reverse-Osmosis water filtration system at the upper shelter for filling water bottles & cups

    3. Move 3 sheds to new locations

    4. Build deck where kayak shed used to be by the beach (Captain’s Corner)

    5. Install better drainage at Race Shed.

    6. Lay grass around the upper and lower shelters

    7. Replace various railroad ties and parking lot ropes.

    8. New rip rap in front of B and C dock

    9. Build new kayak rack on the beach

    10. Finish dirt at upper and lower shelter

    12. Build and install playground at upper shelter

    13. Paint outer area surrounding bathrooms

    14. Paint all the junior shed, kayak shed, social shed, 2nd social shed, and harbormaster shed

    15. New rip rap from C dock all the way to A dock

    16. Gutters on the Race Shed and awning area

  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster July 2021

    Good sailing days to all Eagle Creekers!

    Please remember to put your stickers on your boat and trailers. We still have some boats on the property that are not current on membership
    stickers. Stickers are supposed to be changed out early in the season and if they are not done by the end of June, you can be fined $100…added to your membership fees. All fees must be paid in order to renew your membership next year.

    Dennis Robertson is still waiting on the time deadline requirements for some derelict boats…they should be removed in a month or so.

    Dennis will be taking the lead in the Harbormaster department next year.

    The lower grassy area is not going to be converted into a gravel parking lot and is going to remain a grassy area. It will be used during Winter storage for parking dinghies and catamarans. This will possibly alleviate some of our overcrowded parking during the Winter off-season. All boats on club property during the winter will be charged for storage.

    Kenny Chapman

  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster June 2021

    Hello Eagle Creekers, hope everyone is enjoying the season so far.

    Many may have noticed that we have removed the playground equipment to make way for the new sailboat parking lot. The new playground equipment will be placed up by the upper shelter. At this time in the season, I need every boat with a wet slip in the water and trailers up top to make this project possible. The boats along Hobie Row (North side of Beach road) will be moved to the incoming road or other spots to clear the area for dump trucks and large equipment doing this work . Our long-time friend and contractor Bill Williams will be doing this work…please be respectful. At certain times, I will be moving certain boats from alongside this work area to make this work safe to all boats.

    Please put your current stickers onto your boat and trailer or you will be fined $100 until the stickers are on your boat and trailer. This means all of your boats, canoes, and kayaks. This fine will be added to your membership fee and if not paid, you will could your membership.

    Dennis Robertson, the other half of the Harbormaster department, and I are trying to make this club like a real marina. We are not a boat storage facility for unused boats. Many of you may know we have never had this many members ever – yet we still get 20 plus members every year. We still have about 15 members waiting for slips. Please do not overuse the 48hr docks. Members with multiple boats will soon be paying an extra storage fee for multiple boats as we are basically out of room on the water and on land. If anyone is willing to sublease their slip this year, please contact Dennis, Perry Cameron (membership chair), or me. If you do not use your slip for a whole year, you stand the chance of losing that slip.

    More to come, Kenny Chapman



    Derelict Boats & Trailers.

    From the Club Secretary:

    I want to draw your attention, please, to the new Derelict Boat & Trailer policy that was approved by the Board last Tuesday and is now included in the Club’s General Rules. If you keep your boat and trailer in good condition, then you have no worries. If you are one of the few members who pretty much treats their boat like junk and is non-responsive to the Harbormaster Committee to clean up your mess, then the Club is going to take action and it could cost you $100 per month. Why? For many years the Harbormaster Committee has put an excessive amount of time into cleaning up the mess (abandoned boats) left by others, and this is going to stop! We value those members who take care of their property at ECSC. For those who do not respect our club, you need to get your act together, or consider taking your neglected boat and trailer elsewhere. Remember, the club is not your mother and the days of tolerating junked-up boats and trailers at ECSC is coming to an end.

    You have been notified.

    (see section “J” on the bottom of page 3)
    Thank you,
    Rich Fox
  • Harbormaster

    Harbormaster May 2021

    As more boats go onto the water, we have more parking available. Please park your cars inside the car corral. Please do not park in front of
    someone’s boat because you don’t understand that people need to get their boat in. So, with that said, get your boats out of the car corral and into your wet slip.

    If you don’t plan on using your slip this year, please contact Dennis Robertson or me so we can help some new members get onto the water. As
    of May 1st, you will get $77 less for your reimbursement for your unused slip. It goes down $77 per month, so don’t wait too long to help others out. Please respect other members of this club…your membership number means nothing to me no matter how low it is (unless you want a slip change).

    Please understand, we are a group of people who love sailing…so don’t make it hard on others in our group.

    I am going to make some motions at the board meeting. One is: If you don’t use your slip all year (unless sublet) you lose it. The second
    is: If you keep more than one SAILBOAT out here, you will have to pay more dues for that second boat. I would like the board to come up with a number for a second boat stored all year on club property. Now, if you have a third or fourth boat, it should be an extra $400 dollars per boat…or more depending on the size and number of boats. This is up to the board of directors as far as how much members should pay for a number of boats on the property we rent from the city. This may not take effect until next year’s dues.

    Please do not forget to pay your dues on time (before the end of February each year) or you may lose your slip and membership number.

    Please respect all members.

    Kenny Chapman