November 3, 2018

Membership – November 2018

Welcome to EJ Williams, a legacy member sailing ‘It Sails Too’, a Catalina 25 that’s been around the club for some time.  EJ will be accompanied by Rachel Terrell in his sailing endeavors. It’s that time of year and we will be mailing Annual Dues statements the end of January, 2019.  So please notify us if there have been any changes in your mailing address.  If you’ve had changes, please also go to our website, log in, go to the Members page and update your personal information on the Member Listing. For those of you who are snowbirds and will be leaving us early in January, you will receive your statements within the next week or so. As always, 2019 dues, slip and winter storage fees will be due 2/28/19.  If you had a permanent slip in 2018, it is necessary that you meet this deadline if you wish to retain your present slip. Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman
October 6, 2018

Membership – October 2018

Welcome to three new members in the month of September.   Angela and Paul Wright of Greenwood who will be sailing a Catalina 22.  Jason Bewley from Indianapolis is a returning member and saiing a Wasach 13’.   Traci and Steven Bringle of Indianapolis who are sailing a Catalina 22.   This brings our total membership to 256. And an additional welcome to Rebecca and Kyle Winton who joined in April, but information was withheld because this was a surprise September wedding gift to Kyle from Rebecca.  They are from Greenwood and are sailing a Catalina 25. Remember that our AED unit is located on the outside east wall of the racing shed and will remain there and be available throughout the winter months. Do plan to come to our last two social events of the season.  On October 13th the Chili Cook-Off will begin at 5:30.  Bring a crock pot of chili or your favorite covered dish.  Then on November 3rd, plan to get a little more dressed up than our normal ECSC attire and come to Rick’s for our Final Bash.  Good food, good companionship and a nice way to end the season.  Reservations will be needed for the Final Bash and you’ll be getting more information on that soon.   If you need further information on these great events, please contact our social chairman, Vickie Greenough. It’s been a great sailing season.  We’ve added 14 new members to our ECSC sailing family during 2018 which is down from the 28 in 2017.  This, in part, is due to the fact that we do have a very substantial waiting list for wet slips. Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman
September 1, 2018

Membership – September 2018

A big welcome to Peggy Shortridge of Indianapolis.   Peggy is family to members, Ki and Erin Hickok and will be a Lake Associate Member as she has a home on Eagle Creek.  We will look forward to seeing Peggy at our social functions. Be sure to attend the Labor Day Cook Out at 3:30 on Monday September 3.  Bring your favorite covered dish.  Also put the Lobster Fest on your calendar for Saturday evening, September 15.  You must make a reservation for this and pay ahead as our famous lobsters are flown in from Maine for that occasion so we need a good count.  Steaks also available on request. Jane Schmidt     Christy Merriman
August 8, 2018

Membership – August 2018

We have welcomed three new members in the last 30 days.  Nathan and Emily Pendleton of Greenwood along with Bailey and Luke.  They have a Rinker/Gale Force sailboat.   Then we have Jeremiah Johnson and Jessica Daniel along with Chelsea, Matthew & Alexis of Avon sailing a Lightning.  Also Jeff Cook and Lynn Gibboney of Carmel who will be sailing and Hunter 22.  All want to be added to our wait list for slips which is growing longer every day. Membership will be offering a New Member Orientation session on Sunday, August 26 at 1:00 in the upper shelter.  This is for all members who want to learn more about the club and for anyone considering membership at ECSC. Remember to stay hydrated during this hot weather and remember that our AED unit is mounted on the east side of the racing shed and ready for use should it ever be needed. Jane Schmidt     Christy Merriman
July 2, 2018

Membership – July 2018

Welcome to new members –  Rick and Phyllis Gillingham along with Lauren and Anastasia of Indianapolis – sailing a Catalina 22.  Also we welcome returning members Glen and Elizabeth Fuller and their children, Isabella and Ava of Indianapolis.  They will be sailing Hunter 23.5. We appreciate that recently some members decided to sublease for the remainder of the season.  As a result 2 additional new members who joined in the fall of 2017 were able to put their boats in the water.   On the present wait list, we still have 3 members who joined late in 2017  along with 4 members who have joined in 2018.  So if anyone has decided they are not going to put their boat in the water in 2018, please let Dennis Robertson know ASAP.   Up until 7/4, we are still reimbursing the total slip fee.  After that date, we will start to prorate. Jane Schmidt    Christy Merriman
June 5, 2018

Membership – June 2018

You all should have a new 2018 Membership Booklet in your hands via the US Post Office.  If you did not receive one, please let us know.  Please note that there is also a copy of the booklet on our website, under the membership tab, in the column on the right hand side of the page. There is a correction to the booklet.  Page 15, Katherine Eardly.  Please refer to your 2017 booklet (page 14) for the correct information regarding her boat and her home phone #.  Sorry for that mistake. Please note that a New Member Orientation session will be held in the upper shelter house at 1:00 on Sunday, June 24. Jane Schmidt      Christy Merriman
May 7, 2018

Membership May 2018

Welcome to new members Bobby and Helen Small of Indianapolis, sailing a Hunter 23.  They are former members who are now returning!!  This makes a total of 5 new members since 1/1/18. Our first New Member Orientation will be on Sunday, June 24 1:00 in the upper shelter house.  This is a chance for new members to learn more about the club and ask any questions they may have.  Also a chance for any prospective members to come and learn. The 2018 Membership Booklet is at the printers and will be mailed directly to you.  You should  receive it around May 11th. Remember our AED unit is located on the front wall of the racing shed and is available at all times.  There are several good tutorials on online if you want to learn more about the use of an AED.  Our unit has a screen and voice instructions that walks you through the whole process and shows on the screen where electrodes are to be placed, etc. Jane Schmidt and Christy Merriman
April 6, 2018

Membership April 2018

Welcome to new members Marcus Rogers and Audrey Mills who are from Fishers and sailing a  J 24. There will be a New Member Orientation session on Sunday, June 24 at 1:00 pm in the upper shelter.   Come meet with Christy to learn more about ECSC and encourage any prospective members to attend. All checks received have been deposited and all decals for boats and trailers have been mailed so if you have not received yours, please contact Jane.  Slips have been assigned and there is a wait list this year.  Those of you who sent a separate slip check for $385 and were not assigned a slip, I am still holding those in a secure file and will do so for awhile longer in the event that additional slips may become available for subleasing as the season progresses. Jane Schmidt      Christy Merriman