November 3, 2018

Harbormaster – November 2018

November is here and cold weather is upon us.  Some people are battening down the hatches to ride out the winter and other people are looking for that last day of Nirvana on the lake.  I’ve heard from a lot of you about parking this year and I know it’s already a pretty full sailing club. This is something that we will be addressing for next winter. Next year we will have both assigned parking for summer dry sailors and winter storage. Parking, like the docks will be assigned based on seniority. We also have the paperwork from years ago on assigned parking so if you put your boat in the same spot year after year you will not be losing that spot. Last but not least, as always I still have plenty of jobs (both large and small) around the club that need to be done.Remember to contact me if you need or want to get work credit hours. Dennis Robertson (317)339-7371
October 6, 2018

Harbormaster – October 2018

Fall is here and sailing season is coming to a close. Lets all keep safety in mind when pulling our boats and always try and work with the buddy system.  Winter parking starts October 14 at 3 PM after the Hornback regatta is done.  At this time the beach the seawall and car corrals are open for boat storage. Please remember to park your boat trailer close to the boats next to you.  Any more than 3 feet between boats is a waste of precious lot space. Remember this is the time of the year that  the water level drops quite quickly. If you have not checked on your boat in a few weeks you may want to go check on it as it could be sitting in the mud. Work credits are available for some much needed jobs. Please contact me for information. Dennis Robertson (317)339-7371
September 1, 2018

Harbormaster – September 2018

With August gone and September here, sailing season is coming to an end so make sure to get out on your boat and enjoy some of the best days of the season while you can. If you are still looking for  work credits, now is the time to get them. We still have several jobs that need to be done. One in particular that I would like to see done before the end the season is  water sealing the dock that was replaced last year. Everything that is needed to get this job done is already at the club.  All that is needed is you and a willingness to work and earn work credits.  Winter storage is coming upon us quick. Please remember there is no trailer parking or boat storage in the car corral or on the beach until after the Hornback Regatta and Chili-cookoff. That means no earlier than  3 o’clock on Sunday, October 14. If you feel the need to get your trailer out of storage early please park in the boat parking lots. Dennis Robertson (317)339-7371
August 8, 2018

Harbormaster – August 2018

Hello to all at the club. I hope you’re enjoying your summer on the lake. First a heads up to all at the docks. The water level has dropped a little bit in the last month so if you are in a shallow dock you may want to go check your Keel and make sure you’re not on the bottom. Once again I’m asking anyone who is not using their dock for the season I still have a waiting list of new members wanting a dock. Anyone that needs work credits can contact me we still have plenty of odd jobs around the club that need to get done. Dennis Robertson (317)339-7371
July 2, 2018

Harbormaster – July 2018

I hope everyone is having fun out on their boat this summer. To the people that are waiting on slips – I have filled a few more empty slips so your seniority number has moved up and hopefully we can get you in by the end the season. July 7 we have our annual ECSE regatta and beach party. All boats parked around the kayak shed and gravel lot adjacent to it and the beach should have their boats moved by the July 6. I am also looking for volunteers to clean up the beach before the beach party please contact me if you’re interested. Dennis Robertson (317)-three three nine-7371
June 5, 2018

Harbormaster – June 2018

Sailing season is in full swing I hope everyone is enjoying their time on the water. I have noticed a lot of unused docks for this late in the season. The club has 14 new members on the slip waiting list so if you think you may not use this season it will rent immediately. If you are considering subleasing after July 1 we start to prorate the slip fee so you wouldn’t get your full season refund. Also, I still have lots of jobs (big and small) that need to be completed.  So help out your club and earn some work-credit hours.  please contact me if you are interested. Dennis Robertson (317)-three three nine-7371
May 7, 2018

HarborMaster May 2018

May is here time to get sailing. Trailer lot is open please put your trailer up there when you launch your boat. The power sprayer is down for the moment. If you need to wash your boat there is a gas powered sprayer in the power sprayer shed. The work lot has several boats parked there please remove them as soon as possible. I have several small and large jobs that need to be done at the docks. If you are interested and want work credits please contact me. Dennis Robertson (317)-three three nine-7371
April 6, 2018

Harbormaster – April 2018

It’s time of the year let’s go sailing. The Slip assignments have been completed and are available online.  Just CLICK HERE to access the website. Members should feel free to put your boats in your slip anytime you want. With the volume of boats in the club this year we have had several boats that are double parked. If you have parked someone in, please address this early in the season so that we all have access to our boats.  The grounds Committee is looking to do some work in the upper trailer farm, so please don’t move your trailer up until after May 1st. If they are able to get the lot work done earlier, they will list that the lot is open on the sign. Also, always be sure to check the conditions in the upper lot as you do not want to get your vehicle stuck in mud. This spring I will be addressing several boats on the property that belong to club members that have not been cleaned or drained of standing water in several years. These boats will be a priority for me this year. If you know someone that owns one of these boats please let them know that I will be contacting them. Your club stickers  should be in your possession as of now so please put them on your boat and trailer as soon as possible. Dennis Robertson – Harbormaster 317-three three nine -7371